Powerwall with Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP)?

Powerwall with Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP)?

After googling a bit, I can find no press releases stating the DWP has in fact approved the Powerwall.
Does anyone know one way or the other about this?
Thought I'd ask here first before getting on the phone with the big utility.

jje | September 29, 2017

BTW: I did find these:

A link announcing DWP approval for a competitor:

A link stating that DWP acquired a Powerwall in July 2017 for testing purposes associated with updating its "ESR":

andrew.b.howard | October 15, 2017

FWIW, I am told (by Tesla) that my PowerWall installation is pending approval by the LADWP, and that the DWP has not yet approved any residential installations (besides some pilot plants). It has been a couple of months now, so I am not holding my breath.

manueldiva | October 18, 2017

I am a LADWP customer and had a powerwall installed with my solar panels. It's been over a month since it's been installed and it's been PITA trying to get my system inspected by LADWP.

I finally got a hold of the engineer in charge of my project. He did let me know that I am one of the first of their customers that have the powerwall installed and that they're trying to figure out the process. I'm hoping that my system will be inspected and approved in the next couple of weeks and that I can finally turn it on then.

jje | October 25, 2017

Just now looked back at this thread. Thanks for the replies.

manueldiva - Did the DWP engineer tell you that DWP had approved PowerWall?

I've just emailed DWP to ask this question. I'll get back here with pertinent status, if any.

jje | October 27, 2017

Here's the response from DWP:

Good morning,

Thank you for visiting the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's website.

As of now any approval for battery storage is on a case by case basis. I have no further information on when/if the process may become more standardized. There have been customers in the City that have been approved by us and the Department of Building and Safety for installation of battery storage systems.

If you are interested in installing a battery storage system at your home or have questions on what that process may entail now then you may contact our Connection Center at 213-367-6937.

Thank you,

Solar Team

manueldiva | October 28, 2017

@jje LADWP approves it twice - an electrical plan was submitted to them which was approved before the install can happen. After that the whole system was installed. LADBS comes out and does and on site inspection (which we passed). Then LADWP does an on site inspection. This is the stage we’re at. They’ve come out and did an inspection and now they’re requesting changes. We’re waiting for those changes to be submitted formally by email.

I was told by LADWP that our installation will become the model for future installs with them. I don’t mind being the pioneer but the level of waiting we’re going through is quite vexing. We just want the darn thing turned on.

jje | November 8, 2017

manueldiva - Thanks. Please keep us posted on this thread. Very interested to hear about your progress.

manueldiva | November 27, 2017

Thought I'd just update this thread -- SolarCity/Tesla is coming Wednesday to make some changes that was required by LADWP. The initial list was quite extensive and SolarCity/Tesla worked with LADWP this past month trying to reconcile things and it seems that there will be fewer changes than what was first submitted. I'm assuming that LADWP will probably need to do a final inspection after the corrections so hopefully only another week or two before we get our solar and powerwall turned on! I do need to ping SolarCity about the rebate for the powerwall and see if I can get that started.

BondHome | December 5, 2017

I am in the same situation. I had 2 powerwalls and a PV system installed at my home on Sep 22 and I am still waiting for LADWP to approve getting the Inspection process started. We have now done two modifications to my system and Solar City is coming next week to do a third one now required by LADWP.
It is all very frustrating.

swolfswolf | December 11, 2017

Based on the preceding comments and my own limited experience, I get the sense the neither LADWP nor Tesla has is particularly together.

I inquired on the Tesla website about installing Powerwall + solar at my 625-unit midcentury condominium complex, which is on a 67-acre wooded property in the middle of LA, and is a National Historic Landmark. Our infrastructure is aging and electric demand exceeds our capacity. This seems like a natural, possibly high-profile fit, for Tesla.

The Tesla rep directed me to the Destination Charging page of this site, which, upon inspection, is clearly inappropriate for our situation. We are uninterested in being a charging destination for anyone but the residents of this property, and our interest is not merely EV charging (although that is among our interests). When I pointed this out to the rep, there was no reply.

