A visit to the Psychotherapist on the Model 3.

A visit to the Psychotherapist on the Model 3.

As we are getting close to the start of production, I have seen so many positive and negative posts, FUDs, etc. What I would like to have is a thread for folks to voice their opinions. These are Not FUDs. Just opinions! It just like you are going to see your favorite Psychotherapist. As you sat in that recliner, you can say whatever you want on the Model 3. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We will take the good/the bad and have a intelligence discussion.

So here we go -

I love the outside look. The new front is much better than the Alpha. I'm not sure about the dashboard as the Mrs. might not like the minimalist concept but not a deal breaker. Will have to take a test drive before finalize my config. Silver is my 1st choice as we don't have a silver car yet with Blue as a close 2nd. I'm very excited for the final reveal. I like to know the cost for the upgrades so I can see what can I get with my budget. Love to get EAP. BTW, have you seen the new features rolling out today on AP2?

ReD eXiLe ms us | June 16, 2017

50 cents sez this post will attract FUD in 3... 2... 1...

noleaf4me | June 16, 2017

Even though I did not think I would.....I kinda like the blue as well. Already have a white and silver car. If not the blue -- then maybe black (but I'm not an avid car washer,,,,)

tstolz | June 16, 2017

I'm hoping it will be offered in pear white .. otherwise I'll probably go silver too. I love the red, but my MS is red. I'll get this car without bothering to test drive it too .. Tesla makes really good cars!

redacted | June 16, 2017

My opinion is that the world would be a better place if Lima Beans had never existed.

Coastal Cruiser. | June 16, 2017

"A visit to the Psychotherapist on the Model 3"

Well you got me there. I suppose if you drive on the Model 3, your favorite Psychotherapist office is a reasonable destination. I'd hate to have to choose my favorite though. They're all so helpful.

"What I would like to have is a thread for folks to voice their opinions"
I nominate this post as a sticky.

eeb9 | June 16, 2017

Ack. I just hit the save button, only to be told that I had to log in again. And of course my post is lost somewhere out in the ether...

So, first things first... Tesla - fix the freaking forum posting system, dammit!

Iwantmy3 | June 16, 2017

The outside of the car looks fantastic.
The performance specs look fantastic.
The size of the car is exactly what I was looking for.
Very much looking forward to receiving the "3"
Agree with OP on dashboard/interior

Still torn on the colour. Probably red but Blue looked really good on an "S" I saw yesterday. I currently have two black cars. Done with that.

eeb9 | June 16, 2017

Now, let me see if I can remember all. Y cleverly-phrased points... hmmm. Screw it. I'll start over.

Exterior. Love it. Y'all fixed the nose and the trunk opening, so ya get good marks. It's still not a hatch, but I'll deal with it so long as I can fit my cabinet humidor through the back doors and onto the folded-down rear seat. Ditto my inflatable kayak and the folding bike I just saw a friend pull out of *his* trunk.

Can the Frunk be refrigerated! Looks a perfect size for a six-pack, a few wine bottles or a picnic lunch...

Colors? No freakin' clue. Not black, not white, not red or silver or blue. How about a non-metallic gray? Or ivory white. Maybe a rich hunter green... dunno.

Interior? Not sold on on what I've seen. I prefer curves over straight lines inside my cars, even though I actually prefer them elsewhere. Yeah, I'm inconsistent. You won't care. I prefer cloth over leather, though - cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and the back of my legs don't stick to it when I sit down in shorts or a swimsuit.

Back seat? I really wish it would just go away. Don't want it, don't need it. Let me replace it with a level extension of the trunk and put a storage cubby (again, refrigerated) in the footwell.

Roof? Solar, please. With the ability to mount some sort of shade inside. I've had bad experiences driving inside a solar oven in summer, so I'm a bit leery of that much glass.

Performance? Yep. Uh-huh. I want to eat BMW and Audi their ilk for breakfast, whether it's down at the autocross, track day at Road Atlanta or the Tail of the Dragon. I want Cameros and Mustangs to slink away in shame, and for my asshat neighbor with his tricked-out civic to just shut the hell up.

Charging? Yep. From whatever source is available. I o,lots of places far away from the Supercharger network and I need to be able to use whatever is available at Joes bait shop and barbecue there by the river.

I'm sure there's more, but these are the high points - thanks for asking!

eeb9 | June 16, 2017

Oh, yeah - the HUD. Yes, pleas. Mounted at the TOP of the windshield, even with the rear-view. Thank you.

mntlvr23 | June 16, 2017

Where to begin?
Well, to start at the beginning, the anxiety seems to have begun in kindergarten, when my mom was the only parent who insisted and staying in the room with the children. She would sit behind me, and wear matching clothes whenever she could. It did not take long for the children to start making fun of me. By middle school the torment was unbearable. Needless to say, my wedding night was awkward.

