'Cigarette lighter' Power Connector?

'Cigarette lighter' Power Connector?

My low tire pressure indicator came on yesterday on the way to work. When I stopped for coffee, I plugged my little air compressor into my cigarette lighter and pumped it back up to proper pressure. I was on my way before my Cuban Roast got cold.
Will I be able to do this in my 3? What about jump my ICE friends when *THEIR* battery dies?

skygraff | September 9, 2017

Yes, there's a 12 volt "cigarette lighter" outlet for your compressor and other accessories.

No, you won't be able to jump start ICE vehicles (if S & X are indicative). That being said, you could be a nice person and carry a jump pack in your frunk or under-trunk and keep it regularly charged for just such an occasion. Depending on the 12 volt system, that may also be useful for the Model 3 if you ever push things like a certain Bjorn video.

steveg1701 | September 10, 2017

please delete this double post

skygraff | September 10, 2017

What makes you think this one is the duplicate?

Blew your mind, didn't I?

PhillyGal | September 10, 2017

@skygraff - I don't recall ever seeing or hearing that it will. Do you have any links?

stevenmaifert | September 10, 2017
gar1116 | September 10, 2017

Steveg1701 - I tried multiple times to delete the double post. It kept telling me to try again in 21 seconds..
After a few minutes, I stopped trying.

skygraff | September 11, 2017


To what are you referring? I know you know it will have a 12v outlet so that can't be it. Nothing else I wrote is a suggestion of functionality (other than the existence of a frunk and under-trunk).

I'm thinking you may be asking me about the jump pack comment. In case it wasn't clear, I was saying that a well prepared good samaritan might carry a fully charged (from outlet at home) jump pack to help stranded motorists. I was also speculating that the same jump pack might be able to revive a dead 12v on the Model 3 if that car's system should happen to drain so far as to go into deep sleep like Bjorn's or the What's Inside S at the airport. Neither of the latter scenarios should be common but another small justification for carrying a pack. Question is, what size jump pack would be sufficient?

PhillyGal | September 11, 2017

@stevenmaifert - Thanks!

@skygraff - I was talking about the 12v outlet. In all the things I've seen and read (including that very press kit that was posted), I totally missed the 12v outlet as being standard. Too many other cool things to occupy brain cells I guess.

skygraff | September 11, 2017

Ah, you still retain your godlike status in my mind. Even demigods occasionally miss the trees for the forest.

Pants | September 11, 2017

Does anyone know where in the car this outlet would be located? Where is it in the S and X?

Joyd2 | June 30, 2018

The DC plug in the model 3 is located in the center console's rear compartment. Power is available whenever the touchscreen is on (from M3 owners manual). ; >

wiboater4 | June 30, 2018

Has anyone used one of those new really small jump start packs? The ones about the size of a laptop battery. If so , how well do they work. I think you could recharge those off the 12 volt socket also.