18" wheel measurement help

18" wheel measurement help

I was wanting to purchase my Model 3 with the 19" sport wheels as I think they look very nice (would have liked to see them come in gloss black) but having read a lot of posts from people stating all the positives about the 18" wheels versus the 19" wheels, I started searching various website to see what I could find in 18" black wheels and below is what I found.

here are the wheels that I like...

here are the speculate measurements of the 18" Model 3 wheels...
The Tesla Model 3 Wheel and Tire Guide

Please keep in mind, I know nothing about wheels or their measurements and was hoping someone with more knowledge of wheel fitment and specs would be able to tell me if these wheels would fit the speculated Model 3 specs. it looks like the PCD matches up, thanks all in advance for your help.

Pkalhan | October 9, 2017

apologies for the additional post, but the guide I was referencing is from T Sportline's website under "Model 3 wheel guide".