Hitch Rack??

Hitch Rack??

Since model 3 will be a smaller car it would be nice to see a hitch rack mount on it to be able to mount a mtb on to the back. Or will you be able to use one universal bike car racks...? The same goes for winter gear.

KP in NPT | April 18, 2017

EM has said there will be towing option. Likely also a roof rack option. As for universal bike racks for the back we'll have to wait and see. Some work better on some cars rather than others.

KP in NPT | April 18, 2017

There will be towing per Elon Musk.

Ignore the troll.

Civicrick | April 18, 2017

There will be RWD with towing right away

Civicrick | April 18, 2017

It was discontinued on the S line because nobody ordered it. People who can afford a S generally pay others to move things or use the appropriate ICE vehicle (like launching a boat). Originally you said the 3 would not offer towing at all because it would not have an air suspension. Now you say it will have towing. I think the problem here is that you have a problem admitting when youre wrong

tstolz | April 18, 2017

Just for the record, my MS didn't come with a towing option ... but I installed a hitch anyway and use it for a bike-rack. Works great and you can't even tell that it is there.

I expect M3 will come with a hitch as an option since that is what Elon said. Either way you'll be able to use a hitch rack.

KP in NPT | April 18, 2017

The problem is he deliberately spreads misinformation because he's a troll.

So many lies he can't keep them straight. Astroturfing is tough.

Civicrick | April 18, 2017

Eagles spoke of 3rd party towing accessories. Real caution should be used with that kind of equipment. And the people who install it. Drilling holes in a brand new car could be voiding certain clauses in the warranty. Are the light circuits on a Tesla so different from modern ICE vehicles with LED lighting? I wouldn't be surprised if theyre not but again, having the work done by non-certified Tesla might have you paying for an electronic repair that would otherwise have been covered under warranty. What if on the 3 trailer wiring requires a dedicated wire run from a fuse block in the front of the car? I would rather have the guys assembling the car running the wires thru the proper channels and holes before the carpet and interior panels and such go in. I just feel anyone who is thinking "I'll add it later" may want to re-think.

SamO | April 18, 2017

Enter well-known YouTuber and Tesla Model S owner KmanAuto, who decided to take a generator he’d recently sold to its new owner by towing it behind his 60 kilowatt-hour Tesla Model S.

Back in May, he purchased a specialist Eco Hitch from Washington-based Torklift Central. Available for a wide range of plug-in cars, including the Tesla Model S, the EcoHitch gives the Tesla Model S basic towing functionality in the U.S., despite the fact the car was never originally intended for that purpose.

dsvick | April 18, 2017

I don't need towing but an accessory hitch would be great. I assume if towing is definitely an option then the accessory one will be as well.

Captain_Zap | April 18, 2017
EVMan | April 18, 2017

I hope the hitch will be a reasonable option as I have a platform style bike rack. If not I'll look at Torklift Central. I put a hitch from them on my Chevy Volt. No drilling required. They design their hitches to use existing holes in the frame. Had a local cap and hitch shop mount it for $60.00.

Civicrick | April 18, 2017

Good to know! I put a hitch on an old Camry once and since the energy absorbing bumpers couldn't support it one had to drill holes in the trunk pan. It would be nice if Tesla also installed a way to plug in the trailer harness without having to splice any wires. Sometimes its just cheaper to add something to all the cars as opposed to just some. Something I thought about is if some kind of converter is needed for the incandescent lighting on the trailer. If so, does it become parasitic when not in use? If it did, I wouldn't think it would be much but, ya know, every little bit... I wonder if the Tesla wiring would avoid needing one (if needed at all). Eh! Not enough info at this point I guess but I'll have a year or so to find out after production starts

julien.borrel | April 18, 2017

Being french, I was a bit at lost at first. What the hell was a hitch rack ? I thought for a brief moment that it would be where one would hang the skins of the hitch-hikers he drove over and thought "neat !", then I understood it has something to do with bikes. And those are my mortal ennemy, riding a bike being some sort of a sport. What a disappointment !

Civicrick | April 19, 2017

The drilling issue was already addressed. No drilling needed. If you cant tow with it then why does EM call it "towing option"