Prepaid service plans

Prepaid service plans

Anyone hear anything about prepaid service plans for the M3? I tried searching the forum and googling but found nada regarding it for the M3.

stevenmaifert | December 20, 2017

Not available yet, but will show up here when released:

Marino Model 3 | December 20, 2017

I am curious about it myself, I like to purchase the service plan in advance once am notified to put my M3 together.

billstanton | December 20, 2017

Thanks everyone for asking and answering! I had no previous awareness. I need to get this on that buying spreadsheet that was posted on that other thread. Perhaps someone can find it and contribute here, I am not savvy enough (a.k.a. too lazy) to figure out how to do searches here.

ST70 | December 20, 2017

I'm hoping the service plan will be like My S:

check this, check that, check this and then that....oh top off the windshield fluid...then check some more stuff.

In 2.5 years, I've not needed to do anything out of pocket...other than replace tires which only last about 12K miles due to physics and gravity on Earth and maybe my foot is a little heavy.

seanvkelly | December 20, 2017

After seeing this I decided to check the tesla maintenance plans page and the page is now down. Guessing there updating it.