Sounds like production is going smoothly now. Possibly up to VIN 1134?

Sounds like production is going smoothly now. Possibly up to VIN 1134?

riverFox | September 29, 2017

We can only hope.

Frank99 | September 29, 2017

I wonder where they got "VIN lookups ... show that sequential VINs up #1134 have been registered with NHTSA so far."

noleaf4me | September 29, 2017

Didn't Elon say 1500 for September before as part of the ramp?

TheChad | September 29, 2017

Elon said 1500 produced, not 1500 delivered; big difference.

swanson21 | September 29, 2017

Vin 1134 = hell, it's just them confirming that it truly is production 1134!

mntlvr23 | September 29, 2017

@swanson +1000
very sharp eye there

KP in NPT | September 30, 2017

If true it would seem they have started the upward part of the curve. Great news. :)

Joelj | September 30, 2017

How do you determine how your reservation number compares to VIN/production number. I am a Model S owner, reserved on 3/31/2016, live in Houston Texas and have a reservation number rn107032346

dsvick | September 30, 2017

@Joelj, The two are not related, your reservation number is essentially a random number assigned to you when you made you reservation. You won't get a vin number until you configure and confirm your order.

vincesmagic | September 30, 2017

I like to listen to workshops while I drive and have hundreds recorded. Will the Model 3 be able to connect to my iPod, IPad and iPhone? I would like my phone to connect via Bluetooth. Peace, Vince

Frank99 | September 30, 2017


As an owner, you're almost at the beginning of the line. At one point, Tesla said that 7% of reservations were from owners, so if your reserved just before the reveal (when there were 115,000 reservations), there might be 8000 owners in front of you. If you assume that half those were overseas, there might be 4000 owners in front of you. There doesn't seem to be much in the way of US regional preference going on, but being in Houston you might be in front of a few east coast owners, so guess maybe 500 - putting about 3500 owners in front of you.

Tesla expects to be building 5000 Model 3's a week by the end of the year, and maybe 5000 a month in October. You might expect delivery within a couple of weeks of the beginning of the Owner deliveries, if you want the long-range battery and PUP..

topher | September 30, 2017

" At one point, Tesla said that 7% of reservations were from owners,"

What they said was that only 7% of reservations came from people who had previously contacted Tesla. Meaning, I am lead to believe, test drivers, mailing lists, forum members, etc. Not all of those get priority.

Thank you kindly.

Frank99 | September 30, 2017

Actually the quote was (May 4, 2016 earnings call)
" In terms of your first question on whether or not the reservation orders, this was their first interaction with Tesla, just about 93% of the reservation holders, this is their first interaction with Tesla. "
"If 93% are new to Tesla, 7% of the reservation holders are Tesla owners."

Sounds like we're both right...

bj | October 1, 2017

Re swanson21... this news seems a bit "suspicious" or else a well timed joke (for those who don't get it, key 1134 into an old-fashioned pocket calculator and turn it upside down).

ReD eXiLe ms us | October 1, 2017

Hmmm... Hellish.

Sandy’s 3 | October 1, 2017

My iPhone 7 is ‘old fashioned’ ?