When can I approximately expect delivery? Made reservation on 3/31/2016

When can I approximately expect delivery? Made reservation on 3/31/2016

I made my reservation on March 31, 2016. When can I reasonably expect delivery? My current car is starting to get old and I need to gauge a replacement.

Ehninger1212 | August 13, 2017

There is a official delivery estimator in your My Tesla page. Click manage. It gives the best estimate according to Tesla.

Shock | August 13, 2017

After clicking manage you need to click the FAQ.

In fact, if this forum software as any good there would be a sticky covering this I think.

Xerogas | August 13, 2017

It doesn't show for me up on "My Tesla / Manage" page, but it does show up when I click "Model 3", then scroll down to "Reservation Holder Update".

Lith I M | August 13, 2017

My delivery estimator has already moved from Oct/Nov. 2017 to Feb/Mar 2018.
Has any one else's changed also?
Reserve date 31 March, 2016

Sweetride | August 13, 2017

Lith: is that the Tesla web page posted by Xerogas?

brian | August 13, 2017

@Lith - My dates have remained the same since the estimator went live.

Silo13 | August 13, 2017

I have not. Mine still shows 1Q18

Tâm | August 13, 2017


If the past is an indication, delivery date estimate is still quite elusive.

Let's make an educated guess base on public information.

Model 3 Production Estimates:

7/2017: 30
10/2017: not announced
11/2017: not announced
12/2017: 20,000

Of all the known numbers, the total would be: 21,630 with unknown October and November numbers.

Let's be optimistic and say 2017 Model 3 production would be 30,000.

Of those, employees would get them first.

Old numbers:

Tesla employees excluding Solar City: 15,000
Solar City employees excluding Tesla: 15,000

For the first 24 hours, the number of deposits were 180,000.

So you tell me what's your chance as a non-employee to get it in 2017?

flwrman | August 14, 2017

I live in Fremont CA. A friend told me today, 8/13/17, that a friend of her's that is an owner of a Tesla, received her Model 3 recently and no one in the family is a employee. That person lives in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. I told her that is hard to believe. My friend stuck to the story as they said it was the new release from Tesla!!

I am still waiting for my email to configure as I reserved on 3/31/2016,17 min after the doors opened. I figure maybe a couple of months longer????

Shock | August 14, 2017

" I told her that is hard to believe."

It is. Has there been any confirmation of ANYBODY receiving a tesla other than those first 30 employees we saw on the 28th?

Ehninger1212 | August 14, 2017

Idk it works for me, just clicked manage and it's under the paragraph that contains the link to the forum.

stevenroglen | August 14, 2017

My dates haven't moved at all since they went live.

tonymil | August 15, 2017

The Tesla Delivery Estimator is driving me crazy. I reserved on 3/31/16 online. I live in NY and don't own a Tesla. Originally the estimator said early 2018 for all options but within just a couple of days it changed to early 2019 and that's what it still says. Anyone else have this issue?

kzodz | August 15, 2017

Wow. That is great news. The Model 3 is so cool that it now has its own Urban Legends!

ebmcs03 | August 16, 2017

My date hasnt changed since I first looked at it... CA and 3/31/16 reservation holder... Dec to Feb 2017 for early production and Feb to Apr 2018 for Std Option

hojh32 | August 17, 2017

I don't know if this has to do with anything changing reservation dates, but as more current tesla owners are putting in their reservations, they jump the line automatically in front on the first non tesla owner who put theirs in on 3/16

Steam613 | August 18, 2017

I'm not sure that's accurate from other posts here and at TM3C. There was a July '17 prior owner that had Oct '18 on her delivery estimator and if I recall was west coast. I "think" ownership bumps relative to non owners all other things being equal. And from a PR perspective I think there would be some resentment if your scenario was accurate. Either way, when/if production hits the anticipated goals in December the prior owners of Tesla count would really be equivocal.

hapstr | August 20, 2017

I live 20 miles from Fremont reserved on first day.
Estimator gave me September - December 2017, now it's October 2017 - January 2018. This is for first production build.