Arizonans and the HOV plate

Arizonans and the HOV plate

Anyone in Arizona know the current start of the EV plates for a new purschase? I got my Focus EV (3 years ago) and have the plate but plan on keeping it as a cheap second electric for my wife. But I don't want to give up that car's HOV plate to the Tesla as the Focus really needs the HOV lane.

Last I heard they printed all the HOV plates they were going to (something like 200k), but that was probably a year ago.

SV Az | May 2, 2016

As of today, Tesla will get HOV access as it classifies under Alternative Fuel Vehicle' which currently has no limit, Plug In Hybrids/Hybrids qualifies under 'Energy Efficient Plate Program' which has capped out at 10K.

eriklarsonaz | May 3, 2016