How can we help Tesla open more stores in NC?

How can we help Tesla open more stores in NC?

I live near Charlotte, NC and fully support Tesla's mission. I reserved my Model 3 within 5 minutes of the online release.

I want to buy my car in NC, where I was born and raised, ideally in my town. Tesla has one store in Raleigh and a service center/gallery in Charlotte. Our DMV rejected the Charlotte store upgrading to a sales center due to pressure from the auto dealers.

Two days ago, a new bill to allow more Tesla stores in NC was shelved due to new pressure from automakers:

NC should be innovating and allowing new business models, not squashing innovation. I can buy a home direct from a builder (pre-fab or custom) or walk into the mall and buy a phone direct from Apple, but our lawmakers tell me I can't buy a car direct from Tesla in the largest city in our state! Why? Because of antiquated auto dealer protection laws that were never meant to apply to car makers with no dealers to protect!

I fully agree that if auto makers have an existing dealer network, those franchises need legal protection. Tesla doesn't have a franchised dealer network and should be allowed to sell direct anywhere they want. If we believe in the free market, then let's have a free market!

SO MY QUESTION: How can we help Tesla get more stores in NC and who wants to help? I can write a letter or make a call, but I'm one person. How can current and future Tesla owners band together to send a message to Raleigh that we want support for a free market and innovation in NC?

No matter which state you live in, all ideas are welcome here! Thank you in advance for your ideas on what to do here.