Sandy’s 3 | June 16, 2017

My first one was great. Second one was awkward. But I gotta say, thirds a charm!

Not sure what the next colour will be....

bernard.holbrook | June 16, 2017

I like the style of the rear of the car but I'm neutral to the front.

I like the range and the supercharger network,

I don't mind the dash except for the missing instrument cluster or HUD. Either would have done.

I am really disappointed at how small the cargo capacity is (14 cu ft) combined with the lack of a hatch. We wanted to stay as a one car household so this a potential deal breaker. At least it has a cargo hitch available for the bike rack...

Colours look fine to me... Blue? Sig Red? Black? not sure.

noleaf4me | June 17, 2017

Has anyone else gotten any emails from Tesla since you made your deposit? It has been radio silence for me. It seems as if the "my Tesla" page updates from time to time -- but I would have expected an email once in a while.

mntlvr -- you're a trip.....

mntlvr23 | June 17, 2017

I just got my first Tesla email in a long time yesterday:

Autopilot Updates
We just released the latest version of Autopilot. You can now experience Enhanced Autopilot features including Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, Autosteer, Auto Lane Change, Parallel + Perpendicular Autopark, and Summon. Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward + Side Collision Warning, and more advanced safety features are also active and standard.

All Tesla vehicles have the hardware needed for full self-driving capability at a safety level substantially greater than that of a human driver. And Tesla vehicles continue to improve with over-the-air software updates, introducing new features and improving existing functionality to make your vehicle safer and more capable over time.

5-Star Safety Rating
This week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) awarded Model X a 5-star safety rating in every category and sub-category, making it the first SUV to ever earn a 5-star rating across the board.

In addition, NHTSA’s independent testing proved that Model X has the lowest probability of injury of any SUV it has ever tested and overall second, only to Model S.

At Tesla, we are committed to building the safest cars on the road while accelerating the future of sustainable energy.

Referral Program with Free, Unlimited Supercharging
We updated our Referral Program to allow Tesla owners to give five friends free, unlimited Supercharging, along with $1,000 in credit toward a new Model S or Model X. As a thank you, owners with one referral will receive a drivable Tesla Model S for Kids. Other awards include a set of four 21” forged-aluminum Arachnid wheels, a Founders Series Powerwall 2, and a VIP invitation for two to our Tesla Semi Truck Unveil Event. Check out the full program details here.

Xerogas | June 17, 2017

Tesla has reached Apple status for me: new product? TAKE MY MONEY! And the more I see of the interior, the more excited I get about sitting in that zen-like experience with nothing but glass and visibility everywhere. I have an MS40 now, so M3 will be a huge upgrade for me (for less money): lots more range, autopilot, TACC, supercharging, all-glass roof. Sure, a hatch would be nice, but everything else makes up for that, and I'll probably hang a bike carrier off the back instead of contorting myself and bikes into the hatch of my current MS40 anyway.

topher | June 17, 2017

"the HUD. Yes, pleas. Mounted at the TOP of the windshield, even with the rear-view. "

How would that work? Can you draw a side view light path diagram?

Thank you kindly.

topher | June 17, 2017

I am looking for a practical electric vehicle. While the beauty of the Model 3 is a huge win, I would probably buy one without that. I was initially not fully excited about the front, but the new front fixes all the problems I saw. The lines are nice all around. Wish there was a hatchback. It may be my family's only car, so it needs to do everything, so a trailer hitch would be nice, and ability to carry 20 1x4s 10 feet long. I don't expect any other options than that, unless money falls from the sky. Color: Green (or black if no green), black chrome if a choice, black cloth interior (prefer cloth over leather even if the same price). Love the minimal dash (I do hope there is a dark wood for that bit). My sole concern with the single screen is EAP data with progressive eye glasses, that will have to wait to be seen in person. Seats look comfortable, but will need a test drive. Will probably get FSD as soon as driverless cars are possible, and put the car out to help the local elderly population. I got excited about a HUD, but have never even seen one, so can survive. I am used to having the speedometer in the center (but up under the windshield wipers), which is an ideal place, hopefully having it closer won't be a problem with aforementioned eye-wear, and closer focus.

Thank you kindly.

patswin | June 17, 2017

I don't mind that Elon is offering free supercharging just for s&x. I think if you can upgrade you should go for it as I think the s&x is more gratifying. Does not mean I am not interested in having a 3some day!

eeb9 | June 17, 2017


Top-mounted HUD requires a small pice of glass and a bit of electronics that can split cleanly of the wiring that they likely already have in the rear-view mirror. The lens could even be integrated into the windshield glass directly, but that would cost a bit more. HUDs don't have to be bulky - they're just a small, transparent LCD screen, and the computer that drives it can be *anywhere* in the car.

