Please Read First Before Posting On The Forums

Please Read First Before Posting On The Forums

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Mike83 | January 30, 2019

Fake owners trolling. This always happens during earning releases. If they can't post privately they are suspect.
Here is one interesting link about short sellers with the goal to make money and harm Tesla.

CST | January 31, 2019

It is fun to pop in here once a month or so to see the clueless newbies posting into this black hole...LOL!!!

natlaquidara | February 1, 2019

We are trying to speak to someone at Tesla corp about the car we ordered last week and lack of communication with our local dealer. Please call one of us. I do not wish to post anything negative on here, facebook, or any other social media until we have made every attempt to peacefully resolve this issue. I am very enthusiastic with everything Tesla. But communication and customer service is not high in employee orientation.

natlaquidara | February 1, 2019

Follow up, I just reached out to Richard in Las Vegas at (888) 518-3752. We spoke for a second and hopefully resolved the situation.

Mike83 | February 2, 2019

Flagging to keep this clean. Owners take note.

CST | February 2, 2019

Good idea, joining in...

Arizona Willie | February 4, 2019

Why don't they lease the Model 3?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | February 4, 2019

Whose they?

jimglas | February 4, 2019

Deys whose

andy.connor.e | February 4, 2019

If "they" is Tesla, Why would someone offer leases when they cannot meet demand for full product purchases?

dale93930 | February 6, 2019

Is there an easy way to search the Forum for previously answered questions?

CST | February 6, 2019

Yes, but it involves a bit of google trickery. For example, if you want to search for the term "seats", you'd use this search:


rosenthal3 | February 16, 2019

Hi. Fairly new to this forum. Will be ordering M3 before 7/1/19 when next notch down in tax incentive kicks in. Anyway, is there a way to search this forum by topic, keyword or subject title?

Thank you,

dominique_duchemin | February 16, 2019

I got my Tesla Model 3 and went to the Car wash for the first time. Two questions:
- I discovered a scratch on the front hood of the car. What should I do to fix it?
- After the car wash the rear camera (at least) has moved as when I am rolling back the car part of the screen is showing the bumpers!!!... anything to correct it?

j.nichol | March 4, 2019

REQUEST: please add blocking functionality to this forum where we can choose to not see threads/posts from members we don't wish to see.

Right now, the forums are cluttered with people complaining about pricing, and it would be nice to not have to weed through all their posts trying to find information relevant to Tesla owners and/or potential owners.

Firaz.ashraf | March 11, 2019

Not sure how to escalate this but will put it out there. It is obvious that someone is posting new/fake threads on the Forums (please pardon my ignorance, but it appears to uneducated as potentially chinese). The topic appears to be generated via some string generator but really clogs the information flow on the forum so i hope that something can be done to clear up prior posts and also future posts. Thanks

andy.connor.e | March 11, 2019

There is no escalating it. Only thing you can do is flag it if you have that ability. You the reader have to be smart enough to know the difference between a fake thread and a real one.

j.nichol | March 13, 2019

I'm not sure you understand the problem here, Andy.

No one is going to get confused and not spot the fake threads. They are just going to get tired of scrolling through them and simply leave the Tesla boards.

andy.connor.e | March 14, 2019

Its not a matter of not understanding the problem. You cant escalate anything here, so my comment is the best that you can do. Get your flags ready.

davidjbeaudry | March 14, 2019

Anybody know when Model 3 Keyfobs will be available again?

beaver | March 14, 2019

PLEASE MAKE CHINA STOP f*ing our forum

mattoaus | March 14, 2019

I'm willing to spend some time flagging SPAM posts until this is dealt with systematically. I'm logged in (and I'm a proud M3 owner) but I don't see an option to flag posts. Am I missing something?

jfk04513 | March 15, 2019

道Model 3 Keyfobs什么时候可以再次使用?

jfk04513 | March 15, 2019

No one is going to get confused and not spot the fake threads. They are just going to get tired of them. Tesla boards.

Bloob | March 15, 2019

If you can't flag, you can at least 'bump' the real threads back up to the top. We can at least keep the first 1-2 pages spam-free. But really, the admins need to take control here.

Bloob | March 15, 2019

There are so many ways they could fix this if they'd just give it a little attention. How about having a bunch of pinned posts for certain topics?

Bloob | March 15, 2019

Maybe we should just post all real content in here...

rpc_in_va | March 15, 2019

mattoaus, if you don’t see the link to flag a post then your forum owner privs aren’t enabled yet. It took me 3-4 requests over several months to get them enabled. Give it a shot, and be prepared to be the squeaky wheel.

