"Charging cable not seated".....yes it is.

"Charging cable not seated".....yes it is.

In a little over 2 years, this is a first for me. Yesterday when plugging into a supercharger, the ring turned a solid orange and I got a message saying essentially, the connector was not plugged in all the way. I unplugged and plugged it in again, and it went green. When I got home and plugged the car in, the ring went to orange again, but pulsed rapidly like it does when it is green. I looked at the charging screen and it was charging a 239v but only 16 amps. I unplugged and re inserted it and got the same result. This is a dedicated 14-50 line.

Any ideas?

J.T. | July 4, 2016

Considering you're not exactly new at this I believe you have developed a faulty charge port.

JBMILL54 | July 4, 2016

Make sure the plug is all the way in. The same thing happened to me once when I did not install the charger properly. Something about a pilot charge

jordanrichard | July 4, 2016

JT, good morning. Thanks for the quick response.

I figured, but wanted some confirmation. Well, the timing is perfect because I am at 48,500 miles. So, definitely time to make a "punch list" for when I do bring her in for this.

J.T. | July 4, 2016

Just a thought, perhaps a bit of debris got into one of the contacts in the port. Maybe some compressed air will dislodge it.

Happy 4th!!

bp | July 4, 2016

Had this happen to me on a road trip last week. I've had my car since early 2013 - and was surprised when I had two stations at a Supercharger where I couldn't get the charging to begin.

Perhaps because the SC's are outside and get more use - the plugs are not in as good a condition as my home HPWC or mobile charging cables - and it looks like a little more force is required to ensure the SC cable makes a good connection with the car.

Hopefully we won't have any problems on our return trip this weekend - and I will add this to the list to have Tesla check during our 75K mile visit in a few weeks.

grimusford | July 4, 2016

Spit on the end of it first. This fixes most insertion issues.