How Tesla's Model X Stacks Up Against China's New NIO

How Tesla's Model X Stacks Up Against China's New NIO

Reading this article induced psychosis, and i literally was unable to remain quiet about it.

https://www m/news/articles/2017-12-19/china-nio-s-suv-versus-tesla-s-model-x-battle-of-battery-cars

This comparison is asinined. The Model X stats are not even correct.

-The price in china, better be what it costs someone in china to purchase and have it imported. Because the price tag out the door (before tariff and such) is $79,500 for the Model X 75D.
-The seat configuration is an option, and can have 5, 6 or 7 seats. They listed 5, rather than indicating 5-7 depending on the option you choose.
-Why did they list the battery type as Lithium-Ion? Thats literally just wrong. Their battery chemistry is much more complex than that. Yet they list it as Li-Ion to seem inferior to the chinese brand.
-Charging time is listed as 4.5 hours? So they decided to manufacture a competitive aspect by completely disregarding the supercharging time? Less than 1 hour? Interesting propaganda techniques.

Perhaps theres another interesting aspect here, that they are comparing a brand new car to be released this year, with a 2 year old Model X. Why are you comparing a 2018 brand new model car, with a 2 year old model of an existing car? Should i make a new cell phone, and compare it with the iPhone 6? Quite an interesting comparison if you ask me. Bloomburg? More like Blowburg.

Anyone else see any BS i didnt catch?

minervo.florida | December 19, 2017

Could be the short stock people having more crap articles written.

eeb9 | December 19, 2017

Best approach here is for Tesla to contact Bloomberg and ask them to correct the stats. Bloomberg as an organization is pretty good about correcting this sort of data when they're notified.

mntlvr23 | December 19, 2017

Andy is back ;)

SamO | December 19, 2017

I attended a Marketing Study for the above product about 10 days ago (pre-launch). The entire group of EV (non-Tesla) owners was 100% sceptical of:

1. A Chinese EV
2. The claims made
3. Time frames
4. Quality
5. Reality
6. Who is going to buy this ugly thing?

Yea . . . NO. But it's better than any EV offered by BIg Auto . . . (Tesla excepted)

PaceyWhitter | December 19, 2017

Don't think it is ugly, but otherwise I agree with the people in SamO's marketing study.

Shock | December 19, 2017

The media loves to pimp up these things. I remember a few years back when it couldn't stop about how somebody was selling a new car in India for $4k or something like that. The price of the car in China, with government subsidies, has no relevance to what it would cost here, if it ever gets here (and it probably won't).

It's basically like comparing the cost of a house in san diego to one in a poor town in china and saying look the chinese are winning.

Carl Thompson | December 19, 2017

The Nio seems like a decent value if they can build it with those specs at that price. Sure the Model X is better but this one still looks decent.

andy.connor.e | December 19, 2017


Yeah im just looking at the fact that everyone seems to misreport information when it comes to Tesla. Good that more companies are stepping up to make EVs though.

carlk | December 19, 2017

How do they stake up?

To its credit only the interior of NIO looks like a failed middle school project to duplicate Tesla's interior. The exterior bears no resemblance although that is not a compliment.

Madatgascar | December 19, 2017

They don't just copy the designs. Look at Faraday Future:
- Copy Tesla's Secret Master Plan
- Establish a California Design Center
- Build factories in California and Nevada
- Name the company after a 19th century electrical engineer
- Find another Elon Musk...

jordanrichard | December 19, 2017

Who cares, that ugly thing is never going to be sold anywhere outside of China. All these articles make it sound like it’s a competitor to Tesla. Sure, in only 1 country.

jdbeth | December 19, 2017

I read the same article, felt the same after reading it. Very poor comparison, charging etc. The fact that the government basically is running the company shouldn't affect how we feel about it either! They may sell some of these, but if they are not built well and do not hold up, then Tesla will win in the end. If they are built as well as they say then it's competition, although not fair because of the import fee. Time will tell.

