Charging Power of front USB port

Charging Power of front USB port

I have noticed that the charging ports in the front bin are not putting out enough power to keep my phone battery from loosing charge. Does anyone know why or have an idea how it increase the output.

JBWillows | March 13, 2020

They are USB 2.0 ports and are limited to about 500 mA. Sounds like your phone needs more power to charge. The only solution is to get a 12v cigarette lighter to USB adapter. Look for one that has 2.4 amp power. They are dirt cheap now - most under $15.

normanrindom | March 13, 2020

My USB ports in my Honda were USB 2.0 - Worked great with my phone.
I had to buy an electric car from a "TECH" company for $70K USD to find that the TECH guys speced the car with USB ports that will not keep up with my phone..Love my Tesla but this is a big fail in the TECH age....

hgrand | March 13, 2020

the fanboys try to suppress any bad light on the company but there is a lot of room for improvement

bjrosen | March 14, 2020

The 12V socket in the console is badly placed, to use it you will need a low profile USB-C adapter and angled USB-C cords.

That adapter is dual 18W so you will have no problem charging your phone at high speed. My wife uses it for her phone because she uses it while we drive. My phone is on the TapTes wireless adapter. The TapTes plugs into both USB plugs. I don't know if feeds the power from both plugs to a single coil or if one plug powers the left side and the other powers the right side, I suspect the later. The TapTes has no problem keeping up with my Pixel 4XL. If you are thinking of getting a new phone the Pixel 4XL is efficient enough that it can live with the limitations of the built in USB plugs.

EVRider | March 14, 2020

@jbwillows: What kind of phone do you have?

Frank99 | March 14, 2020

Just went out and checked with my iPhone 8+. Tried two different charging cables - one gave a 5V/0.5A charge (standard USB low power 2.5w charge), another gave a 5V/1.5A charge (7.5w). Perhaps I would have gotten a faster charge if my phone wasn't already at 85% charge. Most USB phones max out around 10w, although some new phones will go to 20w with proprietary techniques like Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 and 3.0.

All in all, I'd give Tesla a B+ grade on the power of the built-in USB ports. Perhaps the OP should check the cable that they're using to charge.

jbwillows | March 16, 2020

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S8. I have a "EEIEER Tesla Model 3 Car Center Console Wireless Phone Charger Pad". The pad has separate cables, one for each side, and comes with two splitting cables (one side for data and the other for charging only). My initial setup had both sides of the pad connected to one splitter. This had both charging pads connected to same USB port. Not a good arrangement. I have since changed the splitter configuration so one side is the left pad (power only) and the other side of the splitter a USB Flash drive for music (data). The second splitter on the other USB port is the right pad and the DashCam. I haven't actually had a chance to test it to see this is better but that's coming soon.

Frank99 | March 16, 2020

The best solution, if you're a bit handy, is to install an additional 12V (cigarette lighter) port in the console next to the USB ports. Then you can plug in whatever 12V charger you'd like to maximize your charging speed:
I actually installed one on both side of the USB ports. That gives me four charging ports + two data ports up front; I've got two charging ports in use for a wireless charging pad, two with cables installed, and the two data ports are used for music plus TeslaCam (while you've got the console apart is a really good time to run a pair of 3' USB extension cables from the data ports into the glove box to secure the Teslacam flash drive).