Tesla Expands Destination Charging Network - Electrek

Tesla Expands Destination Charging Network - Electrek

SamO | April 15, 2017

"Tesla’s Supercharger network is by far the most exciting of the company’s two charging networks since it’s faster and enables long-distance travel, but the Destination Charging network also plays an important role in Tesla’s EV infrastructure. It’s clear that the company is betting on it since the network grew 25% globally over the past 3 months alone – to now over 5,000 locations."

While Tesla’s Supercharger network is made of DC fast-charging stations for long distance driving, the Destination Charging network consists level 2 chargers, more specifically the ‘Tesla Wall Connector’, installed at restaurants and hotels to charge once Tesla owners arrive at their destination, hence the name.

Under the Destination Charging program, Tesla offers the first 2 chargers for free or heavily discounted as long as they are installed in a “visible or convenient location”. Hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and resorts participating in the program have to cover the electricity cost and Tesla includes the businesses in its available charging locations in its trip planner. That way, businesses can more easily get Tesla owners to stop by and Tesla can expand the network in a capital efficient way.

Tesla launched it April 2016 with 150 locations and in just 12 months, it now covers most of west and central Europe. For example, Switzerland went from 58 to 115 Destination charging stations over the last quarter. The small country is now almost completely covered by the network Places like Germany, France, and Spain are also taking advantage of the network and have almost doubled their number of stations since January.

At the unveiling of the Model 3 last year and in preparation for its market introduction, CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla plans to double the number of Superchargers to 7,000 units and quadruple the number of Destination chargers to 15,000 units by the end of 2017.

The company seems on its way to achieving those goals since Tesla has now 5,339 Superchargers in operation and considering Destination Charging locations generally have at least 2 chargers, the network is likely over 10,000 chargers with its 5,020 locations at this point.

SamO | April 15, 2017


tedirelan | April 15, 2017

I love that some of the superchargers are at gas stations. I don't have a link for that,but I remember reading an article about it.