Model 3 sighted

Model 3 sighted

Saw a Model 3 in a car wash near San Jose, CA. The owner claims he is not an employee, just a Model S owner. This means, non employees have started to get their cars? This is really great news for all of us who are reservation holders!!

KP in NPT | September 30, 2017

That would be pretty surprising.

yaheya | September 30, 2017

He said he got the car a week ago,

Sk55 | September 30, 2017

Are you sure? His wife isn't an employee?

Sweetride | September 30, 2017

Somehow there’s more to this story

noleaf4me | October 1, 2017

@Yaheya - did you find out if he stood in line near Fremont?

Rajkrishnan9 | October 1, 2017

Must be related to an employee somehow 3rd removed step cousin :-)

yaheya | October 1, 2017

Thanks. I am now confused if the owner wasn’t clear. It appears no non employee have received their vehicle yet. Let us be positive shall we?

melinda.v | October 1, 2017

not only have no non-employee deliveries happened, but no configuration emails have gone out yet to "regular" reservation holders. so there is something missing here.

up north | October 1, 2017

Do employees get first deliveries country wide first or west coast first then mountain, mid west and east coast. But I’m confused with the delivery in Texas.

Frank99 | October 1, 2017

>>>The owner claims he is not an employee, just a Model S owner.
A Model S Owner, who just happens to be on the Tesla BOD, perhaps.

yaheya | October 1, 2017

BOD makes sense. Anyway, I am keeping myself thinking positive. Have been waiting 19 months now from r my car!!

KP in NPT | October 1, 2017

@Up north - yes Employees have gotten deliveries nationwide, and it's pretty much gone west to east. After (or around the same time) as Texas, were deliveries in FL and MD and MA. Friends picked up their Model X yesterday in MA and while there were told by their DS that they've taken a few 3 deliveries there recently.

up north | October 1, 2017

Thanks KP in NPT. Another question if a non employee orders a model 3 with every thing do they get there car before employees that order the base car.

johnmann | October 1, 2017

A Tesla employee here in Washington is expecting hers soon. Perhaps this week? She was originally told by the end of September, but that date slipped.

Frank99 | October 1, 2017

up north -
It depends on the "non-employee". If you are an Owner who reserved a Model 3 on March 31, 2016, and want a first-production Model 3 (long-range battery and PUP with black seats), there's a good chance you'll get it before any employees get a Base Model 3. If you are a non-owner who reserved later, it's likely they'll get their car first. Between these two extremes, it's anyone's guess.

up north | October 1, 2017

Thanks Frank99 non owner line waiter, ordering every thing except 19 “ wheels. Will try to put 17s on if they will fit over the brakes. Black seats, hoping for dec. minnesota.