Model 3 - what are 1 and 2?

Model 3 - what are 1 and 2?

My thought is that model 1 was the roadster, and S/X are variants on the model 2. Or are S 1 and X2? Where would this leave roadster?

Chunky Jr. | April 23, 2016

I'd say the former. | April 23, 2016

Originally it was supposed to be the Model E, but Ford claimed they had the rights to "E" (which seems a bit extreme), so Tesla swapped it around and it's a 3. Conveniently the 3 lines "E" logo (See the E in Tesla) also works for the Model 3!

It has nothing to do with prior models. | April 23, 2016 has your answer above. The 3 was always a way to get the E in these SEXY cars....

Remnant | April 23, 2016

@ (April 23, 2016)

<< The 3 was always a way to get the E in these SEXY cars. >>

So M3 is really M☰ because ☰ is E, which will certainly allay Ford's sense of ownership of E.

Very straightforward, isn't it. And reassuring to boot: Goliath has been defeated!

Now, before he wakes up, can someone tell me what the MY is/was supposed to be like?

mrdaniel | April 23, 2016

TeslaTap is right, but for polemics:

“We had the model S for sedan and X for crossover SUV, then a friend asked what we were going to call the third car,” Musk told us. “So I said we had the model S and X, we might as well have the E."

Note he says "third car." What Chunky said is reasonable, but after reading that and reflecting it seems the roadster was kind of a prototype model, so distinct from the Tesla we know today: lotus body and a hacked together electrical and battery system. Nothing like the engineering that went into the S, X, and ☰.

yongliangzhu68 | April 24, 2016 Ford doesn't have a trademark ® on E it is on "Model E" Tesla uses 'Model x' as it name and not just the letter/number they way companies like Mercedes do. Ford started this with the 'Model A' and then the 'Model T'. Ford first built the 'Model A 'in 1903 and probably trademarked ® several other Model x including Model E thinking it would stick with that nomenclature.

yongliangzhu68 | April 24, 2016

Just to add Tesla could have called the car E but I bet Mercedes has 'E Series" trademarked ®. So Tesla would have to come up with some other official name like "Tesla E or 'E Sedan" or..... Of course this breaks Tesla's 'Model x' nomenclature just to call it an E.

I think Tesla really did a great job in using Model 3, since 3 and E are so similar and most coincidentally of all the Tesla font makes a perfect 'Model ☰'.

Supraman | April 24, 2016

During the Model 3 Unveil Event, in relation to his "Secret Master Plan", Elon said "It was originally a trilogy, now it's a four-part trilogy".

He goes on to say "Step 1 was the Roadster".
He then talks about the Model S, although he doesn't refer to it as Step 2.
He then says "About half the market wants a sedan and about half the market wants an SUV so we thought, well, we'll extend the Model S platform into the Model X".
And finally he says,"Going from the S and the X, we finally come to Step 3. The final step in the Master Plan, which is a mass market affordable car".

He then concludes by re-showing the Master Plan graphic, which depicts all 4 cars, and saying "So, that's the master plan, with steps 2 and 2.5".

So, that's the definitive answer:

Model 1 is the Roadster
Model 2 is the Model S
Model 2.5 is the Model X
Model 3 is the....I feel like I should know this! :-)

The above information can be found between 03:20 and 09:48 on the video.

Supraman | April 24, 2016

In retrospect, perhaps I should have used the word "Step" instead of "Model" in my summary at the end, but you get the gist of it!

Supraman | April 24, 2016

So, my interpretation of this is that the Model 3 was always intended to be the 3rd step in a 3-step plan and the stars just aligned when they couldn't use the E name and realised that the E in their logo (☰) could be substituted for the E and re-designated as a 3, as described above. Genius.

mrdaniel | April 24, 2016

Good point. I think that seals it that ☰ is arbitrary and convenient.

jordanrichard | April 25, 2016

Supraman, I suppose an easier way to look at it is by platform. Since the S and X share the same platform, that could be viewed as the same "part/generation". Also, don't be surprised if a "CUV" comes out based on the M≡ platform, but that would still be considered 3rd generation

1. Roadster
2. MS/MX
3. M≡/M≡X

Anyone familiar with Corvettes, they too go by series/generations be it C1, C4, C6 etc. Within each generation of Corvette, the look changes a bit, but it is still the same car, until a new series come out.