Product Excellence Engineers wanted at Tesla

Product Excellence Engineers wanted at Tesla

The Role
The Product Excellence Engineer is an integral part of the Powertrain Manufacturing organization and will ensure that all products meet customer and company requirements. He/she is responsible for developing quality processes and methodologies, including quality/control plans and ensures products meet their specification. The Product Excellence Engineer is responsible for driving continual product and process improvement. The Product Excellence Engineer will work with Design Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, and Operations to address and improve quality/reliability and manufacturability issues. Work will require participation in cross-functional teams. This is a very hands-on individual contributor role with duties focused primarily in support of on-floor activities. To be effective, the Product Excellence Engineer will need to be intimately familiar with the detailed behavior of these electro-mechanical assemblies and the tools and equipment used in their manufacture.

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TesMD | May 9, 2016

There was a recent article somewhere about how difficult it is to find skilled workers/engineers for Tesla to hire especially the one that could improve assembly line production. I am curious as to why Tesla could not hire away from some of the old manufacturers such as GM or Ford. You would think some of those guys would love to work for Tesla and move to California Although I am a bit biased living in S. Cali. But seriously would a smart person rather work for a company that is stuck in their ways and may be heading to extinction or for an innovative company that has the potential to change transportation as we know it. Not to mention to awesome weather in Cali.

Any thoughts?

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | May 9, 2016

@TesMD...Don't know if this is the article you are referring to but here is one:

Wanted: Manufacturing whizzes to work on Tesla's Model 3

David N | May 9, 2016

For those who are in secure positions with current companies , some of the description below can be pretty intimidating, if not a bit unnerving to someone with a family to support.
"Our world-class teams operate with a non-conventional product development philosophy of high inter-disciplinary collaboration"
You will be expected to challenge and to be challenged, to create, and to innovate. "These jobs are not for everyone". you must have a genuine passion for producing the best vehicles in the world. Without passion, you will find what we’re trying to do too difficult.
For a single guy who wants the challenge, great. For a well established guy with wife and family whose settled in, perhaps the move is too risky. Plenty have left Tesla because it is very demanding. Yet very rewarding. I hope he finds the right people, time seems short.

jose.t.weeks | May 9, 2016

Not to mention much higher cost of living in SoCal and tenure at current company.

TesMD | May 9, 2016

Yes, thanks. That is the article I read.

@David N
Yes, I totally understand all the challenges and factors that go into making those decisions and I agree that it could be overwhelming for some wanting to take on that challenge but I am hoping there are engineers in this country or other countries that would want to take on that challenge and be part of something revolutionary and at the same time make good living.

kwen197 | May 9, 2016

I hope Elon has made this request to the international workforce. Immigrants usually disembark ready to work hard.

Ross1 | May 9, 2016

Required to bring own sleeping bag

PhillyGal | May 10, 2016

If only Freemont wasn't 3,000 miles away...

Run4Waffles | May 10, 2016

@PhillyGal - 300 miles or 3,000 miles. It's all the same. And no snow! Hubs could join you in a few months. You're young enough!! GO and chase the opportunity and dreams!!!!

AmpedRealtor | May 10, 2016

I'm glad Tesla finally decided to hire a quality person LOL!

PhillyGal | May 10, 2016

@Run - We've definitely joked about it plenty.
He'd be more suited for SpaceX though, as he is a certified expert in spending government/defense dollars. (Who knew there was such a thing?)