The Navdy is bulky because it is a self-contained unit. A Built-in HUD can be all but invisible, with the information just appearing to float in space in front of the driver

topher | June 17, 2017


If you are talking about one of the screen-included-HUDs, mounted at the top of the windshield, that sounds horrible to me. It would be closer to my face, within 1 foot, (making focusing even worse than the central display) plus it would require more eye/head movement, especially since close vision comes at the bottom of my glasses, so I would straining my neck just to read it. And using the visor would block it.

Thank you kindly

eeb9 | June 17, 2017

Topher - not talking about that. This would be at the same height and distance as the rear-view. If integrated into the windshield glass, it would be a few inches further away.

I'm *not* talking about one of the bulky add-ons - I agree with you that one of those hanging down in front of me would just be nasty

bernard.holbrook | June 17, 2017

@topher: Militaries have been using HUDs for decades. HUDs work very well, probably better than you think if you've never used one.

topher | June 17, 2017

"This would be at the same height and distance as the rear-view. If integrated into the windshield glass, it would be a few inches further away."

That IS what I am talking about. The rear-view is at the same height as the visor. It is also much closer to the driver than a HUD on the dash. I can't get close focus on something in that location without straining my neck.

No one is talking about bulky things here, I am only talking about location.

"Militaries have been using HUDs for decades."

I am pretty sure that militaries aren't using small screens hanging down from the top of car windshields, which is what we are discussing here.

Thank you kindly.

eeb9 | June 17, 2017

A well-designed HUD sits at your infinite focus point such that the images appear to simply float in midair.

That's what we're talking about. With a good HUD, you should never have to feel like you're looking at it at all. It's just there, naturally in your field of view

ReD eXiLe ms us | June 17, 2017

A couple of people here have accused me of being 'passive aggressive' in my posts recently. It is not as if that hasn't happened before, but I've never understood the term. It makes me wonder... Would they honestly prefer I was 'active aggressive' instead, and why would they want anyone to be 'passive submissive'...? I'm pretty sure that I am not bound to anyone as a slave or servant. Meh. I'll probably just continue to ignore such terms, which apparently mean nothing at all. You know, like 'family values' and 'middle class' -- just a couple of words thrown together to elicit a mental image that someone creates themselves, so that the speaker/writer doesn't have to actually explain themselves at all.

topher | June 17, 2017

"With a good HUD, you should never have to feel like you're looking at it at all. It's just there, naturally in your field of view"

But that doesn't apply as I have said three times now, to a HUD suspended from the top of the window. Go out to your car. Flip down the visor. Point the tip of your nose at the middle of the visor. *That* is what it would take for me to read the HUD put there. And now that your visor is down, imagine how you are going to see the HUD with it in the way.

In case I am not being clear here, I was a proponent of a HUD, when it looked to be a possibility. But that was for a HUD which displayed on the windshield in the driving field of view, with a long light path so the focus appears far out in the field.

Thank you kindly.

bernard.holbrook | June 17, 2017

@topher - I'm saying that the technology for HUD is mature. All that would be needed is to design and engineer it correctly for the model 3. Any experienced engineer in that field could do it.

Is eeb9 says, the display floats in front of you. You see the information when you want and you don't see it when you don't. HUDs are a thing of beauty; too bad you've never used one cause you'd be calling for one too if you did.

bernard.holbrook | June 17, 2017

Definition from google. com:

adjective: passive-aggressive

of or denoting a type of behavior or personality characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others and an avoidance of direct confrontation, as in procrastinating, pouting, or misplacing important materials.

ReD eXiLe ms us | June 17, 2017

bernard.holbrook: Heh. ... 'indirect resistance' ... 'avoidance of direct confrontation' ... HA!

That 'definition' does not apply to me in the slightest. I am honest, straightforward, direct, and to the point. I do my best to be tactful and respectful at all times, but I always speak my mind. I've learned that some people consider that 'confrontational', while simultaneously being blind to their own confrontational nature. I believe that people who call me 'passive aggressive' indeed would prefer I was submissive -- no. That ain't gonna happen. Ever. So there. Nah, nah, na-nah, naaah! ;-)

eeb9 | June 17, 2017

Red - I prefer the direct approach. I appreciate that about you.

I sometimes wonder why we argue, but that's a whole different question... ;-)

MarlonBrown | June 17, 2017

Simple design. Proportional. Original design. Front resembles a Porsche/Bettle which clearly is more unique than 90% of the boxy looking cars out there.

I really appreciate the clean and simple design. One potential issue: quality and craftsmanship is way behind Benz or BMW.

ReD eXiLe ms us | June 17, 2017

eeb9: You and I don't 'argue' with each other... We have discussions with each other, in which we both argue the validity of our positions. Nothing wrong with that at all, and I truly appreciate you for helping us all to pass the time!

MarlonBrown | June 17, 2017

One more point that I am worried: does it include LED/lights on door controls? I think those details make it us feel special.

