Technology package feature?

Technology package feature?

I watched a video at concerning vandalism and theft of personal properties in a Tesla with broken window and damages. The owner installed a desh cam which recorded the culprit and the vehicle's license plate, and the culprit was caught. The front + back desh cam costs a couple of hundred dollar(?) + installation and wiring. Would it be great if the front and back desh cam is part of technology package with loop recording and uploadable/downloadable video clips activated by motion detection? I personally would pay extra for this feature. It is not only a great crime deterrent but also a recording of events in unfortunate accidents.

Hi_Tech | April 25, 2016

Though I agree with your wants, I'd be careful on this option if I was Tesla. I believe there are many laws out there about video recording in public locations, etc. which would need to argued/debated to be able to release this type of option. That could delay the release due to regulatory complexities (not tech or dev limitations).

Crazy world, where things that make sense are usually restricted!

mos6507 | April 25, 2016

I wish I had a feature like that when my ex keyed my (the new) Mazda 3. | April 25, 2016

It's fairly easy to install your own dashcam. The technology moves far faster than cars do, so it may be wise to use an after-market dashcam. Optics, resolution, features, frame rates all get better with each new edition - often at the same price! Here's my step-by-step installation instructions:

MarlonBrown | April 25, 2016

It is related to my wish to see car cameras and radars used to track and report idiots driving at abusive speeds and risking lives of others. That day will come.

dsvick | April 25, 2016 wish to see car cameras and radars used to track and report idiots driving at abusive speeds and risking lives of others
That'd be great, but I think it would so overwhelm law enforcement that it wold eventually get turned off. Now, if there were a system where the detecting car could send all the info electronically, including camera shots and driving stats, and an automated system would generate a ticket that would be great. But that'd be years away as well.

Haggy | April 25, 2016

Laws against recording tend to apply to secret recordings, and in many places apply to audio recordings. If there's simply a warning placed on the window that everything is being recorded, then no law is being broken that I know of, at least in the US.

JeffreyR | April 25, 2016

@Haggy +1 that should cover you in the US alright. Also, there is no expectation of privacy since you are in a public place. +1 "The [dash camera] technology moves far faster than cars do...." I've been working w/ IP cameras for years, and something like Moore's Law definitely seems to affect them too.
What we need is an easy way to get wires in the right place w/o voiding any warranties.

Red Sage ca us | April 25, 2016

Automated ticketing systems are technically illegal due to this little thing called the Constitution of the United States of America and stuff. There is a reason why guys have to sit in a van with headphones on watching screens when conducting court approved surveillance on someone. A machine cannot be cross-examined in court, a witness can be, and that witness can support his/her observations with evidence gathered legally at the time.


Haggy: I believe that in the Great State of California one may be required not to just advise, but also get permission before recording can commence. Otherwise trumped up charges of illegal wire tapping may ensue. All any Assistant District Attorney cares about is racking up convictions, even if they get people to plea to a lesser charge.


TeslaTap & JeffreyR: Lobby for 12v outlets and USB ports to be installed at spots around the cabin in Tesla Motors products. | April 25, 2016

Plenty of spots for power if you know where to look. ODBII connector below the dash is a good one. Another is the connector behind the mike panel (on the Model S) in the headliner. Some 2014 cars don't have this connector, but all 2012 and most 2013 cars have it and it was added back in at some point I think in late 2014 and I think it is still available on new cars.