Tesla Owners dating app

Tesla Owners dating app

Looking for a tesla owner (with the mindset like mine). Someone should developer an app for this. Just saying, as there must be more people like me out there. They must be an owner though. :)

elvnga | September 24, 2017

When full self driving is functional, the cars will just drive us together at superchargers. We won't even realize it is AI manipulating us.

rxlawdude | September 24, 2017

eTeslamy? Tesjdate? eEVlove?

lilbean | September 24, 2017

The car alone is a date magnet.

rxlawdude | September 24, 2017

@lilbean, make sure you don't park under a palm tree in Indio. :-)

david.greene | September 24, 2017

Sadly I purchased the performance model. Every time I see a cute girl in a Tesla I flex my muscles and she is left in the dust. Going non-performance next time!

lilbean | September 24, 2017

Haha, lawdude!

RedShift | September 24, 2017

Teslove? Make sure your car has the opposite charge coz they attract!

reed_lewis | September 25, 2017

I do not think my wife would approve...

sxleung | September 25, 2017

Telsa dating may attract gold diggers. Funny video of someone who pranked a gold digger.

Bluemoon1602 | December 30, 2017

So...just checking on the status of this request. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of this idea ;) (32F in Georgia, red S 85)

Tesla2018 | December 31, 2017

I can see it now. So where did you two meet?
At a supercharger. We were just plugging our cars in and sparks flew and we made a connection!

b.tesla | December 31, 2017

I could use this app, too. :) If someone else has their own Tesla, they're less likely to be a gold digger, right? Would it be something like "MS owner ISO MS or MX owner"?

Finding love at a supercharger? One time after a full day of driving, it was night time and I was at my last supercharger stop in Columbus, TX. There was one other Tesla there. As I crossed paths with the owner, I almost gave her a "compliment". What I thought, but didn't say, was "nice, I didn't realize that the base wheels came in dark gray". What I didn't realize until later was that it was probably brake rotor dust and other dirt.

Tesla2018 | December 31, 2017

New pickup line to use at Superchargers to women waiting behind you. Or how to get banned from Supercharging stations for harassment.

"I'm almost done with this one.
Do you want me to put my hose into your receptacle after I finish so you can be next?"

Tesla2018 | June 13, 2019

ALWAYS (hint if you are on this forum- you know why its in Capital letters) see a woman driving a Tesla on by herself to "Pauls" @ 10:45 Am. Let me know if you are on this forum.

Tesla2018 | June 13, 2019

I want to date Scceendo's daughter just to annoy the hell out of him!

NKYTA | June 13, 2019

So you can grab her p###y and get away with it? Cheap as hell.

Educate yourself. Learn critical thinking. Don’t divide, unite.

Tesla2018 | June 14, 2019

Nikita you Russian Troll. The only reason she would want to date me would be if she got confused when her father used the term Giant Prick to describe me! I dont treat women like crap. More women cheat on their husbands than men cheat on their wives. They are both scum in my opinion. Im sick of all the sluts that wont keep their legs closed saying they want to have abortions. Dont give in to jerks that just want to bang you for a good time or say that they are willing to leave their spouse for you. If they cheap on their spouse with you, then they will cheat on you with someone else. Hillary should have dumped Bill and Melania should have dumped Trump. I respect Obamas morals more than Trumps but that doesnt matter to me since I vote for people on their ability to get the job done instead of their personality traits.

goodspeeffffd9633 | June 15, 2019

Haha, that's a great offer) However, I believe that, most likely, if such an application will be created, then there will be specially registered girls who will be looking for rich guys with Tesla ) As for me, these dating apps are already too much. Do you know, there are even sites where you can read rewiews about dating apps . However, for many people it will be even useful because in such abundance of apps it's possible to get simply confused. Personally, I was helped by one of these apps to meet a beautiful girl who really makes me happy...