WiFi in action

WiFi in action

Out in my garage I get two of the three WiFi semi-circle bars on my old iPhone. I can see videos, etc albeit things do seem a bit slower in general. Is this good enough for Tesla updates? I could add a WiFi extender, but I have an ATT "dry loop" connection (the best speed available here) and this seems to present more nerdy silliness than I feel like dealing with. If I can pick a time for updates I could open the back door on the garage and that gets a good signal.

I presume updates are on WiFi and not via cell towers?


Rocky_H | April 6, 2018

My car seems to pick up wi-fi at least as well as my phone does in the garage.

But really it doesn't matter much, because the car will pick up updates from either wi-fi or cellular. It's always got some kind of connection. They do seem to push batches of updates to cars that have wi-fi available earlier, so if you're eager to get an update sooner, you might want wi-fi. But if the car isn't on wi-fi ever, it will eventually get the update later at some point anyway.

EVRider | April 7, 2018

Wi-Fi might improve your chances of getting an update sooner, but cellular will work. Normal map updates, which don't occur that often, do require WiFi, but it's not clear if the map updates related to the new navigation system are WiFi only.

I'm guessing the car will not use the cellular connection if you're connected to WiFi, so if your WiFi bandwidth is lower than your cell bandwidth, you might actually be better off disconnecting from WiFi to get updates. (This is speculation only.)