Recent Software Update 2020.24.6.1

Recent Software Update 2020.24.6.1

We have 2 Tesla’s with Full Self-Driving, and have just updated to the new 2020.24.6.1 update. While using FSD in this update the car is not supposed to require the driver to do anything to travel thru green lights. Previous to this update the driver either had to tap the accelerator or pull the stock down to let the car know that it wasn’t supposed to stop at the green signal. The new update is not supposed to require any action from the driver to continue through green lights. However, on both our cars we still have to tap the accelerator or click the stock down otherwise it will stop like it did before this new update. With each car having seen at least 10 green lights each, both cars have only proceeded thru the intersection successfully once each. Are we doing something wrong? Thanks for the help.

SCCRENDO | June 29, 2020

On the model 3 you have to activate it in the settings under autopilot

jayzee12572 | June 29, 2020

It will only proceed through a green light without confirmation if there is a lead vehicle in front of you. In that case the car will follow the lead vehicle, essentially using it as an additional data point indicating that it's safe to proceed.

imacgyver | June 29, 2020

Thanks jayzee12572. That makes sense. Both of our cars were successful at going thru the green light on a busy street. We hike at 5 am on Sundays, and the streets leading to our hiking area are virtually empty, so we always practice using Autopilot. The car didn’t go thru any of those lights without additional action.

EVRider | June 30, 2020

Everyone: Please read the release notes before using new driving features. It can save you from getting rear-ended at an intersection because you didn’t know the car was going to stop at a green light.

beepbeep714 | July 1, 2020

This version 2020.24.6.1 causes my car's MCU to spontaneously reboot. Anyone else seen this? Here's what happen:
+ shortly after update, car is parked, with A/C on
+ play a tunein channel, for a few minutes,
+ switch to NetFlix
+ play Netflix for 5 minutes,
+ exit Netflx
+ MCU reboots itself, and A/C immediately crank-up to full force by itself.
+ a minute later, when the MCU complete boot sequence,
+ but the screen is now stay at maximum brightness, and the auto dimmer doesn't work eventhough it's enabled

So... is there a way to disable SW update? Tesla is releasing FW every few days, and looks like they aren't well tested.

robruzzi | July 1, 2020

The update isn't showing up on my model 3. Only says "car is up to date". Anyone else having this issue? I've done the reset a couple times.

Tesla2018 | July 1, 2020

I don't have it either. Is it only for FSD cars or newer models with version 3.0 computers?

dtsteele | July 1, 2020

Hmm, maybe only early access owners are getting the software now? I have a 2018 Model 3 with EAP and haven't received the update yet either.

Magic 8 Ball | July 1, 2020

As far as disabling software updates all you can really do is choose not to install. I had HW3 installed last week for my FSD upgrade. My car had 24.6.0 before the update and they down rev'd it to 20.12 for some reason (that's what I ended up with after the install), car also says it is up to date. Strange.

Magic 8 Ball | July 1, 2020

*before the upgrade

EVRider | July 2, 2020

2020.24.6.1 is not an early access build. If you haven’t received it yet, it means Tesla hasn’t scheduled it for your car yet. I don’t know if it’s only going to certain configurations, but we got it on both our Model S and 3, both with FSD and HW3. I haven’t seen any issues in either car.

rxlawdude | July 2, 2020

@EVRider, our M3 got it last week. Our brand new MY, however, is stuck on an factory build version in the 20.11 vintage and with bugs. Trying to get Tesla to push an update has been an effort in futility. ("Your car has the most up-to-date software" - WTF? Two releases behind???)

EVRider | July 2, 2020

@rxlawdude: The message is misleading, because what it's really saying is "you have the most up-to-date software available for your car."

Some people have been able to force updates by scheduling service with the app and selecting the Software Update option, so try that for the Y if you haven't already. | July 2, 2020

@athai007 - Have you tried a manual reboot? Often fixes oddities like you're seeing. It may also be a bug in the Netflix app, in which case you'll have to wait for a newer release that might have a fix.

rxlawdude | July 2, 2020

@TTap, I had HomeLink installed yesterday by mobile tech, and he looked at the version I have and said that was an initial load at the factory. He stated that it should not have been delivered with this "factory" version.

And yes, when I said "up to date" it was implied for this car, as my M3 is at 24.6.1 already.

The tech pushed an update with the same version ( and said that push would trigger updates to newer versions. It seems one must be on 20.12 before getting 20.24, at least that's what it looks like with TeslaFi fleet data.

Half of the arcade games say "waiting for update" so clearly this is an odd variant version.

rxlawdude | July 2, 2020

Oh yeah, had it since 6/25, and parked in garage with strong WiFi signal. | July 2, 2020

@rxlawdude - Well that sucks! Glad they figured it out. Hopefully, you'll be updated soon now.

frank.gilfeather | July 2, 2020

Yesterday we had 2020.24.6.1 installed and the best feature by far since I got my M3 over a year ago is the back up side camera views when the car is in R. What is needed next and would be fantastic is to turn on the side view camera when the turn signals are activated - that would be a WOW WOW feature and completely solve any blind spot issue. I am hopeful this is on tap soon.

DanSM3 | July 2, 2020

2020.24.6.1 - Sudden Acceleration in cruse control. Driving today on a road with 45 mph speed limit in cruise control, the car suddenly accelerated to 50 mph without any warning, It turns out that the speed limit on the road use to be 50 mph but was reduced over a year ago to 45 mph. The signs were changed, but the map apparently has not been updated. The previous software version would not do this. I think this is extremely dangerous as the car should never accelerate to a speed not set by the driver. In any case, the speed limit is a maximum, not a minimum. When I first received my M3 in 2018, the software did the same thing. I sent them several emails asking them to please always set the cruise control to the current speed. They finally fixed the problem after about 6 months. Now they have re-introduced it. This makes both cruise control and FSD unusable IMO.

rxlawdude | July 3, 2020

24.6.4 being sent to those already on earlier 24.6.x

Wittangamo | July 4, 2020

Yep, got 24.6.4 last night. Release notes are the same, so I assume it’s bug fixes. Anybody know what’s different?

Took a 150-mile jaunt yesterday on 24.6.1 and had bad phantom braking episodes several times on a highway with a canopy of trees that cast dark shadows on the pavement. Also had auto steer fail on a couple of sharp curves.

The stoplight recognition and go on green mostly work as advertised except for flashing yellows, and I’ve learned to use the pedal to override the speed limit as needed. It’s like training a puppy, and I love my M3 LR AWD!

St3v3 S | July 8, 2020

I’ve had my 2018 AWD for nearly 3 months now - no AP included & I’ve yet to upgrade so still on HW 2.5. Today I DL’d 2020.12.17 so am wondering where 24.6.1 might be.

Any of y’all from a week back caught up there yet?

EVRider | July 9, 2020

I'm on 26.4.4 now, but starting with 26.4.1 (I think), my HW3 Model S stopped showing pedestrians or bicyclists in the visualization. Anyone else seeing that? I'm not sure if our Model 3 is doing the same. All the other stuff is still showing up in the visualizations.

I was out for a drive today and passed many bicyclists and pedestrians on fairly narrow roadways, and none of them showed up. It's not the cameras because other objects in the same field of view are showing up. Today wasn't the first time I noticed this.