Data on tesla App is invalid

Data on tesla App is invalid

Had really long talk with the Tesla cust serv today. Turns out the Tesla app does not really work as it should. In my particular case i was disputing the total produced in 2019. I was looking on the Year page at 2019 and it was giving me a certain total which did not match the true up total they gave me. The total shown on the lifetime page when tapping on the 2019 year was the one that had.

I can't believe this app has been out for almost 2 years and there still simple bugs like that in it.

gregbrew | May 5, 2020

"Data on tesla App is invalid"

No, YOUR data might be, because of a flaky Communications Gateway link in YOUR installation.

The Tesla app works fine for the vast majority of users.

dinucatona | May 5, 2020

No, the app is flaky due to shitty code. Why would the year page give one value and the lifetime page a different value for the same year? If obviously the one on the lifetime page is correct it should be trivial to use the same data on the year page.
It's crappy programming.

BTW, the gateway updates the missing data even after it has been down. Data comes from the inverter.

dragon_summie | May 5, 2020

i agree with you!
my city/utility company provide my usage and solar energy production. but my tesla app NEVER match them lol
so should i believe the tesla app or the utility company that feed me the energy lol

gregbrew | May 6, 2020

"It's crappy programming."

Tens of thousands of other customers would disagree.

dragon_summie | May 6, 2020

@gregbrew you mean my utility company who provide energy to my household has crappy programming or tesla?

romanreigns4581 | May 7, 2020

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gregbrew | May 7, 2020

Good lord. Read the thread.

dinucatona | May 7, 2020

"Tens of thousands of other customers would disagree."

Cuz they have no idea what they are looking at.

The fix is trivial and with access to the codebase i would have it done on to time.

BTW, what's with you defending them so forcefully? If you work there or have any ties tell them to fix the bugs in the application. You would not have to waste time finding excuses.

And, please. Having one value for yearly production on one page any another on a different page id crappy programming. I have seen summer interns do a better job.