ReD eXiLe ms us | December 19, 2017

NIO built the car that holds the current lap record at Nürburgring. This looks more like a copy of the AUDI fully electric quattro-type SUV that is supposed to appear 'soon'. We'll see what happens.

TESLA CA | December 19, 2017

NIO’s so called Tesla MX killer looks more like a Toyota Highlander! I wouldn’t even want to comment on the interior since I got lost seeing all those many different buttons all over on the instrument panel and the steering wheel. So NIO is NO comparison whatsoever!

carlk | December 20, 2017

Like Faraday Future NIO originally was set up to produce and sell cars in the US. Like Faraday Future it probably realized it could not compete with Tesla here. Going to Chinese market is admitting the failure because it will forever be looked at as a Chinese brand instead of world brand as it has hoped for. This is especially important in China where even Buick is considered a super high end car and more desirable than any local brands.

It's a good thing that there is another EV makers although I don't like the fact that it sneakily used Tesla name to raise it's stature. Like Madatgascar said it has no shame to copy everything including the good brand name and gave no consideration that it is hurting the originator.

In the end copycatters can never win. Even Lexus which somewhat subtly copycatted Mercedes has always been looked at as a second brand to Merc. It took the innovative company like Tesla to dethrone the king.

Carl Thompson | December 20, 2017

"In the end copycatters can never win."

The design of Teslas isn't exactly original. There are a lot of Fisker's deign elements in their cars (obviously) and Tesla has borrowed a bit from Porsche for the Model 3.

Car companies borrow from each other quite a bit. That's not a bad thing and is part of a company remaining competitive.

andy.connor.e | December 20, 2017

Agree with CT. Its not about what they copied, its about what they do with it. Can they actually make a good product?

carlk | December 20, 2017

@andy. The fact that those copycats can only copycat pretty much says they have no ability to make good products. Elon makes great products because he always says he does engineering design by the first principle. He does not even like the idea of design by analogy which is not quite blatantly copycatting but you should get the idea why that mentality does not work.

andy.connor.e | December 20, 2017

Theres nothing wrong with re-purposing an already existing thing to maximize its effectiveness, if it not already optimized. Dont always have to re-invent the wheel.

andy.connor.e | December 20, 2017

As for aesthetics though, i care not to discuss such. Im not really one for caring much about the way something looks. I'd prefer it look "hideous" and be super aerodynamic, than have such an extensive "wow" factor because it looks expensive or stylish.

carlk | December 20, 2017

There is nothing wrong with to just say it's copycatting either. The bottom line is I just don't think the company has it. Funny thing is some seem want to defend a company that has not achieved anything other than some prototype and announcement and with zero sales but will not hesitate to scrutinize Tesla with a much higher standard.

andy.connor.e | December 20, 2017

Granted, you're right. But the more companies that are showing EV development interest, the more pressure is on the bigger companies to switch.

carlk | December 20, 2017

Yes and new companies do have the advantage of not having to carry huge bags like traditional companies do. It's just a very tough thing for a new company to do though. Tesla may made it look easy but it's really not that easy.

ReD eXiLe ms us | December 20, 2017

So... When a fully electric long range Buick ELECTRA arrives on these shores it will be entirely designed & built in China?

andy.connor.e | December 20, 2017

Im in extensive question to whoever thinks Tesla made it look easy.

Carl Thompson | December 20, 2017

"... some seem want to defend a company that has not achieved anything other than some prototype and announcement and with zero sales ..."

I'd be careful with statements like that. Some people would say that's not far off from describing _Tesla_.

carlk | December 20, 2017

@andy I don't know if Tesla made it look easy to everyone or not but it did make those Chinese to think they could do the same just by following what Tesla did. Yes they could follow what Tesla did but the devil is always in the details and details are what they will be missing when they did not develop it themselves. That's the fallacy of the copycat mentality.