2017 North America Supercharger Progress

2017 North America Supercharger Progress

Tesla plans to add 361 supercharger locations in North America in 2017.

December 31, 2017: 142 opened.
December 31, 2018: 310 opened.
February 4, 2019: 321 opened.
May 29, 2019: 366 opened. 2017 goal reached!!

BigD0g | April 2, 2017

Did they say open 363 or open and expand existing ones?

tes-s | April 2, 2017

We plan to accelerate expansion of the Supercharger network this year, starting with doubling our number of North American Supercharger locations in 2017.

Silver2K | April 2, 2017

Waterloo is up! I was there 2 weeks ago. My wife wanted coffee and was curious about the casino. We were impressed by the "no smoking" rule in the casino and they have free coffee for visitors. That was very nice :)

Kingston location is real smart. I went into the shop and I came out to a bunch of people looking at my car at the gas station.

Tarrytown has tons of shops also.

Victor, NY has a permit and seems to be taking a while to go under construction.

p.c.mcavoy | April 2, 2017

I don't take the number opened in Q1 as necessarily a good indicator of how many will actually happen this year. I many parts of the country outdoor construction projects see a lull in Q1 purely due to realities of winter weather. Anything involving earth moving and pouring concrete gets complicated when the ground is frozen.

That may not be concern for those of your in southern California, Florida, or Texas, but for many of the other areas of the US, it's a bit of seasonal reality.

Silver2K | April 2, 2017


They completed waterloo, ny in extremely bad and erratic weather.

North Americans know what to do :)

djmichaelmayhem | April 2, 2017

363 superchargers = plugs. at an average of 8 per location that equates to around 45 new locations.

Pretty good as long as they continue to fill gaps on the map

tes-s | April 2, 2017

Weather is not an issue - they opened 42 locations in Q12015.

I take the number opened in Q1 as necessarily a good indicator of how many they opened in Q1, and how many remain to reach plan for 2017.

SamO | April 2, 2017

I'll give the usual 1-word tes-s answer regarding when a Supercharger capacity or expansion will happen: SOON.

SamO | April 2, 2017

$ is an issue. they are spending $1.5 Billion in the first 6 months of the year:

1. Ramping Gigafactory
2. Expanding Fremont from 5 million square feet to 10 million square feet
3. Expanding delivery centers
4. Expanding service centers -
5. Rapidly recruiting, hiring and training staff.
6. Supercharger doubling in North America

tes-s | April 2, 2017

363 new supercharger locations is less than $100M. Pocket change compared to the other investments.

Weather is not an issue.
$ is not an issue.
Permitting is not an issue.

marcustcohn | April 2, 2017

When will these show up on the Supercharger map as future locations ?

p.c.mcavoy | April 2, 2017

@marcustcohn - which Supercharger map? If you're asking about on the navigation display in the car, then they won't show up until they are operational.

If you are asking about map on Tesla website, what's shown as the Today map, then they don't tend to show up as gray opening soon markers until they are just about ready. If you on the 2017 tab, you'll see a projection. You can't zoom on it, so it's tough at times to pinpoint a specific location well, but gives you a sense for density. also is a pretty good source for future sites. It's based upon folks spotting things, either in zoning board hearings, building permits being pulled, or actually seeing construction occurring at a site. It has dots showing where permits have been pulled or under construction sites on their map.

redacted | April 2, 2017

@mychol, @tes-s says it's locations. That's != plugs unless you're a lawyer.

djmichaelmayhem | April 2, 2017

if they open 1 location a day, even better but I wouldn't count on that. they have always said XX Superchargers opened and the XX has always been number of Plugs,,,, 1 X Supercharger = 1 Plug.

I Have a hard time believing that is locations. It took 5 years to get up to 800+ locations and in one year increase that buy 40 - 45 %.......

Yes, sure Model 3 is coming but I still don't see it being locations.

tes-s | April 2, 2017

They didn't say XX superchargers opened. They said locations opened.

"We plan to accelerate expansion of the Supercharger network this year, starting with doubling our number of North American Supercharger locations in 2017."

Sleepydoc1 | April 2, 2017

Per mychol if 45 is total locations x 8 plugs, then 16 locations (1/3rd) were built in crappy weather with most of the year to go. I like locations! 45 locations is way too small. Less than 1 per state all year. They've already built what 4-5 locations in west Texas recently?It looks like they are aiming to close some gaps. Going to need more than 45 locations for that.

dhealy6340 | April 2, 2017

Monroe WA station (12) plugs looks like it should open soon...

murphyS90D | April 3, 2017

Aberdeen, MD has been in permit status for 8 months.
Charlottesville, VA has been in permit status for 2 months.
Permits can be a big problem.

KP in NPT | April 3, 2017

12 stall Milford CT should open any day now.

KP in NPT | April 3, 2017

Sorry make that 14 stalls. ;)

tes-s | April 3, 2017

Permits are not the problem, but to get one you have to apply. I have seen very few reports of permits being denied.

Tesla has been permitting and building supercharger locations for several years - when they said they were going to double the number of locations, surely they understood the lead times for permits, construction, utility connections, etc.

f3rretus | April 3, 2017

@Sleepydoc1, @p.c.mcavoy: Last week a non-Tesla owner informed me that he saw an 8 stall SC in El Paso, TX. Not believing him, I went and checked it out for myself. Sure enough, a SC will come on line soon in EP, TX. Looks like they are doing the final wiring. Will send pic if I can.

tes-s | April 4, 2017

El Paso has been under construction for about 3 weeks. Pictures here:

jordanrichard | April 4, 2017

There are still things that will hold up a site being opened even after being physically complete. In Auburn MA, everything was done except connecting the site to the grid. Since they were goring to be tapping into the main power for the adjacent mall, they had to coordinate with the malls owner and Macy's to find a time when they could kill power to that end of the mall, to make the connection.

