Awesome present for being one of the first 100 reservers at each store !!!

Awesome present for being one of the first 100 reservers at each store !!!

Who else got the email last night? I know there must be a good chunk of us that were that far up in line.

I won't say anything more, so that everyone can have the excitement of reading it themselves, though I am sure people will be posting about it shortly if not already.

This is frigging awesome! I am floored.

SamO | April 1, 2017

Got the "Tesla Updates" email last night but nothing on Model 3.

Don't keep us hangin'. . .

David N | April 1, 2017

Keep in mind it's April 1st

mntlvr23 | April 1, 2017

It was sent about an hour before the update.
Titled - "Because you were one of the first 100 reservers at the Tyco Road store ..."
I assume something similar was sent out for each store.

Very generous

SamO | April 1, 2017

Ha ha ha. I fell for it.

KP in NPT | April 1, 2017

Mntlvr goofball. :)

The flying hippie | April 1, 2017

Found it in my junk mail folder. Check your junk people!!!

Badbot | April 1, 2017

warm but no message

mntlvr23 | April 1, 2017

@hippie - glad someone else got it, thought that maybe I was crazy.
Where is all the buzz ??

EaglesPDX | April 1, 2017


accentcreate | April 1, 2017

If not April fool, then only for US customers. Nothing on the Aussie side of the ditch for those early in the queue, so far.

siddhu | April 2, 2017

#1 in Bellevue. No emails here.

EaglesPDX | April 2, 2017 email is um...OK but pretty thin.

mntlvr23 | April 2, 2017

@siddhu -
David N busted me pretty much right away, no special gift (yet)

Haggy | April 2, 2017

It was in my spam folder. Except it didn't mention the Tyco Road store. In fact it didn't mention Tesla. But it said I could enlarge my manoud. Is that the one?

mntlvr23 | April 2, 2017

@Haggy - lol, that is the one.

That is in line with Elon's recent tweets, that they would not be manufacturing the highly optioned Tesla's first, but would be dealing with the "Low T's" first.

Getting your Model 3 = raising your T-level = manoud enhanced