roof/roof rack

roof/roof rack

I know this question is purely one that asks for speculation as nobody knows. Given that, I want to ask if folks think a potential roof rack (we don't even know if that exists) would be compatible with a panoramic roof. I would doubt it, but if I could get a model 3 with a panoramic roof and a roof rack I would be thrilled. I would highly doubt it though, but am curious what others think.

KP in NPT | April 14, 2017

On the model S a pano roof is required if you want a roof rack. So I would not be surprised if it is the same for the 3. But we'll have to see once they release final specs.

graham.balch | April 14, 2017

KP - thank you, that was very helpful. Surprising and very helpful.

KP in NPT | April 14, 2017

The pano roof is the only option with the receptacles for the rack. Which is why we got it. :)

topher | April 14, 2017

"On the model S a pano roof is required if you want a roof rack."

This strikes me as a bug. I can't help but expect that they will think so too, and will have fixed it.

Thank you kindly.

Mike83 | April 14, 2017

There are several manufacters of roof racks. The market will respond.