When will Model 3 be in showrooms?

When will Model 3 be in showrooms?

With production and ordering starting in a few months, when will we be able to see the Model 3 in the showrooms? I don't want to order without seeing and sitting in it (I'm 6'3") and would like to know more about and see the options in person before I order them with a non-refundable deposit.

bobinseattle | April 13, 2017

I don't know where you got the idea that the deposit is "non-refundable",...............but, that's not true. You have the option to change your mind and get your deposit back, by pushing the "refund" button on your home page.

Bob in Seattle

dsvick | April 13, 2017

No one knows for sure, there hasn't been anything official on it from Tesla except to say that it will be available in showrooms. Guesses and speculation here range from late July to September. Keep in mind though, if you don't already have a reservation you probably won't be able to get a test drive until all reservation holders have had the chance to do so. Which, depending on the location, could take several weeks to a month or more.

Red Sage ca us | April 13, 2017

My guess is that there will be demo cars for the Model ☰ in showrooms near someone on/about October 3, 2017 or sooner or later.

PhillyGal | April 13, 2017

I think summer actually. I was in a show room in Ohio (I think... it was a long travel day) Monday and I asked if the skateboard display is leaving soon.

He said yes and I just smiled, said "I wonder why..." in a rhetorical way and left it at that.

burdogg | April 13, 2017

@bobinseattle - he is talking about the deposit he will have to put down when he actually orders the car, that deposit is not refundable after 1 week of placing the order. Right now - it is just a reservation. :)

Red Sage ca us | April 13, 2017

PhillyGal: Yes. A very good point. I hadn't considered that the skateboard chassis was not only a means to educate, but also a placeholder position within Tesla Stores. Exciting!

Haggy | April 13, 2017

First of all, a reservation is fully refundable, but a deposit on a purchase is refundable only for about a week or so. When the car finally ends up at showrooms, it will be only those who have a reservation who will get to see and test drive them, and only when invited to do so. There are 400,000 reservations and Tesla can't afford to spend the time showing the car to anybody without one, or even somebody whose car isn't close to being built.

Even when they are being built and are available for test drives for reservation holders who were invited to test drive them, anybody without a reservation still won't be able to put down a purchase deposit. You'd have to put down a reservation. I'd suggest doing so now, since you could cancel it once the car is on the road and you've seen pictures and read reviews. If you wait until then to put down a reservation, it will take longer to get the car.

AZ Fan | April 13, 2017

Would love to even able to actually sit in one soon after the July reveal. Fingers crossed for sometime in September.

bobinseattle | April 13, 2017

Hi burdogg,

Thanks for the explanation on that deposit issue. What do you think the deposit will be $$$ ???? Not that it really matters.

Bob in Seattle

Captain_Zap | April 13, 2017

It is the same $1000. It just converts from a reservation to a deposit when you configure the car and sign a MVPA.

noleaf4me | April 13, 2017

Now that Musk said reval #3 will be in July -- I would say definitely after that time. I would expect Tesla would want at least 1 at all of their showrooms so people could check it out....not sure if they would allow test drives though as I'd want it inside and clean if I was Tesla. My bet is you will see some in late August / September.

Frank99 | April 13, 2017

I agree - 100+ cars sent to 100+ showrooms to be "floor queens", not test drive floggers. Wouldn't surprise me if they had a traveling show - groups of 6-8 Model 3's on a transporter going from city to city for test drives.

Red Sage ca us | April 13, 2017

There were about 100 Tesla Stores/Galleries in the U.S. at the beginning of 2017. At 1,000 units per week, it would take only 5% of one month's output to provide two examples of Model 3, one for the showroom, another for test drives, for every location. That's 200 out of 4,000. And 5% of 1,000 units would be 50 cars per week. When Production reached 2,000 cars per week, those 50 units would be only 2.5% of the output. And at 4,000 built per week, 50 units would be a miniscule amount, only 1.25% of Production. This would not be hard to do, even if Tesla decided to have three cars per Store, and four Loaners per Service Center by year end. The fact that Model 3 is meant to be a mass market vehicle makes this both easier to accomplish and more necessary than with Model S and Model X. Those cars would certainly end up being sold as 'new' Inventory cars. And having them on site will help to sell other cars.

NKYTA | April 13, 2017

OP, July 2017.

Bighorn | April 13, 2017

+1 Captain Zap

Ross1 | April 14, 2017

Red Sage: Why should they?
Unnecessary expense.
We dont need to pay for no show ponies

Red Sage ca us | April 14, 2017

Ross: The public must be able to see for themselves evidence that Tesla is a 'Real Car Company', that is building a full line of products, above and beyond the protests of Naysayers who claim they are a sham, a fly-by-night organization, a Ponzi scheme or other inaccurate but highly quoted and oft-repeated deriding terms. Whatever it takes to prove they are just as substantial in the Real World as their presence on the internet. Not a fantasy, mirage, a dream, a fib, or an outright lie as detractors have, do, and will continue to insist. Such an 'expense' for inventory that will eventually be sold anyway, is much less than advertising costs in the long run. Besides, local newscasters and morning shows across the U.S. will certainly flock to their local Tesla Stores/Galleries to see what all the fuss is about, thereby getting the word out to even those who don't use the Internet that something new and different is in the offing. A lot easier to accommodate their constant stream of requests when the product can be seen at a convenient location. It is about mind share and public opinion more so than drumming up business. But, you knew all this already.

