AWD Power Redundancy

AWD Power Redundancy

New to forum so please excuse if this topic covered elsewhere.
AWD uses 2-Motors and this gives the M3 better efficiency. What happens, however, should either Motor fail (for whatever reason)....does the onboard computer disengage the failed Motor and allow the other Motor to operate?

Tâm | September 30, 2017


In theory as stated by Tesla: When on fails, the other still can run.

But in reality: It's more like a limp so you can pull over which is better than the other alternative of dead stop in the middle of the road without a limping remaining motor to pull you over to the side of the road.

. | September 30, 2017

I'll also point out that Tesla's motors have been super reliable in the past. Very few outright failures. The early Model S had a bearing issue that made some noise after 20-40K miles, but didn't affect operation. Tesla replaced those DUs with a newer design and it hasn't come back.