Why I Reserved A Model 3

Why I Reserved A Model 3


This past Saturday (4/15) I reserved my spot in line to buy a Model 3. I'm quite sure that, for at least a few milliseconds, I was the last person in line worldwide and maybe I still am.

Coming so late to the game, and having finally done it, I thought I'd share the reasons why I think someone would make a reservation like I did. I think you could pick any one of the three reasons below, but I suspect many, like me, actually view the decision as a combination of all three.

1. You're a tech-nerd and you've always wanted an electric car.

To me, Tesla is offering a compelling value proposition. Good performance and range, combined with a commitment to the infrastructure to support it. It will have advanced connectivity, over the air software updates, and the ability for full-autopilot (someday). When you look back at Science Fiction movies from the 70s - 80s and see their vision of an exciting world in the year 2000 and beyond, it seems like a Tesla would fit right in.

2. You believe the climate is changing and we've got to find alternative ways to get around.

I was impressed that Elon opened his presentation in the now-year-old announcement video by first talking about the climate. I think this is a real problem and we have to do something about it. I had a friend tell me once that, "The amount of complexity in your life is directly proportional to the number of cylinders in your life..." He was right. Think about it. 2 x cars; lawn mower; leaf/snow blower; maybe a boat, it all starts to add up. Frankly, I'm tired to tending to noisy, dirty gasoline engines and I'm ready to do something to leave them behind and support the advancing tech.

3. You're impressed with Elon's broad vision (both Tesla and Space-X).

I read an investment blog once that said, "You don't invest in companies, you invest in people." Autonomous electric cars, solar energy generation, advanced battery tech, re-usable rockets, visions of getting to Mars, even hyperloop! You name it. I find the bold vision and the willingness to challenge the traditional ways of doing things to be quite compelling. I looked hard at the Chevy Bolt (a very capable EV). In the end, I became convinced that Chevy just wanted to sell me a car. With Tesla, it feels like I'm buying an experience. Something that actually fits into a larger vision.

Anyway, I'm really happy to be joining the revolution, even if I am the last one in line :-)

El Mirio | April 17, 2017

@Goezke, i had very similar reasons. The only thing i might ad is the ability to have your house charge your car, essentially i get to convert my house into a "gas station", very cool!

SamO | April 17, 2017

Yup. +1 Welcome to Tesla Time.

PhillyGal | April 17, 2017


Elizabets07 | April 17, 2017

Congratulation! And what an exquisite wait it is...

Elizabets07 | April 17, 2017

Add an "s" to that!

Elizabets07 | April 17, 2017

Add an "s" to that!

KP in NPT | April 17, 2017

Congrats and happy waiting!

rsvalesen | April 17, 2017

None of the above - my wife was curious so we put down 1K. She said she would rather have another since the communication from Musk has been so poor (in my mind). I'll probably wait to cancel until
after the so-called final reveal.

Frank99 | April 17, 2017

All your reasons, plus El Mirio's (but not rsvalesen's).

carlk | April 17, 2017

Yes you got it. You're buying an experience. As a MS owner I can assure you this experience will be an important part of your like. Welcome to the club.

noleaf4me | April 17, 2017

Welcome Geo -- and I'm sure you are not last any longer.

Be ready to wait 2 years though -- my guess is there are somewhere around 600k reservations out there.

Geozeke | April 17, 2017

Thanks! Two years is probably about right, but we'll see. The site told me to expect to be able to take delivery in mid-2018 or later, so I'm figuring on 18-24 mons. Read an article that said Tesla expects to produce 10,000 cars per week once they hit full rate production, but that probably also includes MS, MX. In the meantime I can save my pennies towards the purchase. I'm looking forward to a chance to schedule a test drive.

Garyeop | April 17, 2017

Bravo Zulu @Geozeke

Frank99 | April 17, 2017

Just to bring you up to speed on production....

Elon stated in the last Annual report conference call (the quarterly report conference calls are interesting to listen to; the next one is scheduled for May 3 (My Birthday!) ), that suppliers had been told to expect orders for 1000 / week for July, 2000 / week for August, 4000 / week for Sept, and that they expected to hit 5000 / week before the end of the year, and 10000 / week sometime in 2018. You can put those numbers in your crystal ball and make guesses about when you might get yours, and be about as accurate as the other prognosticators on here. I'm guessing that they'll hit 50-60K deliveries in 2017, and 300-350K in 2018.

accentcreate | April 17, 2017

I am impatiently waiting for a Model 3 simply because the S and X are just too big. I just hope my current car can hang in that long.

JuJo0 | April 18, 2017

Welcome to the club, Geozeke!! :) Just curious, where is it that you're located? Production is also based on geography as well as many other factors.

Geozeke | April 18, 2017


I'm in Maryland. According to the M3 FAQ:

"Once production begins, we will begin deliveries in North America starting on the West Coast, moving east. As we continue to ramp production, we will begin deliveries in Europe, APAC and right-hand drive markets."

Looks like I'm at the end of the North American line. Oh well :-)

Frank99 | April 18, 2017

You'll feel better by September, when you'll be able to look behind you and see a line stretching into the distance. Once the Model 3 starts hitting the showrooms, and people start driving them on the streets, there's going to be a lot more reservations made.

Haggy | April 18, 2017

Those of us who got in line much earlier will get our cars first. There might be a few issues to debug that they will work out by the time yours is made. And chances are the software won't be completely ready. That's especially true for FSD, which could take another year or more of refinements. Then new features will come along and we will wait for software updates. Hopefully, by the time you get your car, all these things will be worked out. In the mean time, the rest of us will be waiting too. We'll have something to keep us busy in the interim though.

Geozeke | April 18, 2017

Exciting times!

cpkaranjkar | April 18, 2017

I booked mine on April 13. I live in Los Angeles so not sure if that somehow helps me in the delivery date but I have a Civic that will last me at least 2 years more so I will be ready when for M3 when it comes out. Also I am excited to join the Tesla family.

dsvick | April 18, 2017

@Geozeke - "Looks like I'm at the end of the North American line."

Actually, by the time you get to configure and place your order they'll be producing for and delivering to the entire country. The West to East will most likely only be for the first 4 - 6 months or so. At that point they should be producing enough that they'll be able to ship all over the country.

Bluesday Afternoon | April 18, 2017


Glad to hear your plugging in to Tesla's world.