WHF | March 15, 2019

does the forum work? HOW?

magrider | March 15, 2019

Hi folks, I created a simple Chrome Extension to hide all the Chinese Spam threads. The code is located here:

It's not published to the Chrome Extension store so you will have to download and install it yourself.

It should be simple for tesla to add the captcha check to new thread post, wish they just did that

mattoaus | March 15, 2019

Thanks @rpc . . . I'll request the privileges, and prepare to nag!

Coastal Cruiser. | March 16, 2019

Dear Tesla,

Would Someone Please Put These Forums Out of Their Misery?

As of Friday evening (the 15th of March), there seems to be no Model Y forum, even though the vehicle has been officially announced.

I applaud Tesla for not adding a Model Y forum. Keep it up. And while you're at it shutdown the S, X, and 3 forums.

The cars are better than these forums. In fact these are not even forums. They are built on blogging software, which doesn't provide the simple forum features foundational for people coming together in a "forum" to discuss the cars. There is no way to vote a thread or a comment up or down. No way to determine how long a member has been a member, and if that member is worth paying attention to. And so on.....

And as we were just reminded, Tesla forums are a target for digital graffiti artists. Punk losers who have been grounded by their parents and are bored of talking to other punk losers.

So please, Tesla, pretty please, with sugar on top... pull the plug on this atrocity and re-task the employees who keep it running to something more productive. Let everyone migrate to the actively supported Tesla forums that have all the proper bells and whistles.

Thank you for your attention.

Carl Thompson | March 16, 2019


I agree with your criticisms but I personally don't they kill the forums just switch software to something full-featured. There are several forum software packages out there that would do the job, require the same near-zero maintenance as the current crappy software and would even be zero-cost.

I myself have found a lot of useful information here and I know others have too so my vote is for Tesla to replace the forum (and migrate the threads if possible) rather than eliminate the forums entirely.

Coastal Cruiser. | March 16, 2019

That would be fine Carl. To do that would make the place more habitable. But keep in mind that those adding value would not go way, they would likely just migrate to the Model 3 Owners Club, The Tesla Motors Club, or Reddit. Why not let these mature, user-supported forums carry the load, giving Tesla one less thing to worry about.

KEVIN | March 17, 2019

My navigate on autopilot is no longer available. It just stopped appearing in the last few days.

Xerogas | March 17, 2019

@KEVIN: "My navigate on autopilot is no longer available. It just stopped appearing in the last few days."
Did you purchase it after the trial period expired?

johnmann | March 17, 2019

Check the menu options to make sure it is still enabled. Mine unilaterally decided to switch off after an update one time.

jithesh | March 18, 2019

OK, so I had an issue with this forum where it won't allow me to post more than few posts a day even though I was a owner. So I raised it with Tesla Support, got an email saying they will fix it. And now I am not even getting the button to post anything new excepts commenting on existing posts. Great!

nsirkin | March 18, 2019

Do you have to have taken delivery in order to post?

How can I ask for help before delivery?

Thanks folks! Really appreciate it.

RamblinWrecked17 | March 18, 2019

Can anyone help point me in the direction of posting a new thread? I'm pretty forum savvy but I'm new to this one and can't seem to figure it out. There's always the chance I'm overlooking something extremely obvious but posting a response seems to be the most I can do...

Any help would be awesome!

don.lind | March 18, 2019

@RamblinWrecked17 - I just tried to create my first new post today... and yeah, seems like there's no way to do it.
Quite annoying.

gtbuzz | March 18, 2019

I used to be able to create posts, but that option has gone away. Perhaps it was something they did to combat all the spam posts recently? People are definitely creating new threads, so maybe only owners can create a thread. Problem with that is I've never been able to get my account changed over.

andy.connor.e | March 19, 2019

I just realized that vanished for me as well. I wonder if Tesla removed it until they can figure out what to do about all the chinese threads being made.

indacon | March 20, 2019

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make the owners' manual key word searchable! Tesla is known for having the latest technology. Key word searching of a database is 30 year old technology. Please incorporate it in the owners' manual.

johnmann | March 20, 2019

The manual is in PDF format, it can already be searched.

RamblinWrecked17 | March 20, 2019

@gtbuzz - Tech grad??

whydh2gi | March 20, 2019


rtstrong | March 21, 2019

Any suggestions as to how to "fix" scrap marks on my Aero wheels rims?

I have taken the "Aero hub caps" off and have scraped some of my rims on the curb and would like to "touch up".
What is a good touch up paint that matches the darker color of the Aero wheel rims?


Flanmansd | March 22, 2019

@rtstrong, google search:

rim rash

gtbuzz | March 22, 2019