Automatically raise/ close windows when you walk away

Automatically raise/ close windows when you walk away

In the model X, with the press of a button, the windows raise themselves and the car locks itself.

When is that functionality expected to come to the M3 ?

edwardpark24 | April 23, 2018


spuzzz123 | April 23, 2018

You ask about a lot of obscure, low value enhancements. They have bigger fish to fry

ebmcs03 | April 23, 2018

German cars have that raising and lowering windows via key fob a long time ago. I like the option.

PaceyWhitter | April 23, 2018

As you say, it is not automatic, it is a fob press. It may be added to the app, but it will never be automatic.

EVRider | April 23, 2018

The Model X key fob will automatically raise windows? Model S doesn’t. It’s possible it worked that way once, but I thought Tesla didn’t want to risk anyone (kids, pets) getting injured by automatically closing windows when no driver was in the car. That’s why you’ll never see the feature requested by the OP.

djharrington | April 23, 2018

Broil your kid/pet feature.

pkaplan2524 | April 24, 2018

Having had a friend's child leave a rear window down on my M3 overnight I'd turn on an auto roll-up feature in a heartbeat.

PaceyWhitter | April 24, 2018

The S had it for a bit. You had to double press the top button if memory serves. It was removed when people complained about accidental pressing and then leaving the car unsecured or susceptable to rain.

ReD eXiLe ms us | April 24, 2018

PaceyWhitter is correct.

Tesla Owners had similar functionality on the Model S fob at first. Unfortunately, those who lived in rainy environs had a tendency to wear jeans that were two or three sizes tighter than they should have been. So they would inadvertently roll down the windows and find their interiors rainsoaked upon their return. Tesla 'fixed' the 'problem' by removing the functionality in a later OTA Update.

lilbean | April 24, 2018

I don't think the Model x does that.

anjuchauhan506 | October 28, 2018

Tesla has lots of functionality that are used in windows operating system when you visit its homepage then you can easily collect more information about the Tesla app.

ODWms | October 29, 2018

It doesn’t have to be automatic, then. It would still be a nice feature, to roll up or down the windows remotely. It’s a feature I have on my current Volvo and Mercedes, and I use it quite a bit.

I think it’s great we can even have this discussion about things the automaker can implement, long after we’ve bought our cars.

Tesla rocks!!!

Tesmat0 | October 29, 2018

There'd be less of a need for this on the Model 3 if the windows didn't have a habit of opening on their own at random times when the car is parked and locked.

Johndkinney | May 5, 2019

This would be a great feature.

TheRealZam | May 6, 2019

If the Model X can open and close all 4 doors & both trunks, the fact that this kind of control over windows is missing is pretty insane. Also, every car I have owned since before I was old enough to drive has had the ability to raise / lower the windows and if applicable the convertable top or sunroof.

This feature should be controlled via the app so that the user can have precise control as the the status of eeach window.

lbowroom | May 6, 2019

ZAM, It's certainly a nice feature to have. No technical or safety issues prohibit it. Is it insane not to have it? Not really. VW and BMW are the only cars I know that regularly have this features. Which cars have you owned that had window control? Just curious for this list

PECo CT | May 6, 2019


My old 2003 Saab 9-3 would lower or raise all of the windows and sunroof with a long press of the unlock button on the key fob. It isn’t an uncommon feature.

rkalbiarEV | May 6, 2019

Ah, yes.. that would be cool.

lbowroom | May 6, 2019

PECo CT. Are you sure it raised them too? You said unlock button, did it raise them with the lock button?

PECo CT | May 6, 2019

Of course, Saab is out of business, now. . . .

Seriously though, car windows have pinch-protection, now. On the Saab forum, people would complain about their windows failing to close completely. Sound familiar? My 9-3 had a procedure to recalibrate the pinch-protection system to stop “inadvertent open window” malfunctions.

PECo CT | May 6, 2019


That’s my recollection, but I’m starting to suffer from senioritis, these days.

lbowroom | May 6, 2019

Not that it matters. I wasn't disputing the possibility, nor the practicality. It's not that common though for cars to have down and up controls by remote. Not that many have auto up on all four doors to start with. Some required the key in the door to auto up and down. Model 3 does have auto up on all 4 with sensitive pinch protection so very possible.

You're kinda mixing up bad pinch detection on your Saab with the phantom window roll down people report with the 3. One is sensing torque rise in the motor circuit to stop the window from going up. My unpopular opinion with the 3 is that people are inadvertently leaning on the window switch on the way out.

PECo CT | May 6, 2019


“My unpopular opinion with the 3 is that people are inadvertently leaning on the window switch on the way out.”

Agreed. I did it myself while at a movie, last week, and returned to a sprinkle rain on the passenger side rear seat and door. It was definitely my fault.

lbowroom | May 6, 2019

Hallelujah! Someone sees the light!

PECo CT | May 6, 2019

Only God and stupid people are never wrong.

carlo.herrmann | May 10, 2019

When you lock car you should be able to leave windows in current position or close them automatically. When it rains the car should detect the rain and automatically close windows. Application should allow all windows open or closed. No status needed! Hurry most cars have had this for dozens of years. Need to catch up and improve. Fob key should behave like app. All windows open, closed or lock leaving windows as is. This is not SpaceX science! Why not add a variety of voice command as well .. or even let user program the functionality ... IF CONDITION(S) THEN DO(S). Example, IF rain, THEN close all windows. This would probably require a USER page on the screen!?

Simple USER programmability or customization would be DYNAMITE !! Go ELON, go TESLA!!!

hannawats6 | September 13, 2019

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