Reservations aren't transferable, but can the car be bought in someone else's name?

Reservations aren't transferable, but can the car be bought in someone else's name?

I know that Model 3 reservations themselves are not transferable, but does anyone know if Tesla requires that one purchase a car in the name of the person with the reservation when the actual car paperwork is filled out? If not, what if I want my significant other to be the owner? Or if I want to hold the car in a trust or LLC?

TaoJones | April 3, 2016

Misconception alert.

Clarification: The reservations are transferable with prior written authorization from Tesla.

Presumably reasonable case: Owner reserves 3 cars, 2 of which are for family members with credit sufficient to get their own financing. Owner, in 2 years, wants the 2 cars not titled in his name due to insurance ramifications.

Presumable case that Tesla would prefer to avoid, hence the verbiage: Owner has 3 reservations and wants to sell 2 via online auction site. Enough said.

Or they could say no to all requests, certainly. Fine. Then escalate and leverage the "prior written authorization" clause as a matter of ownership satisfaction.

One thing I know for sure: In general, if you don't ask, you don't get.

Haggy | April 3, 2016

When you are ready to buy the car, Tesla asks you how you will want it registered. In my case, my name was one of the names that was going on it, so I didn't ask beyond that. I'm assuming that they don't mind people buying the car as gifts, so there's no expectation that the registration would have to be in your name. Tesla wants to avoid people putting money down and selling their spot in line.

Having my SO on the registration was definitely an option, and would have been the case except they told me we'd both need to be there to pick it up. But had I wanted my name off it, the worst case would have been that I would have needed to take my title to the DMV and pay a fee. That would have been nominal in my case.

There are unquestionably people who buy the car for business purposes. You could always change the primary contact information in your account to anything you wanted. It would also change it for other cars on the account that you got with the same email address but that should be a moot point if the car is for you. Changing the contact information doesn't mean you can't change it again later.

Tropopause | April 3, 2016

I called the local Tesla Showroom about reserving two Model 3's; one for me; one for my sibling. They said I must purchase both in my name, then I can do as I please and sell one to my sibling. Maybe for your spouse it'll be a different story.

nlanzano | April 4, 2016

Curious how this will work if i reserved in my name but want to register and insure through my business. Hopefully it will be an easy transaction.

Made in CA | April 4, 2016

I ordered two MS's last year under my name. The first was REGISTERED in my wife’s name and the second in my name. When you complete the order you can put whomever's name and address you want on the title. They both show up under my "MyTesla" account, however.

If you have to finance it might get a little complicated but the purchase process itself makes it pretty easy.