New Goodyear Eagle Touring Tires

New Goodyear Eagle Touring Tires

I just received my new Model S :) The tires on it are the new Goodyear Eagle Touring (not the old Goodyear's that came on Tesla). I can't find any information on this new tire, not even at the Goodyear site. They are listed at Tire Rack, but no information is available because they are new and haven't been tested. My "invoice" said the S would come with Michelin, but I didn't want to fuss until I learned something about these new Goodyear's. (on the Tire rack site they are listed at $268 per tire) Anyway, just hoping someone knows something. Thanks!

rxlawdude | April 30, 2016

Friends don't let friends drive on Goodyears. :-)

patrick40363 | April 30, 2016

They are the tires that were standard before they switched to Michelin. They are a lot less expensive than Michelin at $120-$130 a tire, I will be buying them when my Michelin are used up. They sell them on the Tesla site for $180.

patrick40363 | April 30, 2016

They are the tires that were standard before they switched to Michelin. They are a lot less expensive than Michelin at $120-$130 a tire, I will be buying them when my Michelin are used up. They sell them on the Tesla site for $180.

TaoJones | April 30, 2016

Yes, except that the OP indicated that they are not those tires. Those tires can be found out the door including certs and lifetime rotations/balancing for $518 - full set - at Sam's Club (Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 98Vs. Just be sure the particular location has lifts new enough to handle a Tesla. Rather a shame that Tesla wants $800 otd PLUS labor for a set of those.

People who have the Goodyears like them and report 25,000 and there's one report of 38,000 miles. Figuring 22,500 as a reasonable case, $518 x2 is less than $1450 otd for a set of Michelin OEM. I'm still on the fence, myself, as the Michelin OEMs have 41,000 now and I'd probably get 45,000 miles if I wasn't going to replace them in the next few weeks before another 15,000 miles of early summer travel.

richard_lawson | April 30, 2016

These are not the original Goodyears that were on the car. it's a Brand New tire.

jmadams74 | April 30, 2016

Right. These are not the old RS-A2. They are a brand new tire. Does anyone know anything about them?

hiimphilll | June 6, 2016

i think this is standard oem tire offered by tesla now. besides looking at the spec sheet on tirerack, not much to determine about this tire. It is V rated for speed (149mph) which is lower than the michelin mxm4 (168mph). It has a tread width of 8.2" which is 0.3" narrower than the mxm4. It weighs 25 lbs which is 2 lbs less than the mxm4 per corner. load and wear ratings are the same.

@ jmad
how do you like the tires ? Are they quiet? which model S did you get? maybe you should provide an initial review for us, since it seems to be a new tire and not many of us are clocking miles on them yet. i mean . . . if you're up for it.

MJP.75D | June 16, 2016

Having just returned from the Tesla Gallery where our MS75D was just delivered this morning (pickup is on Saturday) I was surprised to see the Goodyear Eagle Touring tires fitted when the Michelins were expected (and desired). Anyone have any info? Better still, any experience? The web has scarce info at the moment so some real world knowledge would be most welcome. Thanks.

Anthony J. Parisio | June 17, 2016

It does seem that the 60's, 70's and 75's get Goodyear tires. That is all I know.

MJP.75D | June 17, 2016

I sent a note to TireRack last night and received a reply from Corey this morning (thanks Corey)---sadly, TireRack has no info even though they are currently listed on their website. Apparently, they have none in stock, have never had any in stock, and Goodyear has yet to send over any specs. Furthermore, Goodyear has not specified a time when this info would be available. Finally, no info on the Eagle Touring tires on Goodyear's website either (that I could find). Sorry---not very helpful but not for a lack of effort. Anyone have any better info or firsthand experience?

TaoJones | June 17, 2016

I saw these on a demo recently. Like everyone else, there's no tread warranty info to be found. In the absence of that information, I will assume for now that there is no mileage warranty as is the case for the RS A-2s. The difference being that I can get a full set of the RS A-2s out the door including certs for $518 from Sam's Club (and presumably America's/Discount Tire if they'll price match) and the Eagle Touring is listed at $265 per tire (just for the tire).

