So, I did some searching of the html source code for my "My Telsa" page because I, like everyone, am desperate for any clues as to my delivery date. I obviously found my RN which is on the page anyway. I could not find the "Reservation ID" that has previously been discussed. However, I found a custid variable in the code. Anybody know if they assign us a customer ID (I would think that would be reasonable) and if it has anything to do with reservation or delivery order?

dsvick | April 4, 2017

No, no one here knows. Your customer id is probably just an auto-generated number based on when you first got registered in their system. Which could be when you placed your reservation, when you bought a model S, when you registered for the forums, when you signed up for a test drive, or any other reason. It almost certainly has no bearing on your reservation.

Frank99 | April 4, 2017

I agree with dsvick. I don't see a custid on the My Tesla page, but that doesn't mean much.

I can estimate your common_reservation_id if you tell me when you registered, but it won't tell you much. For example, if it turned out that you were the 112,137th person to reserve a model 3, you live in Kansas, you don't currently own a Tesla, and you're planning on ordering a fully-loaded Model 3 - when will you get invited to configure and when will your car be delivered? I've been following this for over a year, and I could give you my opinion of a 3-month window when you'd receive your car, but 10 other people on this board would give you 8 different 3-month windows, and tell you what idiots the other 9 people are.


RJMIII | April 4, 2017

Thanks guys (I think).

Frank99 | April 4, 2017

It's a bit of a frustrating experience, that really won't get much better until people start getting invited to configure and/or start getting delivery dates. Then there'll be a dozen armchair statisticians who'll start trying to figure out Tesla's algorithms and try to estimate configuration/delivery for people who don't know it yet.

Carl Thompson | April 4, 2017

We just need to wait. You'd think it would get easier with each passing day but for me the waiting gets harder the closer we get!


Frank99 | April 4, 2017

When I reserved, I thought "No problem, I won't see this car for two years, so I'll just forget about it and someday Tesla will send me a note to remind me".
Three months after the reveal, I thought "Crap, I am royally excited about getting this car by the end of next year. How am I ever going to make it to delivery day? I'll have to clear out the other half of the garage some time in the next year so I have some place to park it"
Six months after the reveal, I thought "The second reveal was kind of a let-down. I'll believe fully autonomy when I see it. But, man, I'll never make it to the third reveal in March - that's six whole months away".
Nine months after the reveal, I thought "Crap. Maybe a CPO Model S? Nah, none of the CPOs have AP. I'll make a second reservation just in case my wife likes the Model 3 too much and won't let me drive it. I really should have cleared out the garage when I was off over Christmas".
A year after the reveal, I thought "Hmm, no third reveal for another three months. How annoying. Better get the garage cleared out before summer hits and it's too hot to work in there."
15 months after the reveal I expect to think: "Wait for AWD and pay extra for it, or get RWD and a larger battery? I thought finding out the option packages and prices would make this easier, but it really didn't. I'd go out and clear out the garage, but it's too damned hot."
18 months after the reveal I expect to think: "I've checked six times today, and delivery is still scheduled for December 23. I really should get around to clearing out the garage now that the weather is getting cooler and I've only got 2 months to go.".
21 months after the reveal I expect to think "This is the coolest car I've ever owned. The time between putting down my deposit and getting the car seems like it flew by. Too bad I never got the garage cleaned out; one of these days my wife will forgive me for making her park her car in the driveway and let me sleep in the house."

Dawnjthomson | April 4, 2017

Im late to the game, registered March 31,2017. I live on the Westcoast, Vancouver, will that help my delivery date?

dsvick | April 4, 2017


With that late of a reservation, where you live will have very little impact, unlike with the early reservation holders. With the early ones they'll be making deliveries on the West coast first in order to have them closer to the factory as they ramp up production they'll ship deliveries East, followed by overseas and RHD countries.

By the time they get to your reservation they should be delivering all over the world so it would just be a matter of where you fall into the production queue. As a WAG I'd say you're looking at Q4 2018. But, I'm one of the other 9 people Frank mentioned. :)

Frank99 | April 4, 2017

dsvick isn't an idiot - but only because I agree with his delivery estimate for you. I was on a knife-edge between calling Q1 2019, v. Q4 2018, but fell on his side so we can stay on speaking terms....

Dawnjthomson | April 4, 2017

Ok backup plan have a friend of mine switch reservations with me.

KP in NPT | April 4, 2017

@Frank99 - but he's an idiot otherwise? LOL! ;-)

Frank99 | April 4, 2017

One can infer what one will from less than precise public statements - we're all really good at that here. ;)

Besides, I like dsvick. I'd never say something like that without beers in our hands.

M3forMe | April 4, 2017

@Dawnjthomson - I thought reservations are NOT transferable.

dsvick | April 5, 2017

@Frank99 - "dsvick isn't an idiot - but only because I agree with his delivery estimate for you"

@KP - " but he's an idiot otherwise?"

@Frank99 - " I'd never say something like that without beers in our hands"

Sounds like we're drinking beer soon and KP is buying!! Now to figure out where ...

Frank99 | April 5, 2017

M3forMe and Dawn -
They aren't transferable. There have been several threads where people have tried to figure out how to get around the rule, but I haven't seen a successful plan yet.