Sell Model 3 Resevation

Sell Model 3 Resevation

I will not buy a Model 3 in the near future, but I'm a reservation holder in Switzerland since the 1. April 2016 (right bevore the keynote). So I rather invest the reservation fee in Tesla stocks.

Is there a possibility/demand to sell the reservation to someone?

SCCRENDO | February 27, 2017


Shadowmist | February 27, 2017

Pretty sure the reservation is locked to the person who reserved it. aka non-transferable.

SoFlaModel3 | February 28, 2017

Reservations are refundable, but non-transferable.

You cannot profit from the reservation itself. I assume those getting the car early enough have the possibility to flip it for profit to those further back in line, but that's not a guarantee and it's a shame after waiting so long to not enjoy the car!