So... who will be the first to pry more info out of Goodyear or Tesla? Perhaps it is time for Messrs. Straubel et alIa to update that excellent blog post from last year that delineated the differences between OEM tires quite nicely.

jim.jorinscay | June 17, 2016

My 70D was delivered with the Goodyear s May 27. Looking at the sidewall it says traction A and treadwear 500.. Hard rubber that should last a long time. Initially the car rode hard. They came over inflated from the factory. I set them at 43 psi. Much better.

mdmgso | June 17, 2016

My 70 was delivered June 1 with Goodyears despite the spec sheet saying Michelin at the time I placed my order.

MJP.75D | June 17, 2016

Thanks @Jim @mdmgso --- any initial impressions?

jmadams74 | June 17, 2016

If your FINAL Purchase Agreement/Invoice specifies the Michelin tires, Tesla will likely swap them out if you ask. In my case, I agreed to keep the Goodyear's (they seem fine after 1,000 miles) and my local Tesla Service Center got authorization from Tesla to provide me with the 3-year prepaid warranty in lieu of the Michelin tire swap! I was happy with that outcome.
I still haven't been able to find out anything specific about the Goodyear Eagle Touring tires from either Goodyear or Tesla!

TaoJones | June 17, 2016

The Michelin OEMs are rated 500 traction AA, while the Goodyear Eagle RS A-2s are rated 440 and A.

Sounds like the Goodyear Eagle Touring tires rated at 500 and A might be a happy medium between the two. However, since they are priced at the level of the Michelins, I would not be a happy camper if they did not last a comparable amount of miles.

Tangentially, as I update tire quotes as I'm now at 3/32" average after 53,000+ miles (Michelin OEM), I was told by one tire shop that they see 30,000-35,000 miles from the Goodyear Eagle RS A-2. I've heard anecdotally from Tesla SvCs of one case of Goodyear Eagles exceeding 50,000 miles - otherwise, 25,000-38,000 seems to be the range.

As one prolific poster at the other site has alluded, one tends to get what one pays for. In other words, 2 sets of Goodyear Eagle RS A-2s for $1040 total out the door with certs or 1 set of Michelin Primacy MXM-4s for $1350.

MrLunch | June 27, 2016

Are any of you tire experts able to weigh in further on the new Goodyear Eagle Touring tires? I was expecting to get the Michelins, but presumably that won't happen now.

mathwhiz | June 27, 2016

Tesla probably came off the Michelin MXM4 all-seasons because they've gotten hard to get, at least according to the service manager at Costa Mesa.

TaoJones | June 27, 2016

Unless Tesla comes up with a mileage warranty for the Goodyear Eagle Touring tires, especially at that price, I'd make a pitch for the Michelin OEMs provided that they were listed as the tires that were supposed to come with the car. I've learned enough about the difference between the Michelin OEMs and the Goodyear Eagle RS A-2 OEMs to conclude that if I was going to keep the car past the next 18 months, I'd get the Michelins for sure. Just a better tire several different ways.

It's completely possible, although not probable since it's not listed at Tire Rack, that the Goodyear Eagle Touring tires have a 45,000 mile warranty. Unless and until it's in print somewhere, the baseline would be the Goodyear Eagle RS A-2 with exactly zero mileage warranty and anecdotal evidence of 30,000-35,000 miles per set (presuming good alignment, air pressure, and religious rotations). That's still pretty good mileage for a set of tires on such a heavy car, but they switched to the Michelins for a reason, and that reason probably included the LRR rating and better construction (deeper stiping, belts edge to edge...).

I dunno... neither OEM tire is all that good in snow/ice, as one would expect from an all season tire (M+S rating or not). Maybe the new Goodyear is better, although I would expect exactly the reverse from a "Touring" tire.

scott | June 28, 2016

What document from Tesla states the tire you're supposed to get? I looked at my Order Agreement and Purchase Agreement, but the neither mentions the tire brand, just wheel size.

murphyS90D | June 28, 2016

My window sticker lists the tires that came on the car.

mdmgso | June 28, 2016

The Goodyear Eagles seem to perform capably and are not particularly loud, but I have no basis for comparison on this car. I have always had Michelins on my other cars due to their combination of performance, ride, road noise and durability.

