The perfect blend of options for quick delivery!

The perfect blend of options for quick delivery!

I live on the West Coast near Tesla, and waited in line 3-31, but am not a current Tesla owner. My theory is that so many were pre-ordered, Tesla will need to do big runs of certain option combos early on.Maybe they only make the most expensive to current Tesla clients on the West in the very beggining, but after that I believe close to identical combinations will be made starting on West Coast.
I am thinking-
Full AP
4 WD
Full SC option
A very popular paint.
Standard wheels.

Let me know your thoughts, what will be the perfect blend of options for an early production run?

JeffreyR | April 18, 2016

Some of commented that Tesla may create build packages w/ only interior and exterior colors being a choice. While I see the wisdom in this approach, I am not sure that it would be very popular. For example, I am looking at the following:

0) Supercharging
1) Dual-motor
2) Battery upgrade
3) Tow Hitch
4) Extra tint
5) Panoramic Moonroof
6) Seat upgrade
7) Autopilot Convenience
8) Matte Black Exterior
9) Cold Weather (for my wife's achy hands)

If I am feeling particularly good
10) Performance
11) Reus Audio (heard it at Tesla Connect '15)

I have a feeling that my budget will be gone by #3 though unless Supercharging is included.
As you can see, I'd be willing to give up AP to get fancy seats, and I don't particularly want the Performance 'P' option. So if the commentators proposing a bundled approach are correct, I will have trouble getting what I want. I think the people that check most if not all of the main boxes-- Performance, dual-motor AWD, biggest battery pack, and Autopilot Convenience-- will be the ones that are going to see their cars promoted to the front of the line. The good news is that people like us that waited in line, but are not owners, will likely get the third wave of invites to the Design Studio, after employees and owners that also waited in line.

Since there is no "Signature" version, there is no way to predict who will order what options. So at least we have a fighting chance at the full Federal Tax Credit.

Remember, some strange supply chain glitch could set you back or at least delay your final delivery. For example, maybe the wheels you picked are far more popular than Tesla anticipated and they run out during your batch. They may be able to reach out to you to see if you would like to change them or maybe not. You may just want to wait instead of upgrading. That's just an example.

Superliner | April 18, 2016

All available options + already own a Model S "Signature" and a Model X "Founder" and a Roadster. and be VERY wealthy ??? "J/K" But you know how it goes "those that have, Get"

snakes | April 18, 2016

Fully loaded, every in NorCal

starke49 | April 18, 2016

It certainly makes sense to bundle some packages, to meet production goals. Could be zero options or a bundled option package will go into full production soon after depending on demand. Could see 2 bundled tiers, one that has the works and one with some more basic upgrades. Once we have the second reveal it should narrow things down.

dd.micsol | April 18, 2016

I want SC/AP/Dual motor/Cold package if it's needed anymore-it might not be with new tech.

Cowbell | April 18, 2016

I'm in the same boat. I think we wait and see what gets delivered to the first 20k customers, then we order the same when we get the call to select our options.

topher | April 25, 2016

I suspect that the Tesla factory is very adroit at making each car to custom spec. So, limiting factors will be, 1) Friends and family, 2) How close you are to the factory, 3) Previous owners, 4) Large numbers of options (perhaps weighted by margin on each), 5) Whether some option is supply limited, 6) Whatever colors they are running that day.

Thank you kindly.

Haggy | April 25, 2016

It shouldn't matter if the assembly line worker pulls white seats or black seats off a cart to install in a car. I don't see a lot of it making a difference. Elon already said that there won't be a signature edition, that releasing the Model X with only fully loaded vehicles first was a mistake (and that it caused the press to list the price based on that, when he wanted to stress that it was only $5000 more than a Model S) and that he wanted to be fair to all customers and do things in order, and in particular he doesn't want to cause people to lose out on tax incentives if possible.