ReD eXiLe ms us | June 17, 2017

MarlonBrown: No! Please don't remind me of the Porsche/Beetle vehicles...! Agh! My mental eye! ;-)

Considering how people who have seen the exterior of Model ☰ during daylight and in person have responded rather favorably, especially after the recent VIP Event at Fremont... I am even more certain that any concerns about interior fit, finish, quality, and craftsmanship will be entirely negated upon release of Model ☰. It will be 'good enough' to be a match for AUDI, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz offerings in the $30,000 to $45,000 price range. It just won't be as 'traditional' as those, or Lexus, Cadillac, or Lincoln vehicles when it comes to 'luxury'. What you see, touch, smell, handle, and use will all be of top notch materials among those contemporaries.

Rutrow | June 17, 2017

The focal point on a HUD isn't at infinite distance, it's at the distance reflected from the display. If the reflector is 3' from your eyes and 6" from the display, the apparent focal distance will be 3 1/2'. That's the problem with the visor area HUD. If the glass is a foot in front of your eyes the display would have to be a foot and a half behind your head to achieve the same apparent focal distance as aforementioned. The display would have to be installed in a weird spot behind you and would then necessitate adjustability for different sized drivers. Adjustability would introduce instability which would make the image wobble, which is terribly annoying. A high mounted HUD is a great idea, but it's impractical.

topher | June 17, 2017

"too bad you've never used one cause you'd be calling for one too if you did."

Please get with the conversation. Reading comprehension isn't optional.

Thank you kindly.

MarlonBrown | June 17, 2017

I meant that the car is not the same old boxy type. In my opinion it somewhat resembles a Porsche. Still original though.

noleaf4me | June 18, 2017

Please everyone forget the HUD - not happening

18" or 19" wheels? I'm not sure there is a huge difference so I'll likely stick with the 18' unless the 19" rims our out of this world.....the blue is really growing on me.....

noleaf4me | June 18, 2017

I finally got a note from Tesla saying that as an early reservation holder I will be invited to configure sometime between now and early 2018.....

Now there is some clarity!

Since I did not get a further invitation to configure immediately after the email. I guess it's not "now"

good night y'all

mntlvr23 | June 18, 2017

noemail4me :(

Wimpy ti | June 19, 2017

My personal opinion, is that I love the minimalist design of the dash. To me it gives the interior an elegant no-nonsense atmosphere. Quite contrary to the Land Rover approach that I've grown so tired of.

I was initially worried about the speedo being in the center, however I tested this out with a speed app on my iphone mounted to the center of the dash. I notice no significant difference in glancing at my iphone instead of at the instrument cluster. I encourage anyone worried to do the same, and put their concern to rest.

dsvick | June 19, 2017

I was initially a bit put off by the interior, but after having test drove an S and ignored the dash it no longer bothers me. The recent pictures of the black interior sealed it for me, I like that much, much more than the white.

I'm up in the air over color, I'm hoping for the midnight silver but, since we haven't seen it yet, I think there will be a new color and no midnight silver. If so then I'll either go blue or get the base color and get it wrapped.

M3forMe | June 19, 2017

Since the HUD keeps popping up, here are my thoughts
1) EM had said NO new driver facing tech in the Model 3 (must to in the S & X first)
2) the cost of Model 3 is more than 50% off the Model S
3) R&D cost to add HUD feature into Model 3
4) more complicate to build (need additional calibration)

So with just these 4 points, why would a sensible person think that a HUD would/should be avail on the Model 3?

Am I wrong?

M3forMe | June 19, 2017

Yesterday on the Long Drive home from LA to Sacramento under the HOT sun (103F for most of the drive), I was thinking that by this time next year I will probably be doing the same drive in my Model 3 with EAP enabled - TACC would be a big plus. Can't wait!

"Open! Open! Open!" :-)

johnse | June 20, 2017

Re: Focal point of a HUD: by using lenses in the hud projector, they can make the focal distance appear different from the light path. With much higher cost versions that can accurately track head/eye position, they can deliver stereoscopic images that also converge at the chosen focal distance, much like VR displays.

But...there is no spoo...HUD

topher | June 20, 2017

"they can make the focal distance appear different from the light path."


Thank you kindly

eeb9 | June 20, 2017

Air Force has been doing it for decades, and Panasonic is demoing an automotive version with eye-tracking now.

eeb9 | June 20, 2017

HUDs are a very mature technology; there is no technical reason why the optics can't be integrated into the windshield, with the projection electronics added on an optional basis when ordered

mpvangijn1 | June 20, 2017

Color, trunk, frunk, hud, no hud, seats, glass roof, or not. Size of battery, oh boy...... I just want one.

eeb9 | June 20, 2017

That's kind of like me when it comes to dating...

Oh, dammmm... did I type that out loud?!?!