Next stop: Tesla competitors. I think I'll start by contacting the LADWP solar team noted above.

manueldiva | December 18, 2017

Just wanted to do a final update -- LADWP has finally signed off on our system last week and they're installing our new meter today. So after that, we'll be able to finally turn on our system! We started the process in mid July, signing the contract with SolarCity/Tesla around the 15th.

Overall I've been happy with SolarCity/Tesla in their responsiveness. Now I just need to find out about that powerwall rebate and what I can do to get it.

andrew.b.howard | January 2, 2018

manualdiva I'm curious to know if you actually managed to get your system turned on! Previously it took over 6 months to get my SolarCity PV system activated *after* it was installed and inspected.

Like others, I get the sense that Tesla does not know how to install a PowerWall in LA county yet.

BondHome | January 4, 2018

andrew.b.howard I disagree that it is Tesla who does not know how to install a PowerWall. I am going throw this same torturous process of getting my PV and PowerWall system turned on and it is LA DWP that has continuously changed their tune. One day they want one thing the next day they want something else.

Tesla / Solar city has had to rewire my system multiple times after following APPROVED plans from LA DWP that later on got changed by LA DWP again and again.

PowerWalls took LA DWP unprepared and they have struggled to come up with a set of requirements that allow installers to do a better job from the start.

Hopefully the pain that manueldiva and I have experienced will not have to be endured by many others as LA DWP finalizes their set of design requirements.

I will update here when my system finally comes online.

GD73 | January 4, 2018

BondHome and manueldiva, thank you for the info and please continue to keep us updated. I'm also in Los Angeles and curious about your progress.

BondHome | January 20, 2018

This last week we had the final inspection and approval from LADWP. At the moment we are just waiting to get the meter installed, which can be a few weeks. Will report back when that happens.

BondHome | January 22, 2018

Well this last bit was faster than I thought it would be. LADWP showed up today and installed the two brand new meters. We then called Solar City / Tesla and we are fully functional, Solar panels, and two powerwalls currently charging from the sun.
Now that LADWP finally has a full set of rules and regulations for installation of Tesla Powerwalls, I hope this goes faster for others. Here is what was our timeline:
- Intent to order (deposit): May 10, 2017
- Contract signed on: June 15, 2017
- Original System Design Approval: Aug 7, 2017
- Multiple System re-designs
- System Installation: Sep 21, 2017
- Multiple system changes requested by LADWP
- Building and Safety inspection: Dec 14, 2017
- LADWP Final Inspection: Jan 17, 2017
- Meter installation and permission to operate: Jan 22, 2017

john.haghighi | January 28, 2018

This is typical of Tesla designs, they do a poor job of site surveys by a qualified electrician that is in sync with the Tesla design engineer. Ends up causing multiple re-designs, as the installers just do the job based on what the engineer who has never inspected the site decides. They rarely take any job specific utility requirements into account in advance until after the fact. It's a hassle for everyone involved.

skulleyb | February 1, 2018

Never bothered?>.. Looks like LADWP never had a procedure and had to make all this up as they went. This was not on Tesla.

jje | April 25, 2018

Back again to this thread after seeing a PowerWall yesterday at the Marina Del Rey Tesla delivery Center, where I'm happy to report I finally (2 years and a day) took delivery of an M3.

Thank you all, particularly those who kept this thread updated with very good information about their trials and tribulations with LADWP. It seems a PowerWall is possible....


millerberumen | August 9, 2018

I put a deposit down for a solar tile/power wall install in early 2017 and as of Aug. 2018 have not heard a word from Tesla as to anything other then accepting my $1000.00 deposit. I do not even know if they have started installation in the LA area (in Studio City) or even who to contact to get any further information. If anyone can shed some light it would be greatly appreciated.

millerberumen | August 16, 2019

I have no idea how the above post was done because I surely did not post it. We had our Tesla solar roof completed about 4 weeks ago which would be before the post was made and wanted to just say that it is all LADWP when it comes to the long wait time for the final PTO to be given (took us 3 weeks for it was given) but turned the system on two days ago.
*please remove the post just before this one for I did not write it and do not want misleading comments associated to me.

themelnick | November 14, 2019

I ordered in april 2018 and purchase agreement in may 2019 and as of November 2019 no word on installation.