Sagamore MA, that site was fully complete and sat there for 3 weeks until some local Tesla owners started pressing the town to see what was up. Turns out there was an issue with the contractors license, from the town inspectors point of view, but the local town council said there was no issue...

The point is, Tesla can do everything right on time and have everything set up, and still not be able to open any given site on time due to outside influences.

tes-s | April 4, 2017

Surely after 4 years of installing superchargers, Tesla took all this into account when they said they were going to double the number of locations in North America in 2017.

f3rretus | April 4, 2017

@tes-s - Have been waiting a very long time for this SC.

Haggy | April 4, 2017

I think that whether or not eight is the average, it doesn't represent the average for new locations, at least not in busy areas. Eight is far too few, and 10-12 makes more sense. Even at that, Buttonwillow has 10, and eight months later Tesla opened up 10 more in Bakersfield which is about 6 miles away. The trend is toward more chargers. The initial process of opening a location is far more effort and cost than adding another few chargers at the same location at the same time.

NKYTA | April 4, 2017

@Haggy, 8.4 miles as the Tesla drives. ;-)

NKYTA | April 4, 2017

The I-5 "conduit".

tes-s | April 4, 2017

Building larger locations around here too. Tarrytown is 12, and Milford will be 14.

p.c.mcavoy | April 4, 2017

@f3rretus - RE status of El Paso ... If you look at this location on and then click on the discuss link (which takes you to a TMC/Tesla Motors Club page) you will see that folks have reported it under construction for about 3 weeks now. Latest photos posted are from last week (Mar 28) and show that there is still concrete work needing to be completed for the transformer pad, etc. Even once all that is done, time to get the transformer actually set and connected seems to vary quite a bit. Some of the I-80 locations in eastern Iowa (Corralville, Davenport) sat at that stage for many weeks before they were connected and superchargers went on-line.

Others may know of a better source, but I've found that information posted at tends to be best of anything I'm seen on actually reporting status as new sites get permitted, go into construction phase, with photos posted by others.

President145 | April 4, 2017

The issue I have is how few there are at each location, at least near me. There are very few in Pennsylvania. As far as I know there are none near Philadelphia, and the closest one to me is an hour away. There are a few four charger locations on the New Jersey Turnpike.

A weekly trip I make is to a Staten Island, NY. There are no supercharger there and I think 2 slow charge pay for it ones in parking garages

Tropopause | April 4, 2017

Out in the West Texas town of El Paso...

TM21 | April 4, 2017

I'm thinking some major highway chain will agree to install superchargers at many of their locations. This could add a huge number of locations in a short time period.

revrev4ruach | April 4, 2017

. . . I fell in love with a Mexican girl!

tes-s | April 5, 2017

The chargers on the NJTP are 4 in each direction. This is similar to Darien CT and Greenwich CT where there are 4 in each direction, and Hooksett where there are 6 in each direction.

Have you considered the Edison supercharger for your Staten Island trip?

hsadler | April 5, 2017

Damn!! Now I can't get that song outta my head.

Anyway, what happened to Santa Barbara that was permitted for close to or more than a year - and now has disappeared on

thranx | April 5, 2017

Need superchargers at Rosa's cantina.

avesraggiana | April 5, 2017

@hsadler Yeah, what DID happen to the Santa Barbara supercharger? One would have thought a high-end, Tesla-rich community like that would have warranted one of their own.

djmichaelmayhem | April 5, 2017

Any new Superchargers is good news, anywhere they go!

Allanf | April 6, 2017

A Tesla Supercharger in Green Bay, WI is apparently opening In mid May- about 86 days after the apparent permit date for the Supercharger. It is at a new Meijer Superstore just off the intersection of I-41 and WI-29. The store is opening on May 16.

NKYTA | April 6, 2017

Yah hey Green Bay!

The timing might work out. :-)

tes-s | May 1, 2017

First 4 months of the year: 21 opened, 342 to go.

mpaquin58 | May 1, 2017

Recent visit to the Tesla service center in Seattle and discovered there are no Supercharges in the greater Seattle area. Had to trickle charge at the service center and get enough miles to make it to Ellensburg WA, 125 miles away...

Bighorn | May 1, 2017

What about Monroe?

PeteB Lake Oswego | May 2, 2017

A few days ago, in Carlsbad, CA (near San Diego), when I brought up the supercharger map in my car, it also showed the Carlsbad supercharger location where it'll be built this year. The SC description said something like "completion by end of 2017", and its color was grey, like destination charger icons. The next day, I looked at locations again on my car map, and it wasn't showing the 'pending' location anymore. Strange

mpaquin58 | May 2, 2017

Bighorn....there is one in Monroe, however, I was headed SE out of the city on I-90 so had the debate in my head about patiently waiting in the Tesla parking lot downtown or driving north to Monroe. The parking lot prevailed. I was also somewhat surprised Tesla did not have a Supercharger on site and did not have the car fully charged when I picked it up...especially after reminding me to be sure and bring my power cord with me.

bill | May 2, 2017

Vancouver BC does not have any. Burlington WA closest to the south. Squamish to the north

tes-s | May 2, 2017

Perhaps one of those instances where dual or high amp charger would have made a difference.

mrporter6 | May 2, 2017

I live in Seattle and the service center in SODO is an embarrassment. There is no where to park and the hook ups they have are just about impossible to reach because of the crowded space. Foretunatelly there is a new service center in Bellevue but the main one down town is just the pits.