No charge with J1772 adapter

No charge with J1772 adapter

Hello everyone! New CPO owner with a question about the J1772 adapter. More specifically, i am having issues using the charging stations at work. they are made by GE, 4 pedestals with 8 plugs to use. The issue i am having...the car says its plugged in to the charger and waiting on the charger to start. The chargers say its plugged in and waiting on the car...has anyone come across this problem/issue? Any thoughts? I took a couple pics but i guess we can’t post those on this forum.

Thanks for any help!

SCCRENDO | June 23, 2017

Does your UMC work on a NEMA 14-50. Does your car supercharge ok. If so it is likely a faulty J1772 adaptor or some issue with the charging station itself. Is this a free charger or is a fee required? Have other Tesla's used it successfully.

murphyS90D | June 23, 2017

I have two J1772 EVSEs (they are not chargers, the charger is in the car) in my garage that work just fine with my adapter.

Post your pictures on the internet (dropbox etc.) and then put the URL to the picture in your post.

JayInJapan | June 23, 2017

When I have trouble with CHAdeMO or J1772 start ups, I'll try to connect in different ways, i.e., put the adapter in first, then connect. Some connections seem to fail when they connect to an adapter and there's no immediate handshake.

DLebryk | June 23, 2017

Exactly what JayInJapan said - pay attention to the order you plug things in. Make sure the adapter is pushed all the way on the J1772 handle (the clip actually clips). Try plugging this into the car and then starting the EVSE. If that doesn't work, try starting the EVSE and then plug in the car.

You could also try limiting the amperage inside the car at that location (on the big screen, when you plug in there will be arrows to limit the amps drawn).

The station may require a card to start it.

ckcland2 | June 24, 2017

^^^ Agree with above, the first time I tried the J1772 I didn't push hard enough putting the adaptor onto the power cord. Also good advice about the card. You should get a chargepoint card just to have in your car in case. Not sure if your work charger is Chargepoint, but wanted to throw that out there. Good luck on your next attempt.

Rocky_H | June 26, 2017

It sounds like the station isn't really activated/started yet. Is there some kind of RFID card system or membership network for them?

High Plains Drifter | June 26, 2017

Agree, sounds like the stations are either not activated or require additional steps to activate charging (membership). Be it a free or pay charger, many of them require you interface via phone or app. And some may require you to register (even if its free).

bburnham1141 | June 29, 2017

I want to thank everybody for their feedback! I wanted to add a little additional information about what’s going on.

The chargers are installed at my office, 4 pedestals with 8 total plugs (J1772) made by GE. They are currently being used by other employees. There are no ID cards or pins codes, they are simply plug in and go. I think i am the first Tesla at my building so i couldn't say if any other Tesla’s have attempted.

I have used my J1772 & Chademo adapters at my local shopping center, whole foods etc. with no issues to date. Supercharger is good also. I have only had issues with the chargers at my office. The car and charger recognize that a connection has been made but it seems like the signal to begin charging is not being sent/received...

I made a call to the company facilities group who inspected the chargers and recommended i contact Tesla.

tes-s | June 29, 2017

Could be some nuance in the J1772 protocol implementation with the EVSE or Tesla. Will be difficult to know which without detail knowledge of the protocol and a sniffer.

5thumbs | June 29, 2017

try looking on your charging screen and check the following:
is the timer on for that location? Problaby wont set itself, as default is "no timer"

Would it help to turn down the amps? Mine will adjust itself to the output of the charger, but I've read that some Tesla owners may have had to manually adjust this.

DLebryk | June 29, 2017

OK, problem solved - it is an issue with your work EVSE. It is faulty. Tesla is super sensitive to electrical problems, it won't charge if it senses even a minor problem. Other cars will happily charge even if there is a problem. Until they fix your work stations, guess you can't charge there.

UnshodBob | June 29, 2017

@bburnham1141 - no one has asked what color the charge port is. When I plug in it turns green and starts flashing. If there is a problem it is supposed to turn red. Other colors are white and blue, and there may be more. What do you see when you plug in? Anything except green would indicate a problem. I'd expect to see either red or no color, but I don't know. I have never had a problem charging my car. The color should be seen in the ring around the port where you plug into the car behind the rear driver's side reflector.

JayInJapan | June 30, 2017

OP, did you try any of the suggestions we posted?

Rocky_H | June 30, 2017

@bburnham, OK, I'll second these recommendations:

From @UnshodBob, check what color your charge port light is.

From @5thumbs, check to see if your car is set for scheduled charging, where it might be waiting for 1AM or something to begin a charging session.

bburnham1141 | July 3, 2017

OK I’ve been away for a few days. I will be meeting the facility folks at the chargers later this afternoon; I’ll try to get additional details about the port color and time of day charging settings. I also reached out to Tesla this morning. Gentleman said he was going to pull vehicle logs to see if any error codes were generated....updates to follow!

