2015 MODEL S 70D VS 2018 MODEL 3???

2015 MODEL S 70D VS 2018 MODEL 3???

Hello all, I’m sure there are a million posts on this exact subject but I just wanted to get opinions and feedback based on my scenario. I am currently on the waiting list to take delivery on a model 3 between Jan-Mar 2018 but I’m undecided on whether I should get a used model S? I’ll admit, I’m sort of a techie who wants the latest and greatest (notice how I said want vs need). I’ve been searching for quite some time now for a used model S and need to make an executive decision. My budget is $60k and I’ve narrowed it down to either a used 2015 70D with 35k miles or brand new 3. I must have autopilot and was wondering if the AP1 hardware is enough should I wait to have the latest and greatest AP2 with enhanced AP with the model 3? I’m surrounded by superchargers so that is another decision factor. I enjoy the convenience of having superchargers nearby so I can charge for free anytime vs paying with the model 3. Depreciation is another factor. While buying used is lesser of a hit on depreciation, how much further will my used model S depreciate vs having a brand new model 3? So, I am in a “what would you do” situation. Fully loaded model 3 with the latest and greatest, or used model S with just AP1 and supercharging capabilities? Thanks for your input and sorry in advance if there are a similar posts out there.

Dramsey | August 18, 2017

A few other things to consider:

-- The Mod S is considerably larger than the Mod 3. This is better if you plan to use your back seat more than occasionally, worse if you do a lot of tight parking or have a small garage.
-- The Mod S is a hatchback. Big utility win.
-- The Mod 3 has door pockets. Big utility win.

AP1 is currently considered still somewhat better than the current iteration of AP2. AP2 is expected to get better but right now is _way_ behind schedule and even the most ardent Tesla fanbois are getting annoyed about this.

Free supercharging is nice but not that big a deal for most Tesla owners, since most of the time you'll be charging at home anyway.

KP in NPT | August 18, 2017

We have a 2015 S70D with AP1 and will be getting a first production Model 3 to replace our ICE.

We still love our 70D - it is a fantastic car. We love our AP1 and all the space. You have to ask yourself what is important to you. Do you need AWD? Or more space? Is the 240ish mile range on the 70D enough for you?

Our 3 will have much more range, which for our particular driving habits will be a huge difference in convenience. It will also have AP2, which will *eventually* be much better than AP1. Yes, it is smaller, but we always had a Model 3 sized ICE before we had our Model S. I will not wait for AWD for the 3, but we have the S if it's ever truly needed.

Honestly I think you'll be happy with both cars. But if the latest autopilot and future FSD are important to you, and you are adhering to a 60K budget, then the 3 will make you happy. If you will be ok with AP1 and it's limitations, then you will love the 70D.

Ts007 | August 18, 2017

Thanks Dramsey and KP, so you both are saying you're happy with AP1? I do love more space and although I won't necessarily need it as I already have an AWD SUV. I've narrowed it to 70D because can't find many p85's with AP in my price range. So if you had $60k, would/could you justify used 2+ years old MS or rather a brand new M3?

KP in NPT | August 18, 2017

I mean, it's really hard to say! AP1 will always be where it is now, more or less. As an AP1 owner, I do not expect it to improve any further than it is now. That is, it works pretty well on highways at speed if the weather is good, or if the sun isn't shining the wrong direction. It works great in stop and go traffic. But you must be ready to take over and keep your hands on the wheel.

If that's fine with you then great. I do love our AP1 but it is not perfect and it will never be beyond the level it is now. But I would not have a Tesla without it! It does make my commute 100 times better than it was before.

EAP (AP2) still does not have parity with AP1. But it will eventually, and will surpass AP1. I am very much looking forward to seeing what EAP will do.

It really is personal preference. IMO I think a loaded first production Model 3 is a steal compared to a new S, but I'm happy with a smaller car and absolutely love the interior of the 3 - the minimalistic design, the views, the low dash, the glass roof. (I rode in one at the delivery party.) What is important to me : glass roof, interior comforts, AP2, possible FSD in the future, and range are things I'll get in the Model 3 that we do not have in our Model S. (Our Model S does not have console, door pockets, coat hooks, phone jacks, rear USBs, and has 70 miles less range.)

It's also very roomy in the cabin, and even though it's a smaller car, seems to have more than enough storage (for me.) But it will lack AWD - which we've decided not to wait for since we want the tax credit and have our 70D if we need it.

If we did not have our 70D and were in the market for a new car and knew we could have a model 3 "soon" - we'd probably wait for the Model 3.

Ts007 | August 18, 2017

Decisions decisions. The reason why I'm hesitant to wait for an M3 is lack of supercharging, sunroof and space. I live and work near many superchargers so it's super convenient for me and that's why I don't have range anxiety. Also, I'm a sunroof guy and know the M3 doesn't have it. The reason why I'm hanging on is because I would get the latest hardware/software with EAP and tax credit but that's not even guaranteed. As of right now, I'm leaning more towards the s70D with AP1. Thanks again!

RedPillSucks | August 18, 2017

What about serviceability? I have the same dilemma as OP. I'm also trying to consider the differences from the perspective of the construction of the M3 vs MS. Aluminium vs Steel. Thoughts?

KP in NPT | August 18, 2017

While Tesla has said nothing official, Trevor from Model 3 Owners Club took a magnet to the model 3 at the delivery party. (He was actually right behind me in line for the test rides.) He put it on every panel and says it's all aluminum.

Ts007 - correct you will not have a sunroof. (at least, not initially. Tesla has not said when they will start production on cars with sunroof - but they say it is coming.) As for superchargers - we do use supercharging for our normal commutes. But most people do not do that. You'll have to see what rates are in your area, but for me a "fill up" is going to run around $10. (and I will be charging where electricity is relatively expensive.) Even with having to pay for supercharging with our 3, the cost is so minimal I will drive that for my 185 mile one way commute instead of the S because of the extra range.

If you have the ability to charge at home, that is way more convenient. Our electric bill has gone up about $50/month. Minus gas we used to buy and clearly we are way ahead in that area.

Dramsey | August 18, 2017

"I live and work near many superchargers so it's super convenient for me and that's why I don't have range anxiety."

FWIW, it's considered rude for locals to make extensive use of superchargers.

Ts007 | August 18, 2017

My fault. I didn't realize I was out of tesla etiquette. Thanks for pointing that out.

KP in NPT | August 18, 2017

*Unless charging at home is not possible. ;-)