Model 3 Colours on Model S?

Model 3 Colours on Model S?


Does anyone know if they silver and red paint jobs shown on the 3 during the revel, are the same "Silver Metallic" and "Red Multi-Coat" currently available on the Model S?

KP in NPT | March 18, 2017

No, they are not. All three cars shown are custom colors/wraps and are not the same as what is offered on the model S/X, and I wouldn't expect them to be the exact colors offered (but you never know.)

holophoenix70 | March 18, 2017

Thanks KP. Where did you get that information?

KP in NPT | March 18, 2017

What information do you mean? It's obvious the colors are not the same - they are different than the S/X which is the answer to your original question. There are owners on these forums who were at the reveal and confirmed the colors are not the ones currently offered, plus you can tell they are different. The red has more orange and the silver is deeper and more pearlescent. They look custom. Much nicer than S/X colors IMO.

We do not know what exact colors would be offered. I say not to expect the prototype colors to be the colors revealed because Tesla's history is to keep production simple (one of the complaints about few color choices, discontinued choices for the S/X) and so I could see them streamlining by offering the same choices for the 3. But that is just my opinion. We are hoping there will be more/different options, including something similar to what was shown with the prototypes, but we just don't know until they announce it.

d.r.coursol | March 19, 2017

I sure hope they offer that silver which is on the current M3. If not I may just get the standard black and get the car wrapped. Also, I love the red at the reveal... and never thought about getting such a colour but the red is stunning too.

andy.connor.e | March 20, 2017

You have to beat the game on the hardest difficulty without dying to unlock all the colors.

JuJo0 | March 20, 2017

Most likely getting a wrap for mine as well.

carlgo2 | March 21, 2017

Too bad there isn't an affordable way to wrap cars. Actually, I always expected electric paint that would glow, display a chosen color and flash like a squid in heat (if legal of course).

topher | March 22, 2017

you mean like this?

youtube 74iAeZcUG_4

Thank you kindly.

hsuru4u | March 22, 2017

i would think the 3 will have same colors as the s....more uniform

Carl Thompson | March 22, 2017

Just as long as they don't force a two tone paint scheme like some other manufacturers to to uglify their electric cars (I'm looking at you GM and BMW).


Garyeop | March 23, 2017

@topher You are the man (or woman). The tri color chrome is amazing. But, may just go with the color changing paramegnetic paint. Maybe a program that ensures my ride is never the same color as cars around me.

Garyeop | March 23, 2017

And yes, paramegnetic paint exists. Just more glow than color changing

IPv6Freely | March 24, 2017

For those considering wraps, what do you think an approx cost would be for wrapping a Model 3? Just ballpark...

holophoenix70 | March 24, 2017

Well I inquired with Monster Wraps in the UK. They reckon it'll be £3-4K depending on options (colour, texture, protective layers etc)

brando | March 24, 2017

Surely all cars made in Fremont will use the same paint booths and colors. (10 paint stations/booths was the last number reported).

akgolf | April 11, 2017

I found a local dealer that gave me a ballpark figure of $2400 for the Model 3.

I'll probably just get a base color and then wrap it to something else.

Garyeop | April 11, 2017

Holographic Chrome in KC is about $4k. Not that I have checked.

topher | April 11, 2017

Someone really ought to wrap their Model 3 in Rose Gold Chrome.

Not *me* though.

Thank you kindly.

4fishtankz | April 11, 2017

I just saw a mat black model X today! Looked charcoal mat grey. I think they said that would be an option? Not for me though, want an easy to care for color.

4fishtankz | April 11, 2017

I think a champagne or rose gold/ light gold color would be awesome and would definitely be on top of my list!

dsvick | April 12, 2017

@akgolf - $2,400 for what? A complete wrap? What sort of color selection would that include? You're nowhere near me so I won't ask the dealer name but what product were they quoting you? I may not be on the fence over the single screen but I am about whether to get the basic black (assuming black is the no added cost option) and wrap it or spend for one of the other colors.

akgolf | April 12, 2017

@dsvick - Complete wrap of exposed surfaces. This shop uses 3M and includes most colors, probably not chrome but not something I'm interested in.

I live near Oklahoma City.

4fishtankz | April 12, 2017

saw that Tesla had a goldish color they discontinued last year called Titanium. Why??? That would be a color I'd be interested in, a silvery gold color.

EaglesPDX | April 12, 2017

$1,500 option for colors besides the basic black.

JeffreyR | April 12, 2017

It makes sense for Tesla to offer the same colors on M3 as they do on MS/MX (or at least have some overlap) for economies of scale reasons. One thing we can expect is that the M3 will have color schemes to choose among, not a la carte colors. They have switched to this approach on the MS after introducing it on the MX.

Elon tweeted that the Matte Black was super popular, and may make it to production because of that.
Someone posted here that matte is in the clear coat, and so does not affect the "free" flat black main portion of the paint.

Right now any-color-you-want-so-long-as-it's-black paint is included in the base price. A different color costs $1500 for the MS & MX. I doubt the upgraded colors will cost that much for M3. Figure 20% smaller, so 20% less paint would equal $1200. I would not be surprised if upgraded paint costs a round number, $1000.

Here is my favorite wrap job, dark blue (discontinued) w/ stealth chrome & semi-transparent matte:

Red Sage ca us | April 13, 2017

Some months ago, upgraded metallic paint for the BMW 3-Series was something like $500. It is currently $700 as an option, but at least you can get RED. For some reason, they only had a weird ORANGE color before... Anyway, I doubt that metallic paint for Tesla Model ☰ will cost more than on the 3-Series.

I stopped by the Cadillac website today. Their ATS has five preset interior design options. I figure Model ☰ will probably offer two or three.

dsvick | April 13, 2017

Back to the wrap questions ... does the base color of the car have any bearing on the color of the wrap you can get? If I decide to wrap the car I'll want to get the basic black paint, would that be problematic if I wanted a lighter color wrap? Would you need a thicker wrap material? Or is it completely opaque so it won't matter?

akgolf | April 13, 2017

One of the earlier wraps I saw was changing a black Model S using a white wrap with red accents.

dsvick | April 13, 2017

Nice!! Thanks akgolf.