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How do I mark forums read, change my friendly name, add an avatar, search for info? I am seeing no user interface for any of this. | March 11, 2020

Form post read is automatic. You'll see a red "new" when there is something new in the thread you haven't read yet. You can change your account name which changes the forum name.

There is no avatar, but I make a free Chrome add-in that can color highlight different types of users you specific, identifies likely spammers, adds in search and a lot more. For more and screenshots on what it does:

There are rumors of a major forum overhaul, but nothing so far.

rdenny | March 11, 2020

> You can change your account name which changes the forum name.

I can't see this, Forum prefs in My Account is for the email/password for login. I can asee that this forum is in real need of upgrading. Thank you for confirming that this is pretty "brain dead". Until I can search I will simply post my question(s) since I can't tell if they have been answered before.

rdenny | March 11, 2020


bryan321 | March 12, 2020

I need a lightweight mini vacuum cleaner for my Tesla Model X 75D. Damn tiny pieces of dust are not getting off from the seats.

EVRider | March 12, 2020

@bryan: Why are you asking about vacuum cleaners in this thread? | March 12, 2020

@EVRider (and others) - 95% of names ending in a number are auto-generated spammers. Likely Bryan is a copy and paste bot upping the count so they can start including spam links. They copy some random post elsewhere so it looks semi-legit.

@rdenny - Sorry, looks like the forum name change process changed! Go to Tesla Account -> Account. Under the forums label, you can set your display name. Once changed, all your post names change everywhere.

Here's a bunch of other search options: