Cost of not installing HUD interface

Cost of not installing HUD interface

I enjoy the Model 3 interior design. I sat in the Model 3.

I still believe the HUD could add great value.

How much would it be for Tesla to produce car witn the interface or complete HUD folks? Please charge 100% mark up if that is the problem, but please give what many customers want.

Am I alone on this?

ReD eXiLe ms us | October 11, 2017

There's no 3.5 mm analog jack, audio cassette, or Compact Disc audio in the Model 3 either. Because they are not needed. Neither is HUD.

Rutrow | October 11, 2017

"The HUD thing is Tesla's iPhone headphone jack moment."

Poor analogy. Apple didn't eliminate the headphone jack and then leave an empty void where it used to be. They used that space for larger battery and increased speed components. They judged that that space could be better used for other purposes.

Tesla went with the empty void. :-(

carlk | October 11, 2017

Don't worry. If some of those people got their way we will soon have a car with everything. Wouldn't that be great? NOT!

People say camel is a horse designed by committee. A few here are trying hard to make the horse we like a camel. Not going to happen Elon does not do things that way. They are free to ride their camels though . lol.

ReD eXiLe ms us | October 11, 2017

carlk: One has visions of... The Homer Mobile. ~*ughhh*~

markr7 | October 11, 2017

I bet if you took a poll, you would find out that not many people need / want a HUD
For those of you that really want a HUD - Please buy a car that has one! Not the Model 3
I can't believe there are a few people here still whining about the Model 3 not having a HUD!
Elon has heard you, & is still ignoring your request... Rightfully so.

andy.connor.e | October 12, 2017

If you havent already realized it, Tesla is going for future practicality here. Not peoples feelings. Everyone is used to a dash with a HUD, because thats all thats existed for the last 100 years. Time for a change.

Rutrow | October 12, 2017

"Take as much feedback from as many people as you can about whatever idea you have. ... Seek critical feedback." - Elon Musk

mos6507 | October 12, 2017

"Tesla is going for future practicality here. Not peoples feelings."

Ever watch a superbowl ad? People buy things out of feelings. That's pretty much the definition of marketing.

ReD eXiLe ms us | October 12, 2017

You seek critical feedback in order to learn if there is something you have overlooked that bears special attention. If it turns out you have already considered whatever anyone else brings to the table, and ruled them inconsequential or satisfied those concerns, you can move forward with your plans. Complaining is not critical feedback, just negative feedback. Advertisements are not of any substantive value when you take care o the product itself.

andy.connor.e | October 12, 2017


Its interesting that you use a TV advertisement to be compared with selling Tesla cars. You know, taking into consideration the amount of TV advertising that Tesla does. Tesla is sure going for your feelings. #ThisGuy

finman100 | October 12, 2017

If anyone has ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED this 'horror' of a lack of a feature in the Model 3, please say so and tell us how it's working. ALL OTHERS...just shut it. it's STUPID to think you know how this works without experience in ACTUALLY USING the car. give me a break. go somewhere that will deliver your stupid HUD for god's sakes. IT'S enough already.

andy.connor.e | October 12, 2017

Its @mos6507's opinion to express what his opinion is. And its his opinion to infer his opinion on others as truth, or to be taken seriously. You know, because opinions are fact and all.

topher | October 12, 2017

"Tesla went with the empty void. :-("

What are you on about? Functionally there is a central 15" screen. Spacially, there is a innovative venting system, and no doubt plenty of other things in the space you think ought to house a HUD. If you think that space is PURPOSEFULLY empty you are delusional.

Thank you kindly.

eeb9 | October 12, 2017

@Andy - “Everyone is used to a dash with a HUD, because thats all thats existed for the last 100 years.“

Not quite true. While the military has been using HUD technology for decades, it is still fairly new in the automotive market.

A HUD is not the same as an instrument cluster above the steering column. It is a transparent digital display projected in the driver’s line of sight at the infinite focus point. The display appears to float in space directly within the driver’s field of vision.

It directly replaces most instruments, and also overlays map/Nav/sensor data directly onto the road.

If you’ve not experienced the difference this can make, I encourage you to do so. Ideally using the same car both with and without.

andy.connor.e | October 12, 2017

Ok so that doesnt exist in a car. You have to buy that 3rd party.
And that is not what everyone is talking about. Thanks for steering a great tangent.

next please?

eeb9 | October 12, 2017

@andy - again, not quite true.

A number of makers have fully-integrated HUD systems available. Audi, BMW, MINi all immediately come to mind as i’ve experienced their products directly.

GM also has HUDs available for some models, but I am not familiar with their specific implementation

So - real technology, real world products

No tangents here

Next argument please?

andy.connor.e | October 12, 2017


This is not what we are all talking about here. Thanks

eeb9 | October 12, 2017

@andy - HUD (digital projected line-of-sight display) is *exactly* what we’re talking about here...

And it’s what we’ve been talking about since the beginning of this thread.

Can I offer you a stronger cup of coffee perhaps?

Rocky_H | October 12, 2017

Good grief, @andy.connor, dense much? That is exactly the technology this whole thread is about.

andy.connor.e | October 12, 2017

You can add a few shots to my coffee thank you. At this point i should have learned to leave threads when they get to this point.

eeb9 | October 12, 2017

@andy - some Irish whiskey for ya...


Rocky_H | October 12, 2017

Heh, it's not that the thread got to any particular point; it was more your authoritative attitude about HUDs when you don't even know what it is. A man's got to know his limitations.

andy.connor.e | October 12, 2017

I was almost certain we have all been on the same page, until we started to question how we are now defining it. Good luck

eeb9 | October 12, 2017

For all, for clarity... this is a video of a HUD in use. com/watch?v=ewD6s3_Bsqs

it helps if we’re all clear about what it is that we are discussing - it helps to avoid confusion

eeb9 | October 12, 2017

And some background info on how one maker approaches the technology com/watch?v=hYLZ2ehwy-A

Rocky_H | October 12, 2017

Sorry, @andy, I was a bit mean in my phrasing and shouldn't have been that harsh.

ReD eXiLe ms us | October 12, 2017

eeb9: HUD have been deployed for automotive use for decades. I first saw them in GM, Lincoln, and Nissan cars over thirty years ago. They were monochrome, and sucked, but they existed.

Yodrak. | October 13, 2017

eeb9, thanks for those videos. Watching the scenes where we see what the driver is seeing I found my eyes being drawn away from the road ahead to the HUD. I have the same problem watching movies or TV shows with subtitles, I find myself looking at the subtitles and not seeing what's going on in the movie or show itself. In short, for me it's a distraction that takes me away from what I should be looking at, so it's not a feature I'd be interested in.

Rocky_H | October 13, 2017

@Yodrak, I do wonder if that's part of the aspect of it being new to you, though. I had that same thing just getting the Model S to begin with, with the big center screen with all of the interesting apps and displays on it. I've been asked by friends riding in the car if it's distracting because they are fascinated by it. It was distracting for about the first week, and then you get used to that just being the way the car is, and you know it's there if you need it. I would think HUD would be the same way.

carlk | October 13, 2017

@Yodrak You are actually right. AAA study indeed shows HUD is one of distractions that make current technologically loaded cars less safe. It will overload your brain when you constantly process those additional info. For that reason hand free call can be a safety hazard even that you don't need to take your eyes off the road. That's why AP can be a great safety enhancer. You can't tell people just not to do those silly things in the car they have spent a lot of money for.

@Rocky_H The problem with HUD is it's always there in the field of view that is harder for one to ignore. I guess you can always turn it off but then why you want it to be there in the first place?

PhillyGal | October 13, 2017

Man the way some of you talk about HUD it's as if every car ever produced has them. I've never even sat in a car with a HUD that I can recall. Do you all have them now?

7thGate | October 13, 2017

I have never had a car with a HUD, but my parents have one in their new GM vehicle. It was by far the most pleasant part of driving their car, as it soothed away an irritation I didn't know I had (checking speed). It isn't that I -need- to have that information in a HUD, it is just much better there. The only other time I've had that feeling, actually, was test driving a model S when I realized how soothing the lack of gear changes during acceleration was. It isn't that I -need- to not have any gear shifting in a car, but it sure feels a lot nicer for it to be that way.

Lack of a HUD isn't going to be a dealbreaker for me in the model 3, but it is a feature I would care about and, if priced reasonably, would buy.

carlk | October 13, 2017

PhillyGal Me neither. Although I've sit in a car that has message seats. I think that's something Tesla definitely need to put in the car.

markr7 | October 13, 2017

Like I stated before, I had a HUD in my Vette; Thought I would like it, ended up turning it off, found it to be more of a distraction than helpful.

Yodrak. | October 13, 2017

Rocky_H wrote:
"I do wonder if that's part of the aspect of it being new to you, though."

Maybe. But, like I wrote, thinking about the my reaction to the video of driving with a HUD quickly reminded me of my reaction to watching movies with subtitles. I can rewind the movie to see what I missed if I find myself focusing on the subtitle, not so much with a car if my eyes keep drifting to the HUD.

