Two Reservations

Two Reservations

I stood in line with a friend who is a current Tesla owner (one model S). He received his first invitation in December, and received his second invitation this past Friday. His estimator for the second delivery was the same as mine, and my understanding is that current Tesla owners only receive one priority position for each Tesla they own.

I feel like I have seen on this forum that current owners that made two reservations were getting both invites close in time to each other. In those scenarios I was just assuming that those people had two prior Teslas. Now, I am wondering whether the purchase of your first Model 3 immediately makes you an owner of two Teslas, and moves you up the list for you second Model 3 reservation.

Can any current owners with two reservations provide any info? In the end, like most of us, I'm chomping at the bit here. Driving my friend's Model 3 didn't help!!!

BoRidge | January 8, 2018

I'm bumping this to see if anyone can weigh in.

Frank99 | January 8, 2018

Several owners have reported getting invitations to configure both of their Model 3's, even though they only have one Model S or X.

andy.connor.e | January 8, 2018

No, you cannot take delivery of Model 3, and become a prioritized Tesla owner for your next delivery. As by the time you take delivery of your first Tesla, there is no requirement to be prioritized.

BoRidge | January 8, 2018

Thanks Frank 99! I tried calling Tesla today and they were not helpful. Seems as if they are taking the "I know nuting" approach. NorCal non-owner, and was hoping to receive my invitation at or around the time my friend received his second invite. Especially since his window for that second reservation showed December-February (after the date was pushed by a month).

It is interesting that current owners, with one priority, are receiving their second invite. Especially since, as best I can tell, the order has gone: 1) employees; 2) California day 1 or 2 owners; 3) nationwide day 1 or 2 owners... Would thinks second reservation would be the equivalent of non-owner resi. By receiving the second invite, he received it ahead of later current Tesla owners reservationists that have not received their first invite (they had a November-January estimate after month push back).

In the end, it is all sour grapes on my part.

RichardKJ | January 8, 2018

There are still plenty of Nov-Jan owners (like me) who have not been invited.

ANTHONYROSEJR | January 8, 2018

Question, is there any sequencing in the reservation number to know where you fall in the waiting list?

andy.connor.e | January 8, 2018

There never has been

macgyver45 | January 8, 2018

I bought my CPO three months ago and I got an invite on both of my reservations last week.

BoRidge | January 8, 2018

Nope, no sequencing. I think that you could find out by looking at the source code for a little while, but Tesla corrected that. no sequencing is the reason you see so much anguish on this board.

"but I want it now daddy" - Veruca Salt

SCCRENDO | January 8, 2018

Nobody truly knows Tesla's priority listing although we have a general idea. I am a California owner and I pick up my first reservation Friday. This reservation was made 3/31 online just before the reveal. My second reservation was made May 3, 2016 and the delivery estimator says March-May 2018 for the bigger battery and Mid 2018 for the smaller. It is obvious that owners have priority on the first reservation no matter when they became owners with California first but they are beginning to spread out. And people who placed their second reservation early are getting them as well. What is unclear is whether someone like myself with a second reservation made 5 weeks later will get priority over a non owner.

BoRidge | January 8, 2018

Thanks sccrendo! Please let us know if you get your second invite.

GAGSTESLA | January 8, 2018

I have an early 2014 S, Reserved Two Model 3 on 3-13-16 at the store in San Diego. Picked up the first on December 31 and could have configured the second if I wanted to. I want to wait to get the second so others can get theirs.

BoRidge | January 8, 2018

thanks GAGSTESLA. I assume you mean you reserved on 3/31/16? Anyway, seems like the norm. that day 1 or 2 owner reservationists are getting both configuration invites, regardless of the number of Teslas they currently own (at least in California). BTW, very noble of you to wait on that second configuration.

GAGSTESLA | January 8, 2018

@BoRidge, Ooops, yep 3/31/16. The 3 is so good, I want to change the date:-). I thought the S was great (it is), the 3 is awesome too. It would be hard for me to tell someone to buy a 4 year old S over a brand new 3.