I want to buy a roadster with cryptocurrency

I want to buy a roadster with cryptocurrency


I did contact your sales department, I want to buy a roadster with cryptocurrency - specifically Ethereum but Bitcoin upon a push.
Not only do I think blockchain will change the world for the better but I think Elon should have some.

So Elon if this offer is up your ally please get in touch.

- TC

ulrichard | September 14, 2018
sosmerc | September 14, 2018

A small town in Washington State vs. bitcoin mining

DTsea | September 16, 2018

sosmerc +1000. the problem is not just the current power draw but the exponentially rising power draw.... cryptocurrencies are BASED on progressively more difficult calculations.

Xerogas | September 16, 2018

I want to buy a roadster with Green Stamps and airline miles. And CVS receipt coupons...I have enough of those to reach to the moon.

ulrichard | September 17, 2018

Go ahead, you would probably be the first one.
While a couple of people bought Tesla cars with Bitcoin over the last couple of years. In addition to private individuals selling their used vehicles, new ones were bought from, and probably from

jimglas | June 19, 2019

troll flagged

jimglas | July 26, 2019

spammer paralyzed crow is back ...

nukequazar | July 26, 2019

Why, you want to show off how much money you made for absolutely no reason or productive work or benefit to anyone at all on this earth?