But, as others have pointed out, one should keep their eyes moving all the time anyway - forward, rear mirror, right and left mirrors. That wasn't happening watching the video where the only view available was straight ahead. Still, I'm thinking that when I'm looking straight ahead I should be looking at what's out there and not be distracted by the superimposed information.

carlk | October 13, 2017

I hate movie with subtitles. Even worse are movies in English or languages I can understand that have subtitles. Definitely a distraction just like HUD in that video.

eeb9 | October 13, 2017

Speaking only for myself, after driving with a HUD I can’t imagine buying a car without one. It fundamentally changed the driving experience for me to the extent that intruly don’t understand why they are not standard on every vehicle made.

It’s a hard nut for me to swallow that the Model 3 doesn’t have one - it seems *that* basic and fundamental to me.

And I also understand that for people who haven’t experienced the difference it’s not that big a deal. You can’t miss what you’ve never had.

But... really? Brand new car in this range without a HUD as even an option? Daaaammmnnnnn

Frank99 | October 13, 2017

Turn that on it's head, and refer to other cars in this range:
"Brand new car in this range and doesn't offer a 200+ mile EV range with a nationwide fast charging network? Daaaammmmmnnnn."

carlk | October 13, 2017

Looks someone has just learned the fact of life today.

markr7 | October 13, 2017

I would really recommend to you that you DO NOT buy a Model 3.
If it bothers you now that the car does not have a HUD, you will be reminded of it every time you get in the car... If it bothers you a little now, it will REALLY bother you in a year's time.

carlk | October 13, 2017

markr7 Exactly. That's why there are hundreds of different car models cater to people with different wants and needs. Why buy a car that you will not be happy with?

carlgo2 | October 13, 2017

Trevor, in the blog that pertains to this model of car owner's club (got blocked by that famous search site on this site?!) is a savvy guy and once made an extremely strong case that suggested that a HUD was in the works. You would have to look up his blog on that famous tube site to make up your own mind regarding that. I can say I was convinced.

It might be that it will go into the S and X when the inevitable interior redo is done. It might, if it is truly a dramatic display, sell more of the expensive cars and be so compelling that Model 3 people in line might spend up as Tesla would like for us to do.

carlgo2 | October 13, 2017

Wow, get blocked by Google all the time about this. There is a blog hosted by first name starting with T on Model 3 owners c (like a big stick). He convinced me awhile back that the HUD is coming and used all sorts of associations, hires, etc to make the case. I think it may well have been planned for the Model 3, but perhaps would have made that car even more in demand. Now, maybe it is slated for the big cars and if this is as dramatic as people say, then it may well increase their sales and get some Model 3 buyers to empty their wallets and get out of line.

carlgo2 | October 13, 2017

This would be one on that U-pipe channel-locks are great to have.

eeb9 | October 13, 2017

Its a matter of which car i’m *least* unhappy with...

No other car has supercharging and 300 miles of BEV range. That (narrowly) beats out a HUD in my book.

Ideally, for me, a car should have both. Absent that, the Model 3 is the best available trade-off.

That doesn’t mean that I stop asking for a HUD though...

JayInJapan | October 13, 2017


carlk | October 13, 2017

"Its a matter of which car i’m *least* unhappy with...

Sounds like pretty miserable life to me. I always got the car I most happy with.

ReD eXiLe ms us | October 14, 2017

JayInJapan & carlk: +42 googol!

eeb9 | October 14, 2017


Yup. Sucks to be me just now insofar as cars are concerned.

I can get the *perfect* ICE vehicle for my driving style and preferences - but it’s an ICE...

Or I can get what is hands-down the best BEV on the market (in my price range) - but it’s nothing like the car i’d Prefer to buy.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have the perfect-for-me ICE sitting out there just waiting for me to click the go-button... perfectly customized to my individual preferences (there’s something like 100million different ways to configure a MINi).

So yeah, it’s a study in trade off vs trade off

I’m not going to be able to get the car I want, so I go with the one that has the fewest compromises and smile as best I can. While I look forward to someone, someday, building what I really want

mos6507 | October 16, 2017

The way things are going it may be necessary for some of us to just hit the snooze bar a couple years and wait for the wave of Model 3 type vehicles to arrive courtesy of companies like VW and GM. GM is going to announce two new EVs within 18 months and I would think at least one will be a more direct competitor to the 3 than the Bolt. It's highly unlikely it will clone the Model 3's dashboard approach.