non-performance-related specs for the roadster?

non-performance-related specs for the roadster?

Anyone heard of offerings for the roadster like: adjustable height suspension (like S, X), 'summon' mode, snow tires, heated seats, heated wipers/mirrors, chilled seats, ......???

I imagine such info would be out there if there was any yet, but figured I'd ask anyway. Thanks guys.
(I want one but if it doesn't have such options, I'll be going with a model S in a couple years.) | March 22, 2018

No info yet. Because it is targeted at the high-performance market, some of the "luxury" items you suggest may not make it to keep the weight down and maximum space for the large battery.

I'd expect any car could get snow tires - not sure it's something Tesla would offer directly. Seems a bit crazy to consider driving a $250K car around in the snow - but those with money to burn :)

steven | March 23, 2018

It will have the full autopilot and FSD functionality available (probably), because the cameras have already been implemented on the prototype. Of course, those in the fenders might only be there as side mirror replacement.
I'm guessing that heated seats would be standard, just as in any other Tesla. Cooled seats, I would hope not, because the leather in the ventilated seats is just awful and the cooling does absolutely nothing that's worth the ventilation hardware and crappy seat upholstery.
Heated mirrors are almost always linked to a heated rear window, which is standard on all cars nowadays. Heated wipers is something I fail to see a use case for. But then again, living in Belgium, we don't go below -10°C anyways and preheating the car solves the problem of wiper blades sticking to the glass.
Suspension is something I'm not sure about. Yes, it adds weight, but you'll need to raise the car to get over speed bumps, looking at that massive rear diffuser.

But all we have now is pure speculation. Only time will tell.

carlk | March 23, 2018

It's an all out sports car alright but it should also tilt toward a grand tourer with creature comforts to allow one to drive it 600 miles non-stop. I also hope it has adjustable suspension stiffness so you can dial in what you want according to the occasion. | March 25, 2018

I must say I'm spoiled by comfort - conveniences and ride. So my ideal Roadster would ride as smoothly as the S (or better), but I expect some will want a track car with a punishingly hard ride like most competitors in this class. Maybe there will be two versions - although an adjustable suspension would be cool way to handle different desires.

inconel | April 11, 2018

TT it is not crazy to drive a $250k car in the snow if like me you are a poor dude who cannot afford any other cars after spending those $250k. It will have to be my daily driver :-)

Silver2K | April 15, 2018

Inconel, you and me both! :)

I already started saving for a roadster...

Silver2K | April 15, 2018

I'm keeping my S though

israel_melendez | April 30, 2018

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jimglas | November 13, 2018