JayInJapan | July 4, 2017

OP, did you try any of the suggestions we posted?

bburnham1141 | July 5, 2017

OK update time...

1. I verified that time of day / scheduled charging is not enabled.
2. I manually lowered the amps to 25 just to be sure that wasn’t the issue, no luck there.
3. The charging port is light blue and turns a darker blue when the adapter/charger is plugged in. Same message from the charger "Connected. Waiting for Vehicle..." The car console screen shows plugged in and "Ready to Charge / Check Charger Power" I took pictures this morning, ill try to post them.
4. I haven’t heard back from Tesla but coincidently i was pushed a software update last night...but no luck there. Still not working...

I thought about checking for a gasket that i have read a few posts about....but haven’t gotten around to that yet.

Any other thoughts?

Thanks again! | July 5, 2017

@bburnham1141 - thanks for the update. Many people don't bother. Continued good luck on a fix.

pnajar | July 5, 2017

Blue ring is an indication there is a scheduled time to charge. Make sure the car is set to charge without a schedule time

JayInJapan | July 5, 2017

Have you tried connecting things in different orders? Put the adapter in first, then hook up the J1772 connector. Watch the charging station's output. The info it tells you may have clues.

bburnham1141 | July 5, 2017

Ok so i just got back from the car and....SUCCESS!! I had read in one of the earlier comments about the order of plugging the adapter into the car then the charger into the adapter/car. I really didn't think this would be the issue becuase i use the J1772 adapter at other chargers without any problems....however i read @JayInJapan's comment and thought...heck why not just give it a shot you've got nothing to loose and SUCCESS! i am now charging a work. I can't begin to understand the issue that was holding me up but..the problem appears to have been resolved.

Thanks to everyone who commented and gave suggestions. I'm new to the Tesla world and it def helped to have somewhere to ask some questions.

JayInJapan | July 5, 2017

Just as I thought. I have more experience with J1772 and CHAdeMO than Supercharging.

murphyS90D | July 5, 2017

Part of the J1772 specification concerns what happens if there is a power failure while charging is in progress. In that case the J1772 EVSE is required to do a random restart so that all J1772 EVSEs don't try to come online at the same time which would present a huge instantaneous load to the power company. I have two J1772 EVSEs in my garage. I must apply power to the EVSEs before I connect to the car. If I don't, the start of charging can be delayed up to a half-hour I think. I can't measure the maximum because it's a random delay. The rule in my garage is to apply power to the EVSE first and then connect it to the car.

DLebryk | July 5, 2017

Glad you got it fixed. And JayInJapan was persistent about reminding you to try something.

High Plains Drifter | July 6, 2017

It had to do with the work charger's ability to communicate with the car. When you put the adapter on the work J1772 cable end, the work charger immediately tried to communicate with the connected vehicle and failed because it was connected to an adapter and not the car. The work charger immediately went into shutdown due to what it perceived as a faulty communication link. But when you put the adapter on the car and then connected the J1772 cable to the car it worked because the work charger was able to communicate immediately upon connection.

This makes total sense to anybody who has any experience with networking equipment.

bburnham1141 | July 15, 2017

Well...i was able to charge two times...and now i'm back to having the same issues. My plan is to simply by a new J1772 adapter just to rule that out. Will update in s few days....

Innkeep | July 15, 2017

Maybe you could borrow an adapter instead?

JayInJapan | July 15, 2017

I'm pretty sure it's not the adapter. Read the output from the charging station. Notice the differences when it (doesn't) work(s).

bburnham1141 | July 24, 2017

Ok sorry for the delay i responding. The second/new J1772 adapter didn't work, not really surprised but i felt i needed to check that off the list. I can't remember what the charger said when it was charging only when it does not. It simply says "Connected. Waiting for vehicle..." I have been trying to find someone else at work that could come by and give it a try but i'm the only Tesla so far. I asked the facility group to reach out to the vender....will update when i get a chance....or have new information...

bburnham1141 | July 24, 2017

Oh i also created a Dopbox are a couple pics.

murphyS90D | July 24, 2017

Does the GE station have an on/off switch? I ask because if the J1772 is connected to the car when there is no power to the GE station the J1772 specification requires the station to do a random startup delay of up to 30 minutes. This is to avoid all of the stations beginning to flow power at the same time at the end of a power failure.

