Got 2020.8.2 Yesterday - 3/23/2020

Got 2020.8.2 Yesterday - 3/23/2020

Does not appear to include anything new except "minor bug fixes".

jjgunn | March 26, 2020

2020.12.1 came down for me yesterday 3/25/2020

rodman | March 26, 2020

I got it yesterday too Had four bits in the notes
* Third Party Charging Stations
* Improved voice command reliability
* Additional Language support
* Additional Owner's Manual Languages

mr.poopiepants | March 29, 2020

I'm at 2019.4.5? and it says up to date??? Ontario canada. should I be concerned?

wooferwalker | April 1, 2020

Since installation of 2020.8.2, my streaming (Slacker) ability is very difficult. Wifi connection via my iPhone's mobile hotspot won't stay connected. WiFi turns off by itself at various times. Very difficult to get the connection established again. I do not have AT&T Premium. Mobile hotspot worked perfectly the day after my free year of Premium expired. But the next day, after 2020.8.2 update, everything went south.

NoCharge | April 7, 2020

Just had FSD installed
2020.8.2 followed after this purchase
I assume this has to do with FSD