Motor Trend gets an exclusive look at the Model 3. Video and pics in the link.

Motor Trend gets an exclusive look at the Model 3. Video and pics in the link.

lolachampcar | April 21, 2016

let me guess
1/4 mile in 10.8

Red Sage ca us | April 21, 2016

The House that Model ☰ Built.

dachuyn | April 21, 2016

Now Tesla 3 still looks too ... original. Can it be make to look a bit more futuristic? More glass on the sides maybe?

Oh well, i might have expected too much from a $35K Tesla car ... It still looks awsome! :-)

Red Sage ca us | April 21, 2016

Some cars do look better with more glass on the sides... | April 21, 2016

Nice to get free advertising but the thing is just a prototype. Tesla has a ways to go to finish the design.

Example of Tesla hubris: sign with the word Gigafactory followed by the number 1:-)).

Red Sage ca us | April 21, 2016

Well, it would be hubris if it was listed as 'GIGAFACTORY 001'...

JeffreyR | April 21, 2016

@GH and @RS
I noticed that '1' too. I took it as good news more than hubris, but I'm more fan than I sometimes like to admit.

Red Sage ca us | April 21, 2016

Oh, there will be a sequel or two, or... one hundred and ninety-nine.

mos6507 | April 21, 2016

Tesla has already talked with Germany over Gigafactory 2. There will be more than one, assuming Tesla doesn't run out of cash.

Chunky Jr. | April 21, 2016

Elon has referred to GF as a product.

The model 3 looks better every time I see it.

Mike83 | April 21, 2016

So it is really cool. Employees do a giga lap which is currently 1.4 miles around the building. The completed GF giga lap will be close to a marathon. Some healthy employees there. Congrats.

warren_tran | April 21, 2016

Is the 20" wheel standard or is that an upgrade package.

Bighorn | April 21, 2016

I'd guess that 18" is standard and a plus 2 upgrade like the others. | April 22, 2016

Reno is 4500' above sea level. Not an easy place to run a marathon.
Tesla's ambitions will perpetually exceed their cash. Growth requires cash.
Giga growth requires giga cash.

The real M≡ will be better than the prototype.

carlk | April 22, 2016

It's probably perspective but the car looks smaller than I thought. Fine with me even if it is though. I still like smaller car.

Mike83 | April 22, 2016

A second store opening in Hawaii. The M3 sales will be incredible and Solar Power in Hawaii charging is expanding PowerWall. The cash flow is awesome. Keeping the profits in growth is working better than expected.

dachuyn | April 22, 2016

I would love to see more aggressive fenders and rear bumper .... It looks nice but kinda ... soft :-)

Bighorn | April 22, 2016

I did a half marathon at 9000 feet--same thing, right?

Tropopause | April 26, 2016

I heard the folks read the tire size on that silver Model 3. They are staggered- 235's front/275's rear.

Any thoughts on this?