Fast Girl | April 14, 2017

I guess I have to wait longer than I thought. I really want to see the model 3 before I buy one. I originally wanted an S or an X, but I don't like to finance cars and those are much more than I want to spend.
Patiently waiting for showroom demo.

Captain_Zap | April 14, 2017

Everyone, except the first several hundred eager owners, got to drive the Model S before ordering their cars. They were offering drives in Release Candidates and Betas, so they were not made of the final materials and varied slightly in construction. The final product was improved.

Carl Thompson | April 14, 2017

I'm OK buying it without seeing it first. It'll be my commute and around town car and I already know all I need to know about it (range, Tesla quality).


SamO | April 14, 2017

I thought you already had a skoda and BMW and Volt for "around town"?


Carl Thompson | April 14, 2017

SamO, what is wrong with you? You go into phases where you are just ridiculous.

noleaf4me | April 14, 2017

Sam - Carl -- are you too secretly lovers?

akgolf | April 14, 2017

That would be Eagles and Carl.

SamO | April 14, 2017


I have no secret lovers. All mine are out in public. See Page Six.

kaffine | April 14, 2017

I'm hoping that when they do the final reveal in July they will announce that there is a M3 in every showroom in the US. I wouldn't bet on that but am hoping. I am hoping the M3 they have been testing are actually employees getting to test drive the car before finalizing their orders. Then again I am an optimist.

Only issue I see with them announcing the M3 is in every showroom is that the line the next day will be longer than the lines they had when they started taking reservations.

Carl Thompson | April 14, 2017

"Sam - Carl -- are you too secretly lovers?"

Yes, but not with each other.


WormtownKris | April 14, 2017

@Ross and @Red: I am 100% ready to go sight unseen. But this reservation will replace my wife's 11 year old CUV. She needs to see that it's not "too small" before we can click "Order" or "Buy". I think the test drive will do the trick. If we had to configure without seeing the car live, we (I?) might have to opt out and wait till the Model Y. There will be a certain percentage in that initial ~400K or so reservations that will similarly need to see the Model 3 in the flesh. And it will become much more important as this rolls out to the masses- those behind the first day reservations.....

Red Sage ca us | April 15, 2017

I strongly suspect that three cars on the market sport cabins and luggage compartments that are larger and more useful than most Tesla Model 3 competitors. Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, and Hyundai Elantra. Of those the Civic should be the most spacious, and compared to AUDI A4, BMW 3-Series, and Mercedes-Benz C-Class it should seem rather cavernous. I expect the Model 3 will be even moreso.

M3forMe | April 15, 2017

We have a 2015 Civic and 2009 Corolla so I would like to see how much bigger (spacious) the Model 3 will be. Can't wait to see it in person @ a show room or road show.

JeffreyR | April 15, 2017

I'm big like you, but am not worried at all. One of the reveal videos features a Tesla driver that was 6'5" and he had the seat at 3/4 back. We re-posted them a few weeks back referring to the dashboard.

@Frank99 may be right about the first chance we get to drive (traveling road show like S/X). But, @Red Sage makes an excellent point about how many more cars will be available to distribute to Galleries.

Red Sage ca us | April 15, 2017

I think the largest of the 'entry level luxury' class of vehicles is the Infiniti Q50, when it comes to cabin and luggage volume. It is the sole vehicle among them that is EPA classified as Midsize, if I remember correctly. That would be another to check for size, utility, and comfort in anticipation of Model 3.

Haggy | April 15, 2017

"Only issue I see with them announcing the M3 is in every showroom is that the line the next day will be longer than the lines they had when they started taking reservations."

We know from experience what they did with the Model X. Test drives were only for reservation holders who were ready to configure. That was already a full time job for people at those showrooms. With the Model 3, ramp up will be faster, so they will need more test drives per week and the staff will be swamped just by taking care of those waiting in line to configure when their turn comes up. It would delay production if they gave test drives to anybody else because it would keep those who need to configure from getting test drives. Tesla would gain nothing in the process. They'd have to make extra cars and hire more people even though they'd get no more sales out of it. As long as the queue is longer than what Tesla can manufacture, Tesla won't gain revenue. Once Tesla gets the backlog down to three weeks, then they can worry about giving test drives to people without reservations.

Frank99 | April 15, 2017

News Flash! I wandered into the Tempe showroom today and...
No Model 3s.

They had a whole parking lot full of X's and S's - 20-30 of them - but not a single Model 3, and no idea when they'd get one. Darn.

Carl Thompson | April 16, 2017

"News Flash! I wandered into the Tempe showroom today and...
No Model 3s."

Patience, grasshopper.

Frank99 | April 17, 2017

"Patience my tushy, I wanna drive a Model 3!"

jordanrichard | April 17, 2017

It's going to be difficult for Tesla to display their full range of vehicles in their mall stores, where there is just space for 2 cars. I can only suspect that Tesla will at some point abandon the mall store fronts and move on to "main st" in full size showrooms.

jman | April 17, 2017

I think this summer also. Let us think about this, they sold 115,000 vehicles to people BEFORE they even SAW the car !!!! That means when people can sit in, touch, experience the vehicle there will continue to be a wait for this vehicle.
They want the people who are holding reservation so see and touch what they will be getting !!