JayInJapan | July 24, 2017

It has nothing to do with any power delay; it's waiting for the car to make the connection. Try some of the tricks suggested on the first page here. Make sure the adaptor is seated properly. Make sure the J1772 is fully connected with the latch closed. Slow down, take a deep breath, watch what all the output is telling you.

donlen.k.ruffin | July 25, 2017

@bburnham - what state you in. If in DFW Tx we can try other options to rule out things.

bburnham1141 | August 19, 2017

Well...a quick update.

@donlen.k.ruffin - sorry I’m in Ohio

The only way I can consistently charge at work is to manually set the charge start time. I have simply been giving myself 5 min to grab what I need out of the car far it has worked every time! It is kind of funny that I specifically checked that the function was not on during my earlier trouble shooting…. There appears to be a communication problem between the charger/car... I don’t know….I'll update if anything changes.

tes-s | August 20, 2017

If I understand correctly you can reproduce the following:

Plugging in without scheduled charging, and the car will not charge.
Plugging in with scheduled charging, the car charges normally when the scheduled time is reached.

That seems like it would be something Tesla could fix. I'm not aware of schedule being part of the protocol - sounds like it may be a difference in the way Tesla initiates charging in the two different scenarios. Odd that others have not reported this, although I don't know how many GE stations are out there - not sure I have every come across one. Mostly seen Chargepoint-branded, Clipper Creek, and Eaton.

Any other Teslas tried the charger yet?

akhafagi | September 5, 2018

I have the same exact problem with a Semaconnect station at a hotel. Other cars are able to charge but mine. I experience the same exact behavior the OP described and the screenshots describe what happens with my car. I don’t have problems with any other J1772, Supercharger or NEMA. I will try some of the fixes above. However, the instructions of the station is to connect to the car first and then activate the station. I will post an update once I go back to the station in few days.

akhafagi | September 12, 2018

I tried to schedule charging. It didn’t work either. I changed the amps and it didn’t work. I checked all connections and they are in check. I’m out tricks.

cvrontakis | November 13, 2018

I'm also having issues with the GE WattStation at our complex. Anyone else have issues charging with this type of charger?

Shaw237 | November 14, 2018

Just to chime in as well, I am having the same exact issues as stated above. I tried using the adapter at a ChargePoint charger the other night. There was a Model S plugged in next to me, but I was never able to get the station to activate. As the OP mentioned, I was getting the same "Connected. Waiting for vehicle..." on the station and the car said it was waiting for a charge. As with OP, I also don't have charging scheduled and have tried connecting multiple times in different orientations. I gave up after a bit. Last night, i tried at a station in my town, not sure of the brand, but had the exact same issues again. I am calling into Tesla Support now to see if they have any ideas.

plusplusjames | November 15, 2018

Problems with J1772 EV Chargers are very common in the wild. Some will not charge, others will start charging and then quit. If you can charge at others but not one in particular -- like the one you have at work, no matter what you do -- it's a lost cause. Go to Plan B.

scott | November 18, 2018

I have the same issue with the ChargePoint chargers at work. We have four stations with two cords each. The left cord on station #4 and the right cord on station #3 consistently won’t charge, even though I see others charging there regularly. I’m there early enough to snag a different port usually, but someone at Tesla or ChargePoint has to know why this happens and could work with the other to sort out a solution.

moh.alzaeem | May 31, 2019

Hi Everyone, I just had the same issue when tried to charge at work for the first time. I did everything in this thread, but no luck.
The charging station is Eaton (L130) 30Amps
The adapter first then the charger head, didn't work.
Tried to set a schedule time, didn't work.
Tried to keep it plugged in for about half an hour, didn't work.
Tried to lower the Amps to 20, didn't work.

The charging station has the power ready light blinking (which I assume the electricity is on)
The car is showing "Ready to Charge Check power source"

Any ideas what may be happening?

murphyS90D | May 31, 2019

Does the ring on the car turn blue when you make the connection? If it's orange you have a bad connection.
Once the car communicates with the EVSE it will change from blue to pulsing green.
Put the adapter on the J1772 first and then plug into the car. This allows you to use maximum force making the connection.

dougk71 | May 31, 2019

J1772 specifications call for the maximum supply amperage to be communicated via Pulse Width Modulation at 1 Khz. The duty cycle sets the amperage. The voltage of the PWM signal is reduced by the car being charged to indicate the status the cars internal charger is at.
Now the PWM is supposed to be -12v to 12v swings but a number of manufacturers of PHEV cars will accept 0v-12v PWM signals. Tesla needs the full -12v to 12v swing to recognize the available charging current. It could be these non Tesla chargers aren't at the -12v to 12v level allowing them to work for PHEV's (ex KIA) but not for Tesla's

murphyS90D | May 31, 2019

Leviton EVSEs (16 amp and 40 amp) work fine with my Tesla.