Locked Down Guest Accounts in Mobile App & Onboard Software

Locked Down Guest Accounts in Mobile App & Onboard Software

We rent out our Teslas regularly. We would love to give guest access to specific cars to renters in the mobile app so they can get notices when supercharging is complete. We would also like to lock down certain settings in the on-board software so when we set up guest drivers that they don't have access to change all the settings. Would want them to be able to change most of the settings, but not disconnect mobile access or certain security settings.

Anyone else interested in guest access in the mobile app? Locked down settings in the on-board software? What settings would you want locked down?

tedtuerk | August 14, 2017

I think this would be very helpful. The app could be improved for the owner and used for a guest as it currently works. The onboard software should have more than 2 options. (full or valet settings)

qiwowo | September 12, 2018

I agree as well!! Please enable the guest app mode! I heard of some dude who rented a Tesla before, and then somehow regained control even after his phone was removed from the car. This could be solved with a Guest mode for the app

EVRider | September 12, 2018

@qiwowo: I don’t think “guest mode” would have helped in the case of the person who stole the rental car. He somehow convinced Tesla that he owned the car and got them to give him access, at least that’s my understanding.

PrescottRichard | September 13, 2018

How about a cripple setting for those with kids learning to drive. I remember an article about some teens that died in a model S going too fast before a curve in the road. I suppose there's only so much software can do but still...

Or is there something like that already?

EVRider | September 14, 2018

@Prescott: Valet mode is sort of what you’re looking for, plus you can also set a speed limit.

PrescottRichard | September 14, 2018

Good to know @EVRider, thank you!

red.nixen | September 17, 2018

I think too guest access in the mobile app can be very useful, I find it interesting


Everanow | September 22, 2018

I would like to rent my car out and badly need the guest mode. The rental experience is not complete without the phone app, but signing in Tesla from our account on others phone and may not necessarily have access to delete it is too dangerous. Please help!!

kaspar.hanni | February 15, 2020

what's the current status, how do the people who rent out model 3s do it?
can you give app access reasonably easily to a guest and later remove him from the car?

embroideryguidance | February 15, 2020

I wan to know the details

EVRider | February 15, 2020

Why does your renter need to use the phone app? Yes, it might be nice, but it's not essential. When I get a service loaner from Tesla, I don't get access to it from my mobile app.

When Tesla starts supporting a rental network, which they say they'll do, maybe they'll solve the problem then.