Dashboard Glare, Dashcams and Paint Armor

Dashboard Glare, Dashcams and Paint Armor

On a sunny day, how are you not going to have a glare from the dashboard monitor, even if it's anti-glare the display will still be hard to see due to sunlight, which is why recessed dashboard like on Model S is essential.

Dashcams need to be incorporated into the vehicle (front/rear at least), just like a large infotainment monitor needed to be incorporated into Model S. Data needs to be available for download by the user, whether for trip documentation, safety/accident/witness.

I really hope Tesla would consider offering the option for a factory made paint armor that covers all surfaces, (it does not matter to me if my car will not be shiny, in fact I've considered getting a matte paint that doesn't reflect). As long as the armor does not deteriorate over time, change appearance after applied, peel, I'm willing to consider alternate looks, like a matte finish on the car's paint. | April 23, 2016

Can't say if glare will be an issue or not. Hasn't been in the S, and it doesn't have much of a recess.

You should look real closely at a matt finish. It may look great when new or washed, but it quickly shows every fingerprint. The matte version of the Model 3 did not look good after a bunch of people drove it. Lots of handprints around the door handles. It would be worse if you use the frunk or trunk at all.

Tesla used to offer a paint armor as a factory option for the Model S, but it was discontinued. No idea why - might be too much labor or lack of demand.

kandrey89 | April 23, 2016
Yeah, I wanted a better quality, full body armor, not just in some strips in a few places. The black SUV in Chicago PD TV Series looks good.

topher | April 24, 2016

There was a problem on the Prius display screen, with glare. I constructed a shield out of the dealer front plate and some matte black plasti-dip. Worked great.
I hope that won't be necessary for the Model ≡, but I am ready if it is.

Thank you kindly.

jfriends4438 | April 24, 2016

I will be using either some Auto Flex or Plasti Dip on my m3 to protect the paint from scratching and rock chips.