Do you have a particular license plate for your Model 3 in mind?

Do you have a particular license plate for your Model 3 in mind?

We had a T-Bird with license plate 88TFOR2.

Our Model S has 14TFOR2.

So perhaps our Model 3 could be 18TFOR3 or MOD3FOR2...

Anyone with definitive license plate ordered or contemplating what you should get?

@SamO, perhaps you would like to start?

bmalloy0 | April 2, 2017

(Joke:) Getting the car in yellow, with the plate ZAPDOS

(Real:) I kinda want SCIENCE or something similar, but will probably end up with generic plates because money

KP in NPT | April 2, 2017

I think I'm passing on the vanity plates because they are not offered with our state's EV plates. :(

EaglesPDX | April 2, 2017


mntlvr23 | April 2, 2017

Mine came in the mail two weeks ago and look funny on my Volvo.


sosmerc | April 2, 2017

Mine will probably be 4MYDAD......he's gone now, but if he were still with us, I know he would have had a Tesla!
Dad was always ahead of his time!

Frank99 | April 2, 2017

I've got half a dozen written on my board. I figure that, by the time I get my car, one of them will be my favorite.

Quick question: Is "EM Drive" too obscure?

mntlvr23 | April 2, 2017

no more than mine, but I don't care if people don't understand.
It will be an ice-breaker

Frank99 | April 2, 2017

Yeah, I gave up on yours. "EM DRIVE" could be taken as "This car powered by an Elon Musk Drive", or a reference to the EM Drive, which all theoretical physicists dismiss as impossible, yet continues to demonstrate thrust in multiple different experiments.
https://en.wikipedia org/wiki/RF_resonant_cavity_thruster

mntlvr23 | April 2, 2017

gave up on mine?
Model 3 - Accelerating Sustainable Transport?

Frank99 | April 2, 2017

Nice! That TLA went completely over my head.

Carl Thompson | April 2, 2017

"Model 3 - Accelerating Sustainable Transport?"

That's not their mission statement anymore. But still good.


mntlvr23 | April 2, 2017

it is for their Model 3, a quick glance at the Model 3 page will tell you that
in any case I am relieved that you approve

Red Sage ca us | April 3, 2017

I have been considering 'RED5AGE'...

Coastal Cruiser. | April 3, 2017

OP, clever plates you came up with.

My sister used to have a Prelude with "2 da lude"

I went ahead and secured "NO MO CO". They are on the Prius for now, so it's a bit of a lie. Momentarily.

Octagondd | April 3, 2017

I have reserved RIP XON. I have not gotten confirmation from CA DMV for it yet.

Coastal Cruiser. | April 3, 2017

I like it! Karma for the AK spill.

PhillyGal | April 3, 2017

Yep, I ordered my vanity plate a while ago because I was absolutely convinced there would be lots of Model 3 reservations ;)

It's lame though compared to our MS' NOMOGAS

Chrisredfield1 | April 3, 2017

I wanted to use the ticker symbol T S L A, but I think someone else in Arizona has it already. :-(

davidnallred | April 3, 2017

How About: "THEFUTUR"

davidnallred | April 3, 2017

Someone is bound to have "NIKOLA" already....

Garyeop | April 3, 2017

Already ordered. KS. QLWORLD

Coastal Cruiser. | April 3, 2017

It's lame though compared to our MS' NOMOGAS
Ha! We share the same first two words. And both plates reflect the truth of things.

Yep. Kinda lame PG.

kenneth.raub | April 3, 2017

I have "MODEL E" on my Leaf now, and will transfer it to the M3

noleaf4me | April 3, 2017

Mine just came in today! TSLA 3 -- BTW -- many were already gone, this was my 5th choice.

Frank99 | April 3, 2017

As I said in another thread, the best one I've seen so far on a Tesla was "LUV HZ". I thought about continuing in that vein and getting "HZ SO GD", but my wife didn't like that one (Didn't like "EM DRIVE" either). "ICE HZ" seems like a good similar inside joke. I have a TESLA based one that's leading the list at the moment; I don't have a car to put it on so I haven't paid for it yet (it would look just too weird stuck on the Expedition).

Coastal Cruiser. | April 3, 2017

Frank, in California you can order the plate, take delivery and surrender your current plates, put the vanity plate on your vehicle for 5 minutes, then put the plate in "stasis" and order a generic plate for the Expedition.

(You're going from an Expedition to a Tesla? Wow.)

Frank99 | April 3, 2017

Hmm, interesting thought, I'll have to see if that's possible in Arizona.

The Expedition lives its life sitting in the driveway, waiting patiently to tow the boat to the lake. Not a very environmentally conscious pastime, I know, but a relaxing one nonetheless. The Tesla will be replacing my Civic, bought in 2011 to beat up on my commute and which now has 110,000 miles. The kids are turning 16 this year, so I figure I'll make them share the Civic while I ride in style.

SamO | April 3, 2017


topher | April 3, 2017


Thank you kindly. | April 4, 2017

Florida for me. Oh, you meant the script on the plate...

Red Sage ca us | April 4, 2017

davidnallred: In California we are limited to seven characters for license plates. I did see a black Model S driving Southbound on the 405 FWY with the classic yellow letters on black background plates that read 'THEFUTR' a few weeks ago. It looked great!

Furioso | April 4, 2017


KP in NPT | April 4, 2017

EVOLV3 is available in my state. If I forego the EV plate.

melinda.v | April 4, 2017

Last summer I changed my current car's plate over to CHARG3D (its turbo charged, so not totally unrelated) until the Model ☰ is ready for it.

Sparky | April 4, 2017

2170309 (miles that is) :-)

Frank99 | April 4, 2017

Oh, Furioso, you wouldn't want that on a plate. Think of the vandalism!
It was a pretty funny addition, though.

kaffine | April 4, 2017


Ross1 | April 4, 2017

What about MUSKOX and MUSKRAT ?

Ross1 | April 4, 2017


fholley | April 4, 2017

COAL CAR. Most of our electricity in Ohio is from coal and natural gas coming from the Southeastern portion of the state. It will be great supporting local jobs every time my car is filled instead of sending money to the Middle Eastern countries that support terrorism.

Shesmyne2 | April 4, 2017

I got rejected in CA for using a 3 as an e. Can't sub #s as a letter apparently.
Back to the drawing board...

Still Grinning ;-)

SamO | April 4, 2017


Frank99 | April 4, 2017

Remarkably, "ICEHOLE" is available as a personalized plate in AZ, and isn't rejected due to "objectionable content". I'd get it, but I'm pretty sure they'd recall it within a month.

skirtsanis | April 4, 2017


Red Sage ca us | April 4, 2017

Frank99: Yeah... You have to make sure not to drive by members of the PTA that haven't seen 'Johnny Dangerously' (1984).

Furioso | April 5, 2017


Nah, nobody knows her in this part of the woods. Nevertheless, all my plates are personalized. Usually I use the ID's of the planes I fly and have the most fun with... :)

efodix | April 5, 2017

1701-D. It satisfies the local plate content format, so paying for it shouldn't cost too much.

rodneyrl414 | April 5, 2017


Tcloutier5890 | April 6, 2017


tedirelan | April 6, 2017

---ByeOil, Model E (because "forget" you Ford), LuvThis, 0260in6 (as in 0 to 60 in 6 seconds), and finally Tesla 3 (keeping it simple there).---

Also, here's a good link to a previous forum on this topic: