360 top down view

360 top down view

There is no search function in this forum so forgive me if this has been discussed. I have the MX HW2 car and was wondering why Tesla have not done the 360 degree birds eye view when you manually park your car. My other car is a Mercedes Benz and when I had it in for scheduled service Mercedes gave me a GLE loaner with the 360 birds eye view and it was soo easy to park the SUV I could see how close I was to the cars right and left of me the lines for the parking space and what was behind me, it was like parking a car in a video game. I would think with the HW2 hardware with all the cameras that modifying the software to include this would not be difficult.

So my question to you guys is if anyone knows why Tesla opted out from having this option.

burdogg | January 12, 2017

We don't know what the plan is :) The HW2 is not functioning yet, as they continue to develop the software for EAP. They may have that coming maybe not, we really don't know yet :)

PedanticOne | January 12, 2017

My BMW 328i used to have this feature as well. It'd be good to see it happen on the Tesla. I think the feature fits in to its mythos.