Roof rack for bicycles

Roof rack for bicycles

Hi All,

I've just placed my reservation for the Model 3. I'm very excited about this vehicle and I'm hoping to convert my reservation into order ASAP. I live in Melbourne (Australia) where the EV infrastructure is growing. I've had previous solid exposure to the Model S through different people and the Chadstone dealership.

My question is around the roof racks compatibility. I'm a cyclist and I need to be able to put the bike(s) on the roof. It doesn't look like there is any information on this topic widely available at this point in time. Hope I'm not the only one with such a plain request? ;)

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dsvick | December 29, 2016

Any sort of roof rack would be a third party product and they wont be able to come up with anything until the final designs are released. Elon did mention though that towing would be available which would imply that the accessory hitch will be available too, that might be an option for you. It might have less of an impact on range too - but I'm not sure about that.

Red Sage ca us | December 29, 2016

Look up 'SeaSucker' products.

KP in NPT | December 29, 2016

We don't know. On the MS, you must have the pano roof to be able to have a roof rack. On the X, you must use an accessory hitch because of the falcon wing doors. To keep manufacturing simple, it's possible there will be no roof rack option for the Model 3 and you would haul bikes via an accessory hitch. But it's also possible they do it like the MS and require the pano. Or they could do something completely different.

We'll have to wait until they release those details - hopefully at/following the final reveal in a few months.

JeffreyR | December 29, 2016

Hitch is my plan.

Bartosz | December 29, 2016

Thanks everyone. Roof rack would be the perfect option for me. That SeaSucker looks good but I'm unsure how trustworthy this solution is. I won't be carrying a $500 bicycle on it so I need a reliable solution. I suppose we need to wait and see. I'm sure Tesla engineers are thinking about this too. Its pretty basic requirement these days.

djharrington | December 29, 2016

Expect to take a large range hit on the roof. I take a large hit with a Thule hitch carrier on a Ford Focus EV. It's unnoticeable without a bike on it (and folded down), but 30% higher consumption with any of my bikes (either road or mountain). It doesn't seem to matter if I have four road bikes, or one 29er. It's always around 30% worse. I can't imagine what spoiling the aerodynamics of my S would cost me in range.

Maxxer | December 29, 2016
dd.micsol | December 30, 2016

SeaSucker Mini Bomber Bike Rack
problem solved.

mirken65 | December 30, 2016

LOL, just had a look at the products at Hmmm, not going to buy a $300- holder for a bike worth $79-! Can only hope some sort of towing hitch will be available, to allow me to mount my existing bike carrrier. I won't be towing a trailer, just a couple of bikes, so it wouldn't need to be super-heavy duty..

Badbot | December 31, 2016

mirken look up reusable zip ties

Haggy | January 2, 2017

On the Model S, it's fairly simple. There are four points with covers that flip open. Underneath each one is a threaded hole. It shouldn't be any work on the part of Tesla to design the same thing for the Model 3. Whispbar makes my roof rack for the Model S. I bought the same one independently of Tesla and the only difference is the logo. They provide a kit with four anchors that screw into those threaded holes. The anchors each have a rod that extends up through the mounting part of the roof rack. Whispbar will likely make a rack for the Model 3, and it will probably be identical to the one they make now, but might use different rubber parts to sit on the roof itself.

For the Model S, this is what Tesla offers:

I got the one with the Whispbar logo instead, and it was $291 USD. A bicycle attachment would be under $200 USD. Other roof racks from other manufacturers tend to be equally expensive for that quality.

You can look at the installation video for the Tesla version to get an idea what it is. It's obviously going to be easier for subsequent installations.

Scott22066 | January 2, 2017

I'm betting that M3 will have the same setup as a Model S where you there will be built-in anchors with certain types of roofs. Thule and Yakima will have roof connections that will be designed to fit those anchors while will likely cost a lot less than you can buy at the dealer

Caseypeterc | January 19, 2017

I'm hope the Model S solution applies to the Model 3.

Caseypeterc | January 19, 2017

I hope the Model S solution applies to the Model 3.

andy.connor.e | January 19, 2017

It wouldnt be in Teslas best interest to provide a roof rack for MS, and not for M3. But in the end, we're not 100% sure.

Haggy | January 19, 2017

Considering that it comes down to having a flip up cover in four areas, with a threaded hole the same size as the one on the Model S, and considering people will pay for an optional glass roof, I don't see why they wouldn't.

bjdraw | January 28, 2017

Riding at least once a week where I have to drive 40 miles to the trail with a roof rack for the past 4 years, I won't be using a roof rack with my 3.

The reality of a roof rack is there is just too much opportunity to damage the car. Parts fall off the bike, removing the rack without touching the car, the list goes on.

No more roof racks for me.

tstolz | January 28, 2017

We just throw them in the back of our MS and/or use a bumper hitch.

Robocheme | January 28, 2017

I was hoping to put a bike in the back of my 3 until I saw a picture of the trunk door up. The opening looked pretty small.

PT733 | February 25, 2017

I have an electric bike that I currently throw in the back of my Toyota Celica. I really hope the Model 3 allows just as easy loading (with rear seats down). Otherwise an accessory hitch (if also allowed on UK cars?) would seem ideal?

I take off the front wheel, but the bike is still approx 12 kg to lift in and out (with battery not attached). I wouldn't want to try to lift this up to the roof!

Ross1 | February 26, 2017

1: They have so many orders to fill that they dont need to fiddle around with minority requests, aka racks.

2: As Elon said it, you CAN put a roof rack on MX but you have to forego opening one bird door. However he said the roof rack is GUARANTEED at 135 mph.

3: I dont know what happens at 136 mph.

mntlvr23 | February 26, 2017

@Ross - (what happens at 136 mph) - Have you seen the movie E.T. ?

dd.micsol | February 26, 2017

@mntlvr-LOL hilarious. thanks :)

dd.micsol | February 26, 2017

I personally was thinking of a flux cap affect.

Ross1 | February 26, 2017

E.T.....too long ago to remember, what is the connection?

topher | February 26, 2017


I think it was a reference to bicycles flying through the air...

Thank you kindly.

mntlvr23 | February 26, 2017

@ross -

If my memory is correct: The little boy Elliott and ET were riding the bike that was strapped to the bike rack on the top of the ambulance that the sister stole. They were trying to achieve 88 mph for some reason, but when they hit 88 nothing happened, so the sister (who didn't have here license) went faster. When they hit 136 mph - the roof rack flew off. Elliott took a horrible spill and lost a few teeth. And from that day forward, he could not properly pronounce many words, including the name of his best friend E.T. - who hethen started calling "E.V."

The year was 1982 - and the movie had a strong impact on 11 year old Elon Musk - who as a result of the movie, became deeply interested in interplanetary travel, EV's and Reese's Pieces (not necessarily in that order)

Ross1 | February 26, 2017

Then that explains Elon's guarantee that the MX rack is guaranteed for 135 mph , since said Musk has an hilarious bent for movies.
Could that be true? Really?
Can someone confirm this conjecturiasatioalismness?

SamO | March 28, 2017

Probably will need pano roof for bike racks just like the Model S.