Dr Manhattan | July 7, 2016

I also got these new Goodyear tires. Eagle Touring 500 A A. Not sure what to compare them to yet, but they seem fine so far.

dcadamany | July 9, 2016

Just received my 90D and the Eagles were on mine. I immediately drove to Discount Tire to have my aftermarket wheels put on and to get tire warranty (Tesla doesn't provide one). They had to do some research but apparently these new Eagles have a "foam component" in them to help make them quieter. I have no idea if this accurate but thought I'd pass the info along.

rafale | July 9, 2016

Anyone able to post a picture of the tread pattern please?


My old S had the original Goodyears. The new one has the touring and I can tell you the are much quieter. Almost no road noise now.

thranx | July 10, 2016

@JohnHollingsworth: Much quieter, yes. Now we'll see how they wear.

ooagentmm | July 10, 2016

I have the new Eagle Touring tires. I find them to be very quiet. I also went in for my first rotation at 9500 miles on a May refreshed 70D (several thousand miles past when I was supposed to bring it in for a rotation) and the tread was 8/32 on all tires so a rotation was not necessary and not performed. This is after a 6k mile road trip across the country.

Seem to be pretty good quality tires.

madkim23 | July 12, 2016

I have the new Goodyear touring tires and they are exceptionally quiet. The car is virtually silent and the tire contributes nothing of concern. Hoping for the same even wear others are reporting.

rafale | July 12, 2016

I don't think anyone understands the OP. The tire is completely new design as of this month. Check the

rafale | July 12, 2016

I don't think anyone understands the OP. The tire is completely new design as of this month. Check the

mohanktrajan | July 12, 2016

I had a flat tire within a month after I took my car. The same Good Year tire. Called SC and they recommend to check with Tire 'shop' who can patch it. Tire shop take a look and told me that inside the tire there is a foam which helps reduce noise has to remove in order to patch it. If they remove the foam then it won't balance with other tires which is not recommended. I asked for new one which they don't have stock. I called other tire shops and none of them had it. SC suggested to check with, which mentioned exactly same in the website, but before order it just in case I called Tirerack and the first question 'Is it for Tesla', if it is then Good Year is not recommend what ever tire they listed in their website. Went back to SC, they shipped from somewhere the same tire but even service guys had no idea from were they got it. Finally next day itself I got it and fixed which cost around $198 and install $27.

TaoJones | July 12, 2016

Interesting - that's the second case of a SvC charging the $180 plus tax that's clearly for the Goodyear Eagle RS A-2 that appears in the Tesla website (this for a tire that sells for $108 average at three other places), instead of a similarly marked up version of the $285 or so that Tire Rack listed the Goodyear Eagle Touring tire for a few weeks ago.

If these tires perform as well as the initial reports indicate, then $198 including tax per tire could be a sweet deal indeed.

rafale | July 13, 2016

I hope to get that tire on the new MS coming to me but at the same time I'm concerned because if I get a flat it sounds like the small supply of spares will be a problem for me. Actually I'd rather have the Conti ExtremeContact DWS. Had that on my last MB; super traction in all weather and awesomely quiet. Eh, that's just my two cents anyway.

cbmeeker2 | July 13, 2016

How has the new Goodyear tires on a refreshed S, and when was it manufactured?

adamrico | October 11, 2017

What type of mileage are you getting from the new 19” GoodYear Eagle Touring tires?

robert.grove | April 4, 2018

Update- My Model S 85D is currently in for the annual and the original Michelins with a tad over 30K are at 3/32 in the rear. They are replacing them with the Goodyears, which the service center told me were designed for the Tesla. They would install either the original Michelins or the Goodyears for the same price, but that seems to have gone up significantlyt since earlier posts. The original Michelins had significantly more road noise than a friend's similar car with Pirelli tires, but I have always been happy with Michelin. I don't have any recent experience with Goodyear so, we shall see how this goes.

sr.smr | April 4, 2018

My 2017 car that was purchased in May came with Goodyears and I love them. Exceptionally quieter and smoother than the Continentals that were on an X loaner.

garyjtate | April 4, 2018

Goodyear Eagle TouringNot Yet Rated
Click to Compare
Grand Touring All-Season
Size: 245/45R19 98W
TO Tesla, SoundComfort Tech
Serv. Desc: 98W
UTQG: 500 A A

These are tires I have.
Build 11/2017

Happy so far.

vlad22 | April 4, 2018

These are the new silent comfort tires. They’re available in limited sizing as of right now. Mileage rating isn’t available even from good year but a 500 rating would indicate good year expects them to last as long as the Michelin’s listed above (your mileage may vary)
@mohan. The tire shop you took your vehicle to was not knowledgeable and did not provide accurate information in regards to repair. These tires much like the Conti silent tires are totally repairable. One needs to cut out a small piece of the foam at the point of puncture and then patch it like any other tire. Even if there was the slightest chance of an out of balance condition then a simple rebalance of that wheel post repair would resolve it. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

cmalan | April 4, 2018

Just hit a pot hole last month. SC wanted $280 for replacement, balancing and mounting included. Looked at Tirerack, they have 2 GOODYEAR EAGLE TOURING 245/45R19 98W listed. One showing “TO” for $211 and one undesignated for $131.

Ordered the $131 to be deliveresd to SC, $12.43 for shipping and SC charged $50 for balancing and mounting..

Got home and checked tire, “TO” was on the sidewall...I don't now if there really is a difference or a mistake along the way..
Saving money always works for me!!!

cmalan | April 4, 2018

Forgot to mention that you also get free hazard insurance that the SC doesn’t support...

rg22.vanhorn | April 4, 2018

I'm still EXTREMELY pleased with performance of the Michelin all-season MXM4's that were OEM on the 2015 P90D I had. Got better than 27K (mostly road-tripping) miles on them before trading up to my 2016 P100DL that had Michelin Pilot Sport 3's as OEM. Those are SUMMER tires & since I live in IA, I had Tesla swap them for MXM4's before taking delivery. I kept the Pilot Sport 3's. Have gotten better than 34K (again, mostly road-tripping) miles on these MXM4's but now they are at 4-5 32nds... at their limit... so I re-cycled them & had Tesla install the Pilot Sport 3's for this summer. I may buy another set of MXM4's from Sam's Club to have them ready to swap onto my wheels/ rims Fall of 2018.

dcsleung | April 5, 2018

My (late 2017) 75D came with the Goodyear Eagle Touring tires and I've been very happy with them to date. Seems quiet and has performed very well in the snow (surprisingly).

Tcornwell | April 18, 2018

2016 75D Apprehensive with Goodyear Eagle Touring 500 A that came with the car. 19,500 miles and less then half way on these. They should go faster now as I'm pushing the car harder in the turns. Really quiet tire and truly unbelievable of GoodYears. I have had Michelins on loaners from Tesla and they are much better tire, more tread also. Noisier though for sure. Not looking forward to it, but when these are gone I will most likely revert to the Michelin.

avesraggiana | May 23, 2018

My dad’s March 2017 Model S75D came shod with the Goodyear Eagle Tourings on 19” wheels. Mileage on the car is now 23,000 miles.

Is it my imagination, or have these tyres gotten noisier over time?

At 23,000 miles, I believe the OEMs are due for replacement anyway.

Tldickerson | May 23, 2018

When tires get to wearing out they start to make more noise.

Haggy | May 23, 2018

True, but with a caveat. There are some new tires that can be excessively noisy for the first few hundred miles, but I don't know of any that I've heard of anybody using on a Tesla. In general, when tires get old and are getting closer to wearing out, they are nosier and the ride quality is worse.

johnson.todd.r | May 23, 2018

My S75D withthe Goodyear Touring (19") has just over 20K miles on it, but at my 12,500 service, I was told they would need to be replaced soon. However, they also aligned the car twice at that service, so I suspect the alignment was out from the time of delivery. I've monitored the wear since they and noticed very little difference, but I plan to replace the tires next month. I don't think I will go with the same tires given the lack of a mileage warranty. I will probably try the MXM4s.

p.c.mcavoy | May 23, 2018

I have just under 29k miles on my MS90D with these tires. I've not noticed any increase in tire noise. I too am getting close to needing to replace. Service center indicated was getting close at my 25k annual service, but as was going into summer, decided I'd probably take them down to the wear bars first. Something psychological of getting at least 30k out of them. Have thought too much yet on what I may replace them with, although will need to start thinking that through probably in the next 1-2 months.